My role - June 23rd 2022

My role is ... to support her when she is faced with hardships, challenges, stressful situations, and so on. Probably, she has some other persons who she shares fun times with. But, I would like to be the last person she chooses when she needs.

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Being vulnerable and patient - June 21st 2022

It is a week of patience now.
What I re-recognized is the importance of consistency, being sincere, and being vulnerable in a good sense in human relations.


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Patience - June 20th 2022

What is necessary to me right now would be patience, positivity, and bigger mind.
In onother words, a man who never discard forward looking mindset through the very end is a real winner. 

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Breathing your way toward mental clarity

infographic regarding breathing by the American College of Sports Medicine and its strategic partner Wellcoaches.

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immersion - June 3rd 2022

Immerse yourself in an English environment. That would be one of the best ways to switch one's dominant language in your thought process into English.


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Rock'n roll love letter - Bay City Rollers

It has been a while since my last update.
It is already June from today.
I'm reminiscent of this good old hit song.



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ACSM ヘルス&フィットネスジャーナル - 高齢者の転倒予防エクササイズ

This article in ACSM Health & Fitness Journal, May/June 2022 issue seems to be interesting and useful for fitness professionals.  "Efficacy of exercise for fall prevention in older adults"

ACSM ヘルス&フィットネスジャーナル, 2022年5月・6月号の以下の記事が興味深いです。「高齢者の転倒予防のためのエクササイズの効能」

Dscf5143 Dscf5144












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Beauty and the Nerd

The photos are evening scenaries of Kusatsu hot spring resort my friend in Tokyo visited during the Golden Week Holiday.


P.S.     This song is for my loved one

Shinochan-may9th20222 Shinochan-may9th20226






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草津温泉 - Kusatsu hot springs

I got the following photos from my friend in Tokyo. He visited Kusatsu hot springs resort in the weekend. In Japan, mineral content of hot spring water is believed to be beneficial for the health. I hard that visitors to that hot spring can enjoy outdoor hot spring baths in various water temperatures. I'm glad to know that he had a nice Golden Week holiday.

Shinochan-may9th20223 Shinochan-may9th20221

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Wellness Coaches - What do they do ?

Certified wellness coaches are professionals who make people's mind positive and forward looking toward their goals regarding health and well-being.

In the concept of wellness coaching, what is called " expert hat " is not recommended basically, however, wellness coaches need to be experts in psychology and health.


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Diary April 29th 2022

My cummulative trainig hours in my current online language school have reached 40.000 minutes (25 minute lesson × 1.600 sessions). However, I'm not sure whether my English skills have largely improved compared to when my cummulative hours reached 30.000 minutes. Of course, I don't feel a big inconveniene in communication through English, but my language skills are still far from satisfactory level. Some big change might be necessary for further improvement. That would be one's determination to live in English environment.


もちろん、英語で海外の人とコミュニケーションするのに、大きな問題はない。既に10年以上前に英検1級・TOEIC レベルA・通訳案内士を取得し、その後、米国の大学院でも学んだ(願書を出す際にTOEFL・ibtも受験)でも、僕の英語力は、英語が母国語の人達や、英語が公用語の人達と比較すると、まだまだ及ばない。ここから更に飛躍するには、今まで通りの継続的な訓練はもちろんのこと、何か変化が必要かもしれない。

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Diary April 22nd 2022

As long as you hope a romance with a person in a different culture/country from yours, you need a determination to overcome various diffrences in cultures, customs, ways of thinking and perspectives ... etc, however, what is most important would be a belief that it is achievable and attainable.
Don't be negative, Be positive and forward looking !

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Diary April 18th 2022

You don't need to be a special outstanding person, just being for her and accepting her as she is would be important, however, horning yourself and pursuing an excellence in your chosen area is also important in life.

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unconditional support - April 15th 2022

Although cultures and values are various from person to person, no matter what happens between the two, unconditional support and regard would be important in global human relationships.   

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Diary April 12th 2022

To believe one's values, and to accept culture and values of your partner. The both are important and necessary. I need to learn about compassion, consistency, global perspective, and positive reframing.


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Diary April 10th 2022

Pursue one's interest and profession, and at the same time, get out of one's comfort zone slightly in a good sense for expanding one's horizen.

One of my next goal is to work and earn revenue in the health & wellness field in an English language envoronment.

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Cherry trees on a street in Tokyo - March 2022 spring

My friend in Tokyo gave me this beautiful cherry blossom scenery.
The planet earth is facing a lot of problems.
One of the reasons why cherry flowers capture many people's mind would be it's a symbol of harmony.


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ローラーゲーム ⇒ ローラーダービー Roller Derby 

In mid 1970's when I was an elementary school kid, a sport TV show titled " Roller Games " was very popular in Japan. and time went by, the roller game fever gradually seemed to have died down. When I was a senior year college in late 1980's, Tokyo Bombers was reunited and I went to see their game to Tokyo Korakuen Stadium. But the popularity of roller games again died down with the passage of time.

And recently I know that roller games are still alive rather evolving in the name of " Roller Derby "  The biggest characteristic of the current version roller derby is each team is made up of female athletes only. It's an entertainment sport of speed and beauty !




