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an easy weekend

this week's work is over now, and i am relieved but bit tired now, cuz my work schedule in this month is bit tighter than usual . according to the weather bulletin, the temperature drops from tonight and it gets winter.  please be careful not to catch a cold due to the sudden change in the climate.   Have you got vaccinated flue shot this year  ?   i'm thinking of having it done soon...... but on the day when you got vaccinated, you have to skip workout  so thinking of work &workout schedule, convenient days are limited.    a small dilemma ..........

今日は昼間は暖かかったですが、夜からは明日にかけてはだいぶ気温が下がって、寒くなってくるらしいですね。こういう季節の変わり目はカゼなどひきやすいので注意せねば。気候の変化のせいか、ちょっとカラダも重いような気がします。今日はトレーニングを早めに切り上げて体力温存・・・・ 早めに寝るとします。皆さんも暖かくして寝て下さい。


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