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as u know , excessive fat around belly is said to raise the risk of hardened arteries.  and the standard waist size to be regarded  risky seems to vary from country to country.  in japan waist over 90cm for wemen and over 85cm for men is the first factor for metabolic syndrome . and this article in todays BBC says over 81cmfor wemen and over 94cm for men raises the risk . as a whole japanese is shorter and thinner than westerners.  so the standard figure in japan might need to be amended in the future. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6944279.stm


本日BBCニュースに発表された記事では、ウエストが女性81cm以上・男性94cm以上だと、動脈硬化により心臓病などの危険が著しく高くなると述べています。日本人よりも欧米人の方がカラダは大柄な傾向にありますが、女性のウエストサイズの基準値は、欧米基準の方が9cmキビシイのです。日本の基準が甘いのか? 欧米の基準が厳しすぎるのか?



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