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2016 year end greetings

this video is my 2016 year end greetings for all of you
thank you very much for your friendship, support, and favor
have a nice new year vocation !


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vocabulary increasing exercise - Dec 25th 2016

I'm writing today's post in order to increase vocabulary in my English.
Words that haven't been in my English vocabulary so far are ... 1) discreet,  2) status quo
of course I sometimes come across these words in newspaper articles such as BBC, and journal articles in the fitness field such as Strength & Conditioning Journal.  however, I didn't have opportunities to use these words in writing or speaking in the past.  unless you use new words in the actual use in everyday life, those new words will not become a part of your vocabulary.
so, I will use these new two words in the sample expressions below

1)  what is lacking in my behavior is " discreet attitude "
2)  the company doesn't change the status quo in international order policy
if there is something wrong in my understanding and usage, your advice and suggestion are appreciated.    

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diary Dec 18th 2016 - year ending party


today, I had a dinner with my bodybuilding friend. he is a past winner of state bodybuilding championship of my prefecture (prefecture in Japan is equivalent to state in the US), and currently he is competing in national level master's category, so to speak, his whole life is dedicated to bodybuilding, for example, for him, opportunities to eat out are several times in a year, so, today's small year ending party was one of the precious opportunities to relax for top level athletes like him, and I got a good stimuli from his dedication

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diary Dec 3rd 2016

Positivity is contagious, and vice versa, negativity is also affects people's mood and attitude.
I would like to be a person who delivers positive energy and good stimuli for people around oneself.  That would be one of my missions as a fitness professional and wellness coach.   

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diary Dec 2nd 2016 - bilateral learning relations

As you know, my profession is fitness instructor, so to speak basically I'm usually in the side of delivering some knowledge and information to exercise class participants. However, at the same time I'm a learner in life. What I think of recently is the importance of " give and take learning relationship ", meaning I'm also learning a lot from my class participants. especially current my customer base are middle aged and elderly populations, and most of them have accumulated experience and wisdom in life.  I named this ideal relationship in learning as " bilateral learning relationship " I wanna thank for being blessed with such nice people. and the concept of " BLLR " will ripple through the health & fitness industry gradually.

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