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body & soul

Hi !  long time no see everyone!!  sorry  i havent updated this weblog more than a week . to tell the truth i caught a cold a week ago , fortunately it was not a flu but my nose and throat have been out of condition, so i ve been inactive except going to work.  and now  it is getting fairly better , i resumed my workout lightly after one week off.   while  having a cold i didnt feel like writing the blog, but i have restarted my workout just now and super feeling good !!     I have recognised again that the mind & the body is associated inseparably.    take good care of your body in this abnormal climate.    ヤッホー★ 皆さんお元気ですか? 1週間以上更新してなくてスイマセン。実は1週間前にカゼひいてしまい、仕事以外はおとなしくしてました(笑) かなり良くなったので1週間ぶりに軽いトレーニングを再開したところです。トレーニングした途端に気分がhyperになりますた。改めて肉体と心は密接に結びついているなと身をもって再認識しました(laughter)


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