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the south tip of Shizuoka

2005_07220004 It was so busy today.  Sunkei -Culture-Center in the morning , falling down prevention class for the old  in the afternoon,  and after that I moved to Fukuroi for a lesson in the city-health center in the evening.   Driving a car in the distance about 200km and having 3 lessons in one day is fairly hard , but exiting !  I wanna thank all the people I met today.  On my way to Fukuroi, I droped by Omaezaki-beach to have late lunch.  Though todays lunch was spagetti sold in a convenience store, it was soooooo delicious,  cause I love beach !!    As it was weekday today and nearly 5PM , there were few swim suits-gals on the beach ......

今日はけっこう忙しかったです。午前中=サンケイカルチャー、 午後=日本平で転倒予防教室、夕方=袋井保健センター。  往復200キロ近く運転して、レッスン3本は忙しいけどエキサイティング!  袋井に行く途中、御前崎の海岸に寄り道して遅い昼食。コンビニのスパゲティでしたが、ビーチで食べると美味しいね! 平日の夕方だったせいか、ビキニギャルはいませんでした・・・ 写真の通り、監視台にも人いないんだもん。


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