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Sakuraba vs Royce rematch announced.

K-1 announced the matchup of Royce Graicy vs Sakuraba for the K-1mma event in LA on june 2nd.   as enthusiastic mma fans already know, this card took place in PDIDE GP in 2000 and is called a legendary match cuz the game lasted 90 minutes.  i also agree that it is one of best bouts in mma history.  so about the rematch this time, i have bit complicated feeling,  cuz both fighters have passed their peak and the rematch after 6 years seems like a class reunion  this time the rule is different from the previous time,  the match in 2000 was unlimited round rule, in which the bout continues endlessly unless any fighter makes giveup or gets KO.   this time , 5 minutes by 5 round rule. so the outcome of the game will be much different from the previous one and unpredictable.   

K-1ダイナマイトのLA大会でホイス・グレーシーVS桜庭の再戦だって・・・・楽しみな気もするけど、二人とも年齢的にピークを過ぎているのは否定できないので複雑な気分。まあ、40歳を越えたホイスと30代後半の桜庭が、どんな試合をするのか、同世代の自分としては興味深いですが・・・・ これを機に、総合格闘技でもマスターズ部門(40歳以上の部とか35歳以上とか)を作れば面白いと思う。


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