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diary Jan 28th 2017 - message to myself

a massage to myself

Don't betray expectations of people who could support and understand you. Refrain from boasting about one's achievements,  if you want to inform people around you one's accomplishments, do it in a thoughtful and useful way, for example, an encouraging and informative message and so on.  coexsistence of your own belief and harmony with people around yourself
you are in "under study " all through your life
たとえば、自分の自慢話をしたりするのは出来るだけ控える、何かの成果などを周囲の皆さんにお知らせする場合など、なるべく、有意義な体験談・情報とか励みとなるメッセージのような形で行いたいです。(フリーランスで仕事をしている以上、「この試験に合格しました、日本で何番目です」などアピールしなくてはいけない時もありますが、なるべく人様を不快な気分にはさせないようにしたいと思ってはいるのですが ... )
気持ちの上では、良い意味で ”研究生や研修生”でいたいと思います

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thank you Ms. Caroline Kennedy for your great contribution

although my job is fitness instructor, I have a Japanese Government issued license of interpreter and tour guide for travelers who visit Japan from overseas. so to speak, facilitating better worldwide understanding and friendship is also one of my missions and duties. Ms. Caroline Kennedy served as the US ambassador to Japan for these 3 years from 2013 to today (Jan 18th 2017). because of the change of US administration, Ms. Kennedy finishes her term today and leaves Japan for the states. as she talks in this video, she played a lot of significant roles especially when she visited the affected areas of 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, when president Obama visited the 1945 atomic bomb affected area Hiroshima-city, and the most recent visit to the Pearl Harbor with the Japanese prime minister. I would like to thank Ms. Kennedy for her authentic dedication to the world peace, and praying for her further endeavor.
the video : retrieved from US Embassy Tokyo


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diary Jan 6th 2017

Happy New Year 2017 !
What I would like to keep in mind this year is " challenge to oneself, rather than competing with someone else "

at the same time, what is expected on me at my workplaces would be a kind of " role as a booster, facilitator, as well as an instructor "
let's have a lot of meaningful time together !

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