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ゲーリー・グッドリッジ 近況

its been a while since one of my favorite mma fighters Gary Goodridge fought in japan last time, i like his aggressive fighting style.  i have read a shicking news that he is suffering from pugilistic dimentia, i'm sorry to know the news but i wanna thank the Big Daddy for showing us so many exciting fights for a long time.    bless him !  http://www.mmaweekly.com/gary-goodridge-diagnosed-with-ctepugilistic-dementia-says-no-regrets-about-his-fighting-life

ゲーリー・グッドリッジが日本で最後に試合をして以来、しばらくですが、mmaウイークリーでショッキングなニュースが...    現在、いわゆる「パンチドランカー症候群」に悩まされているという



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