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today i drank beer after three months interval, the last time i drunk alcohol was the new year's eve as long as i remember.  basically i dont drink alcohol except when i have  something to celebrate or feel stress.   the reason for this time ?   the current fiscal year is ending soon( in japan  new term in businesses & schools begin in april),  so today's drinking is refreshment for the new term. haha.   speaking of which, a new reserch in the UK ranked drugs & several substances based on harmful effect on the body , danger in degree of getting addiction, and  impact on society .  according to that ranking, alcohol is listed as the fifth harmful substance.  so everyone, be careful for too much alcohol drinking.   http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17760130/

_42718419_drugs_graph2_416_2 僕は普段アルコールはあまり飲まないんですが、今日は正月以来3ヶ月ぶりに酒を飲んでしまった。僕が酒を飲むのは、付き合いの席以外は、祝い事がある時や寝付けない時くらいかな。今日飲んだ理由? 18年度もなんとか無事終わろうとしているので、気分転換ってところでしょうか・・・ 




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