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March 23rd 2014  good time with friend

I enjoyed taiwanese dishes with one of my best friends today
he is a bodybuilding champion of my prefecture, Shizuoka, Japan
he is going to start preparation for bodybuilding competitions in this summer.  hope him the best and good luck !
thanks Kubota-san for your friendship !


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Time to say good bye but I'm always with you, Dad !

It's been a while since the last update
My father (81years old) moved his residency from the earth to the heaven on March 8th 2014, 20:00PM japan time (6:00AM EST).
However I'm fine, cuz my father is always in my mind and he is watching over me and my mother from the heaven
one of my favorite songs is Sarah Brightman's Time to say good bye
Do you know that there is another version of this song ?
the title is I will go with you  (by Donna Summer)
I would like to send this song to my father     Dad, it's time to say good bye, but I will go with you anytime anywhere !

皆さん、しばらくです。 お元気でしょうか?
私の父(81歳)が2014年3月8日(日本時間20:00)地球から天国へ住居変更しました。 父はいつも僕の心にいますし、僕と母を天国から見守ってくれています

僕の好きな曲のひとつが、サラ・ブライトマンのTime to say good bye ですが
ドナ・サマーが歌っていて、タイトルは I will go with you です
この曲を父に送ります、曲のタイトル通り、さよならの時間だけど、僕は、いつでもどこでも一緒にいるよ、お父さん! という気持ちです  感謝

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