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3rd march 2009 diary

as the lesson in the morning is over, i finished eating lunch now back home once, i have nothing special to write today,  i am having a petit essay today instead.

today's theme       a recent news topic that you are interested in.

the news stoy i am concerned now is that approval rating of prime minister Aso's cabinet is dropping sharply,   according to some source , the current approval rating for mr Aso is as low as 20%.    the reason i pay attention to this matter is ....of course i am a japanese citizen, so to speak our lives are dependent on his shoulders.

as you know japan faces many serious problems like declining birth rate and aging population, pension plan reform,  relationship with other counties,  abduction issue of nk and economic recession etc.....  this suprisingly low approval rating indicates that japanese citizens are not satisfied with his cabinet's policy.   so that's an imperative issue.    something has to be done to remedy the situation.

whoever the prime minister may be, we need a strong leader with clear vision & solid determination.   without it japan's future cant be seen......



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