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as you know, a claim saying that omega3 fatty acid(a kinds of lipid contained in fish)  is beneficial for health  can be seen in various oppoturnities, and recently a report that had been concluded through 40000 people was issued in Japan.  according to the report those who eat fishmeat around180g a day have 30-50% lower risk of developing heart disease ,compared to those who rarely eat fish (less than 20g a day).  that conclusion was got through 11years of longitudinal study.  so I think this report is fairly credible.    魚に含まれる脂質 いわゆるフィッシュオイル(オメガ3脂肪酸)が健康に良いとは、最近よく聞きますが、今回、厚生労働省が4万人を対象とした追跡調査の結果を公表しました。魚好きには嬉しくなる結果が出ています。御覧下さい。http://www.asahi.com/health/news/TKY200601160316.html      


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