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reunion with friend & magnificent pagoda


today, my friend from university days
( he is living in Tokyo) came to see me
for new year vacation

this is reunion with him since 2003
when we were in our 20's, we had a lot of trip together and shared good memories

this time, we went to Numazu-port
to take lunch at the seaside

after that, we visited Kanukiyama Pagoda which was constructed long time ago
in order to commemorate spirits & souls of war victims

this five tiered pagoda is standing on a steep hillside
(we went there by car)
and Mount Fuji should be seen in the background if the weather is fine
( it was raining today and Mount Fuji was being covered by clouds )
the photo below is today's lunch            yummy tuna plate !
if u click the photos,  it gets larger

thanks to his visiting me   we shared good memories again
after 9 years of interval
have a good new year holiday everyone  !


大学時代の友人 (東京在住) が正月休みで

天候は雨でしたが 海辺で食事をしようということで 沼津へドライブ
沼津港の食堂街で美味しい昼食を食べ その後 香貫山の五重の塔を観てきました
そして 伊豆長岡へ立ち寄り 温泉でリラックス
良い休日が過ごせました (写真は昼食の刺身定食)


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