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its a holiday today!

today is spring equinox day in japan. yes! a national holiday yey !!     a local newspaper in my home town reports that two statues of the greatest shogun in japanese history, Tokugawa Ieyasu, have completed at the north gate of shizuoka station.       the word Shogun referes to the commander in cheif in military government in japanse feudal period. 

Tokugawa Ieyasu is the first shogun who united japan around 1600.    before that japan had been ruled by several regional feudal lords.   and capital city of japan had been in either Kyoto or Nara until then .   Ieyasu has made tokyo the capital of japan.    in that sense,   he is the first governer of tokyo.     he grew up in my home town  shizuoka and he is especially respected in my local .   these statues are of course dedicatd to his great achievement and legacy.

先日、ボレロ・タケノリのことを書きましたが、今日(3月20日・金)の新聞のテレビ欄、NHK夜10:30をご覧下さい!   タケノリの元ネタである、モーリス・ベジャールのバレエ特集がありますよ!  しかも、その裏番組がノリタケの番組(未来創造堂とかいうヤツ)



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