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current access to my blog  (as of june 2012)

according to the access statistics of cocolog
currently my blog has 50~200 access on average a day

and this access analysis function shows me what language each visitor to my blog sets on their PCbrowser.
according to it, around 70% of visitors to my blog is presumed to be Japanese, and the remaining 30% is access from browsers set in English language.
(it's impossible to track further informations, so please don't worry)
now, i'm hoping to increase access from abroad as well as from japan.
i have 20 years of experience in the health&fitness industory and also like learning english   (even sesame street is still hard for me though   LOL)

i don't mean to be presumptuous, but it would be ideal if i could be a bridge to connect fitness professionals & industories in japan and abroad through this blog or in some way.  
in order to get one step closer to it, i need to heighten my skills in exercise instruction and english more.
☆ i appreciate your heartwarming support & friendship always ! ☆

ココログのブログにはアクセス解析機能があり、久しぶりに見たら、僕のブログへのアクセス数は現在、1日あたり50~200前後です。 また、ブログを訪問して下さった方がパソコンのブラウザで何語を設定しているか? わかるようになっており、現在、約70%は日本からのアクセス、 30%は英語で設定してあるPCからのアクセスのようです。

僕はフィットネス業界に約20年おり、英語を読むのも好きです (ヘタですが 笑)
日本と海外のフィットネス業界やインストラクターをつなぐ架け橋となれたら理想だと思います。    ☆皆さん、今後ともご指導・ご親交、宜しくお願い申し上げます☆


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