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since the beginning of the new year i had been bit out of shape and hadnt workout , at first i thought i caught a cold due to the cold weather in these days, but no fever no cough , no running nose ,  so i suspected it could be side effects of the medicine i take for fay fever prevention.  reading the indication of the medicine, all the symptom i experienced in these days were listed, so today i stopped taking the medicine and had first workout in this year with light leg workout. now i'm feeling very good.  it is not sure weather the symptoms were due to the fay fever medicine or not but i have to be careful for these medicines.   新年から昨日までは、散歩や自転車・ストレッチのみで、実質トレーニングOFF状態だったので、今日、今年初のウエイト・トレ。ほんとに軽くカラダ慣らしをしただけですが、久々のトレーニングで気分爽快です! 今年も快調なスタートが切れてHAPPYです。


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