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jan 7th 2009 diary

i am going to update this blog everyday as possible as a part of english composition training,  i skipped updating yesterday though ..... today i got new contact lenses prescrived.   in the past one and a half year i had been using disposable soft lenses, but i hate the feeling of soft lenses sticking to eyes too tight   and this time i chose hard lenses.   the only drawback is , in my case, eyes tend to be bloodshot while using hard lenses especially when the air is dry.    even if my eyes are congested with blood when you see me, it is not lack of sleep, please dont misunderstand (^^)  1月も早くも1週間経過ですか・・・・早いっすなあ。 さっきテレビ見てたら、今シーズンの花粉症予測やってて、昨年よりも花粉の飛散量が多いらしい。昨シーズンは僕は例年に比べると比較的楽だったんですが、今年はどうなることやら・・・・毎年、これからの時期は、ちょっとだけ憂鬱な時期です(笑)

PS  as i was watching a Denise Austin's dvd today, i learned an interesting expression , that is < zip up abs >    though this phrase might be usual for english speakers,  for us japanese its interesting, cuz we dont use the comparison of <zip up> for abs ,   we japanese use that comparison for the mouth though.   such as <zip up your mouth>, means <keep it a secret>   デニス・オースチンのDVD見ていたら、面白い表現を使っていた。「腹筋にチャックして!」って感じだろうか。 「腹筋を締めて!」って意味なんだけど、日本語の場合「口にチャック」とは言うけど、「腹にチャック」とは言わないもんね。


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