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appropriate form of steep incline situps    急角度の腹筋運動

when having workout at the weight training room in the city gymnasium today,
i was spoken to by a young boy in his 20's or so.
he asked me to show correct way of doing steep incline situps.   he continued...
''when doing situps on the steep incline board(the angle of situp board against the floor was around 70 degree), the base of my legs get tired and feel burning sensation on that portion, not the abs,  so could you show me the correct way to hit the abs ? ''

i understood what he meant right at that moment
doing situps mainly by iliopsoas and rectus femoris rather than rectus abdominis is one of common tendencies among workout beginners.
so today, i will explain how to make the intervention of iliopsoas and rectus femoris as little as possible in steep incline situps.

●first, be sure to bend knees at around 90 degree. if your legs are straightened, participation of illiopsoas and rectus femoris gets bigger.
●when sitting up, roll up your upperbody from the head as small as possible
(like drawing a small half circle with your upperbody, looking at your navel)
if your upperbody gets straight, stimuli(excessive stress)for lower back and base of legs gets bigger.
●relax your ankles, calves, shins
●cross arms on the chest or put hands on the tummy rather than joining hands on the back of head, this makes you concentrate on abs easier

●and basically, i don't recommend steep incline situps over 45degree, as an exercise for rectus abdominis. (but high incline situps over 45 degree is beneficial in terms of strengthening iliopsoas and rectus femoris)
because if your body gets upside down
(like situps on the board of 60~80 degree)
muscles connecting upperbody and lower body are strongly pulled by the gravity and contruct (e.g. psoas major, iliopsoas,  rectus femoris ...etc)
consequently, these muscles tend to work relatively stronger than abs throughout the motion even if you maintain correct form.

so, if you want to increase intensity of situps, i would recommend to hold a barbell plate on the chest rather than increasing the angle of situp board, after the angle of the board has reached 45 degree or so.




上半身と下半身をつないでいる筋肉(大腰筋・腸骨筋・大腿直筋、腰部筋群など)が地球の重力に引っ張られ、その伸展反射的な作用で強く収縮しがちです。 そのため、上に挙げたような正しいフォームを保っても、腹直筋と同程度、またはそれ以上に大腰筋・腸骨筋・大腿直筋・腰部などが比較的強く動作に介入する傾向にあります





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