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Calisthenics for Japan's Self Defence Force

yesterday, i wrote about The Radio Calisthenics in japan
and today, i have found an interesting (kinda weird) calisthenics on youtube
Calisthenics for Japanese Military,  which seems to be used as a warming up for daily military exercises at Japan's Self Defence Force.
(in japan, we call the military as Self Defence Force,  the reason is... after the WWⅱ Japan renounced any force as a means of conflict resolution forever therefore we japanse are not allowed to have any offensive force in the name of Military)

as u can c,  this calisthenics is presumed to have been made long time ago and a bit retrospective fashion
but these days, workouts utilizing own body weight such as PowerYoga, Taichi, Pilates ... are drawing attention as well as conventional style weight training, u know
in that sense, this Self Defence Force Calisthenics might be a sample & reference for exercise instructors.


the sequence is made up of the following moves.
☆arm circle
☆opening up the chest
☆flextion, extention, circle of neck

☆side lunge like move
☆forward bending & hyper back extention
☆diagonal twisting
☆jumping jacks
☆side bending
☆plie like move
☆thigh raises

most moves of this calisthenics are ballistic in nature
so it is not advisable for deconditioned people, seniors ... etc
cuz this is a warming up for the military,  if you apply this exercise to general population,  some adjustment & modification will be necessary.

見つけました  (上記リンク)
「自衛隊体操」    自衛隊の隊員さん達が、日々の訓練前の準備運動や体力づくりとして行っているらしいです。

ラジオ体操の内容をハードにした感じです。 バリスティック(反動や弾みをつけた)動作が多いので、この体操を行う前に、しっかり準備運動(ストレッチ)するのが必要と思います
☆なんか、松雪オラキオを思い出したわ  (笑)


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