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a funny story  the truth of Santa Claus  

i bursted into a laughter at Momoeri's blog post today    (the link below)
Momoeri is a pretty japanese TV talent and runs an apparel company
she has a son of 8 years old
her blog is written in japanese, so i translate her today's posting into english below  (without her permission though)

''hey mom, the true identity of Santa Claus is mom isn't it  ?
cuz my classmates were saying so at school today
come ooon !    tell me the truth !      mom  !! ''

oops ....   the annual big event Christmas is just around the corner and these words from my son are endless everyday recently ...

'' a lie made by the adult ''
if you express it so,  so it is ... though
yes, it's a lie    sorry my son, your mom is a lier,   a big lier  (crrrrrying)

a small lie that was begun by adults for giving dreams to children is now a catastrophe
yeah,  telling a lie is not good isn't it really
cuz lies are absolutely divulged someday,  u know
but in order to give dream to my son, mom has been placing presents beside his pillow at the morning of Christmas since he was a toddler
cuz seeing his very best smile after his finding the christmas present is super cute&lovely and it is a supreme pleasure to me

however, i wonder it was a self complacency and self satisfaction of parent consequently ...
at present, my son is second grader in elementary school
i wonder such a phase has come at last
only a few days are left before the christmas
should i give away the true story that spans over 8 years to him ?
or    should i drag this matter a little longer ?

how did you know the truth of christmas presents from Santa ?
in my case, i wrote a letter to Santa when i was elementary kid
'' Dear Mr. Santa     Thanks for christmas present every year !
if you would like,  could you show me your real name and address ?
then, i will send a present to you too ! ''

like this    with crystal clear pure mind
and the next morning  i found my dad's name and address written on a sheet of paper together with a christmas present beside my pillow
i will never forget this momory on that day for my entire life ...

a funny, bitter and sweet story don't you think ?     LoL

桃華絵里さん (ギャルママ・タレント&アパレル会社経営 一児の母) の本日のブログを
拝見して、思わず笑いました      ちょっと切なく甘いメモリーです
ぜひ、海外の皆さんにも紹介したくて、記事を勝手に英語に訳しちゃいました (上記)
(モモエリさんからは許可を得ていませんが ... )



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