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diary Feb 3rd 2017 - Setsubun seasonal divide celebration day

in Japan, the third day of February is regarded as a seasonal divide between the winter and the early spring. and traditionally it is believed that if you eat the same number of roasted soy beans plus one as your age on that seasonal divide day, you will become healthier, happier, and luckier in the coming days in that year. the same number of roasted beans as your age signifies your past life until now. and the plus one bean means your future fortune in that year.
and I told this traditional Japanese custom(superstition ?) to one of my acquaintances in overseas today, and her reaction was ... " what if he or she is an elderly and doesn't have teeth ? "     I was at a loss in my words at that moment with that unexpected nice reaction, and my answer was ... " how about grinding the beans with a juicer mixer and drinking it ?   kinda soy beans protein shake or something like that ? "
do you have some other good idea ?

節分の日に年齢と同じ数の豆、プラス1個余分に食べると、より健康で幸運に恵まれる(年齢と同じ数の豆は自分の過去、プラス1個は自分のその年の未来と幸運を意味)、という伝統行事が日本にはあるよ、という話を海外の知り合いに話したところ、意外な返答が ...
「なるほど、面白い伝統だね、でも豆を食べる人が高齢で歯がなかったら、どうするの?」  ...     想定外のナイスなリアクションに一瞬、言葉につまりましたが、僕の口から出たとっさの返答は「その場合は、ジューサーミキサーで豆をすりつぶして、ジュースにして飲んじゃう、ってのはどう?」         何か他に良い方法ありますかね?


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Posted by: hira | 02/07/2017 12:35 PM

なるほど、納豆ですね! 気がつきませんでした
今度、機会があったら、fermented soy beans can be a substitution for roasted soy beans on the day of bean throwing festival, on occasion he or she doesn't have teeth とでも伝えてみます(笑)

Posted by: ENDO | 02/07/2017 09:11 PM

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