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no question ~what does it mean~

today,i had lifestyle related disease prevention seminor by the city, before exercise instruction, i lectured about the importance of exercises in lifestyle disease prevention. at the end of the lecture i asked participants if they had any questions and opinion regarding my lecture. cuz i wanted to have discussion rather than  a lecture.   but  no one raised hand.   i wonder no question means that my lecture was bored & didnt catch their heart , or the participants are merely shy & aloof & passive.......what da ya think of this phenomina?    fortunately after the exercise session, two participants came to me and gave questions  such as < if Taich is workable for fat reducing> < i'm a housewife & have a lot of time so i spend almost afternoon in the gym and do walking machine & weight training & swimming in one day .   is it too much ?>     my answer  for the former < Taichi is very good excercise for balance ability & lower body strength & also good for stress relief   but  energy expenditure of Taichi is not so much , so  combination of Taich & aerobic workout such as walking or bycicle is better for weight controle & fat reducing>      my answer to the latter< wao! resistance training & swimming & 30minutes walking in one day ?  are you desperate housewife?   sorry joke haha ....if u are teen or 20s ,  it might be proper amount for u , but for 30s or over,  2 hour workout everday easily leads to overtraining g fatigue & possibility of overuse injury. and i recommend two items in one day  <example    muscle training plus walking     or    muscle training plus swimming>   thank u todays participnts!      


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