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hints for success in japanese showbiz world

i don't know much about showbiz would
but as a matter of fact  i have been watching japanese tv programs for many years  and i noticed that there is some common tendencies in popular japanese singers, actors, tv talents ... etc
that is ...

●japanese audiences are fond of jokes,  gags, commedies ... etc
therefore,  sense of humor is essential as well as skills of song & dance

●most japanese people are not good at English and other foreign languages
so in order to get success in japanese showbiz
japanese language ability is needed

if you can speak japanese and some other foreign language,  that's the best !

●japanese audiences are fond of  '' east meets west '' type looking
in other words,   faces that are not pure japanese but not 100% foreigner are prefered,
so when you wear make up, keep this in mind as a hint 

●even if you are not japanese, japanese audiences accept persons with strong will,  enthusiasm, commitment,  understanding into japanese culture  ... etc   

for example, currently, one of most popular tv talents in japan is ROLA
actually,    she meets almost all these factors
ROLA is pretty & cute and funny,   fairly good at singing
exotic face with japanese, russian, bangradesh origin
though she looks a bit childish,  she has guts & spirit   

when you are waiting for an answer of job interview,   entrance examination ...
your state of mind tends to get unstable and worried doesn't it
in such time, how about thinking if there is something you can do for your future success while waiting

and i send this song for those who in such situations

本日は、日本の人気芸能人に見られる共通の特徴を僕なりに書いてみました ↑


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