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22nd April 2013 diary

Hi, long time no see, everyone !
sorry for not updating the bog for over a week
i'm in the midst of preparation for final project in the spring term that started in this January
what i should do in this final project is to put together what i have learned so far through this course into a manual that is applicable to my everyday work & life
without successfully completing this manual, i can't proceed to the next stage (summer term)
i will defenitely make a beneficial & meaningful manual for myself !!

1月に始まった春学期ですが、5月で一段落し、その後の夏学期では履修科目が新しくなります。そのため、春学期の総決算としてFINAL PROJECTの準備の日々です
FINAL PROJECTとは、これまでに習ったことを自分の日々の仕事(エクササイズ・インストラクション等)に活かせるようにマニュアルを作成することです

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relaxation by hypnosis by Ms. Gallagher

this week's topic in the sport psychology class is
'' relaxation by hypnosis ''
this video was introduced in the class and i tried it !
wow !  i felt at ease, yet energized after watching this video !
though i didn't have experience trying hypnosis until watching this video
i was surprised to the wonderful stress reduction & relaxation effect of it !   if you are interested, please give it a try !      

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General adaptation Syndrome might be applied to studying as well

if you are a health fitness professional, you might have heard about Doctor Hans Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)
generally in the field of strength and conditioning, this GAS principle is applied when designing a periodization(cycle) training program in order to avoid overtraining and elicit effects of training maximally
if you are exposed to a stimuli for a prolonged period, your body shows symptoms of overtraining, therefore, periodization training programs are designed based on a 3-4 week or a 6-7 week of microcycle
i think the same principle can be applied to studying as well as physical fitness training
my learning at the graduate school started at the end of January and since then the time i go to bed was around 3 o'clock in the middle of night
and i caught a bad cold in the middle of March,  that was the 6-7th week after the start of the graduate school
so to speak, i suppose that i reached the exhaustion phase (ovetraining) at the middle of March, looking back now i should have taken recovery period at the 6-7th week
i re-recognized the importance of taking recovery period through the experience this time

トレーニング関係者の皆さんはハンス・セリエ博士の「General Adaptation Syndrome」について聞いたことがあると思います


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