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diary December 29th 2015

Dscf0975my best friend living in Tokyo dropped by my city Shizuoka on his way to home in Kyushu. so we visited Hihondaira which commands fine view of Mount-Fuji. Thanks to my friend, I had a wonderful day

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diary December 28th 2015

all of my work in 2015 finished today, and my work in 2016 starts from January 4th. I would like to thank all the people I met this year.
Have a nice new year vacation everyone !

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Be the person you want to be !

Be_the_pesron_you_want_to_bemotivational tip
the message in the photo is one of steps toward your desired change


Retrieved from ACSM facebook

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ウェルネス・コーチングとは? what is wellness coaching ?

what I majored in through the post-master's course is wellness coaching. probably the word wellness coaching is an unfamiliar word to many of you, I guess. according to the textbook Coaching psychology manual, coaching is the art of creating an environment, through conversation and a way of being, that facilitates the process by which a person can move toward desired goals in a fulfilling manner (Moore & Tschannen-Moran, 2010). so to speak, wellness coaching is a kind of coaching psychology for health and fitness professionals. and it will become one of major topics in the health & fitness industory in the near future.  


Moore, M., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2010).
Coaching psychology manual.
Philadelphia, PA: Lipincott Williams & Wilkins.

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diary December 13th 2015 - brand new shoes

Dscf0969as my workout shoes wore out, I bought a new one. Although this model Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi is quite rare nowadays, it's my favorite because of the simple design and the slightly high heeled sole which fits to squat and deadlift. I'm looking forward to the next workout.
愛用のトレーニングシューズが古くなったので新しいものを購入しました。これまで愛用していたのと同じリーボックのEx-O-Fit のハイカットモデル。近年ではすっかり珍しくなってしまった感がありますが、このシンプルなデザインと微妙に踵が高くなったソールがスクワットやデッドリフトに最適で気にっています。次回のトレーニングが楽しみです。   

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tesimonial for CALU

Calu_testimonial_photo_3A while ago, I wrote a testimonial for my alma mater California University of Pennsylvania. and the testimonial has been uploaded on the website of CALU. It's my honor and pleasure ! http://www.calu.edu/prospective/global-online/why-cal-u/testimonials/index.htm

数か月前に、母校・ペンシルバニア州立カリフォルニア大学より修士課程在学時の体験記を書く栄誉をいただいたのですが、この度、大学のウェブサイトに僕の体験記が掲載されましたのでご報告させて下さい (上記リンクをクリック、僕のプロフィール写真下のREAD MOREをクリックするとご覧になれます)

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diary December 8th 2015 - year ending party

Dscf0948Hi everyone, very long time no see ! I'm so sorry for not updating the blog for a long time. On this Sunday, I had a dinner with one of best friends. we enjoyed chinese food while talking about bodybuilding topics. it was a bit early year ending party

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