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fitness trend for 2017 - wellness coaching

American College of Sports Medicine announced a forecast of top 20 fitness trend in 2017. among the top 20 trend, what is worth noting especially is that Wellness Coaching has been ranked in the top 20 for these consective several years,  which is a kind of coaching psychology for health related behavior change. As a certified Wellcoach myself, I'm happy with that what I'm learning is gaining attention


米国スポーツ医学会(ACSM)は2017年にフィットネス業界で注目されるであろうトレンド予測・トップ20を発表しました。 ここ数年の傾向で注目に値するのはウェルネス・コーチングが注目を集めつつあることでしょうか。


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diary Nov 12th 2016

After the November 9, it is a kind of transitional period now and future view is uncertain and bleak, therefore it would be a tough time for many in mentally and psychologically especially for those who are concerned with two countries or more in some way, and I'm also not an exception. however, seeing from the other side, it might be a good opportunity to think about how the future direction of our planet, international affairs, and the world peace should be. The world without stereotypical view, preconception, and prejudice is not easy, however, I would like to believe that we are heading for a better direction gradually in the long run.


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diary Nov 6th 2016 the importance of expansion and contraction

basically, people who are engaging in instructing profession such as fitness instructors are in the side of sending sending messages and information, and one of my bad habits is sometimes I tend to talk too much, or sending too much information at once.  what I feel recently is that instructors sometimes need to be in the side of listening to stories and emotions of class participants mindfully. eliciting participants' forward looking and positive attitude through mindful listening, that is also an important part of instruction and coaching, I think.


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