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Bunkamura - Shibuya cultural village

My friend in Tokyo went to see Taxi driver, which is a movie getting people's attention in Japan now. And the photo is a scenery near the movie theater. Tokyo experienced 4.0 magnitude in March 16 earthquake and I was a bit worried about situation in Tokyo, but I'm relieved to see this lively scenery in town.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

東京の友人が話題の映画「タクシードライバー」を観に行ったとのことで、劇場付近の写真を送ってくれました(Bunkamura) 3月16日の地震で東京は震度4だったらしいので、街の状況を少々心配していたのですが、懐かしい渋谷の街に活気があるようで安心しました。皆さん、良い週末をお過ごしください。

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Open arms - March 23rd 2022

To my loved one

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銀河鉄道999 - Galaxy Express

I recently re-discovered wonder and beauty of an old hit anime song " Galaxy Express 999 ".
I like both Godiego's version and Exile/JSB3's versions, but Godiego which created and sang the original version is as great as the worldwide popular band Journey. Full-English version of Galaxy Express 999 is highly expected.


この曲のメロディーと素晴らしい歌詞を考えたら、世界的なヒット曲になり得ると思うんですけど、この曲を知っている人は現状では日本および東アジア近辺のファンが中心のようです。ほぼ毎日外国人とオンライン会話やメールなどしている僕の感覚だと、東京外国語大学・英語科卒のタケカワ ユキヒデさんの語学力をもってしても北米やヨーロッパの市場に出すのは少し厳しい部分があるな、というのが正直な感想です(作詞したのはタケカワさんではないですが)

たとえば、この曲の英語版の歌詞で as long as there is desire, you will never tire (そこに意思がある限り、決して疲れることはない)という表現があります。英語のネイティブの人達は「疲れる」というのを動詞を使って表現する際、get tired と表現することが多いです。tire を動詞として使っても文法的には何もおかしくありませんが、ネイティブやそれに近い英語力の人が「疲れる」という表現をtire という動詞単体で表現するのは、わりと稀だと思います。you never get tired の方が自然だと思います。

ゴダイゴにはアメリカ人のメンバーも2名いるので、英語の歌詞や発音に不自然なところがあればアドバイスをしているはずです。だから、ゴダイゴの銀河鉄道999 英語版は1980年前後の日本の歌手の英語としては異例のクオリティの高さだと思います。でも、ネイティブの人達や英語が母国語に近い人の感覚からすると、まだ多少の違和感があるんだと思います(この曲の作詞・作曲を手がけた方々やゴダイゴのメンバーの皆さんの才能と情熱は素晴らしいと思いますし尊敬に値します)

銀河鉄道999はアニメも歌ももっと世界的に評価されるべきだと思います。英語ネイティブレベルのアジア人歌手(例えば、フィリピン出身で現在、ジャーニーのボーカルを担当している Arnel Pineda さんなど)に歌ってもらいたいです。

original version by Godiego

J Soul Brothers 3 version

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Three years of efforts and consistent diligence

I've been tutoring English to a middle school boy for these three years. He successfully passed an extrance exam to his preferred high school yesterday. That high school is a top ranked school in the area. I'm proud of his long years of commitment and diligence.
His high school life starts in the April 2022.
I hope his further growth in his new adventure.


The photo is a mug with logo of Tokyo, which my friend in Tokyo purchased at Starbucks.

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東日本大震災より11年経過 - 2011 March 11 message by World Order

Eleven years have passed since the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and resultant massive tsunami that happened in northeastern part of Japan in 2011. Over 30.000 people who lost their houses still live in sheltor facilities even 11 years later now.  In Japan, March 11 has a similar meaning as American people's sentiment about September 11 - a day of tragedy - destruction and starting from scratch. A lots are happening on our planet, Covid, the turmoil in Russia - Ukraine ... etc.  Hope for peaceful and non violent solution, better worldwide understanding, and thriving. I would like to share the following video on the day of 11th year anniversary of March 11.




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Diary March 8th 2022 - exercise oncology

Eight years ago today, my father went to the heaven because of cancer. One of areas I'm currently interested in is exercise oncology, in other words, exercise intervention (including psychological aspect as well) to cancer treatment and survivorship. and I'm watching this video today. It makes me feel like my father encourages me to further work, study, and pursue one's path.


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Diary March 3rd 2022

In order to further improve your English skills, you need a determination to live in English as much as possible even if you live in Japan.

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Diary March 1st 2022

Stick to your belief.
Make your loved ones happy and smile.
Although I'm not sure who will be, save your princess.

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Diary February 22nd 2022

In 2012, I was preparing for internet based TOEFL test in order to apply admission for my preferred graduate school - which is my current alma mater PENN WEST.  I sat for the TOEFL ibt test in September 2012, my test score was unsatisfactory level as a test result of a person who has EIKEN 1st grade, however, fortunately my score was accepted by the graduate school and I got an enrollment permission.  More than 10 years have passed since then, and I think it is the time to review and further horn my English skills through the challenging language test, in other words, time has come to go back to my starting point again for further leap and improvement.  This test is challenging but unavaidable path as long as you learn/practice English.

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Diary February 19th 2022

Today's training partner in my online English practice was a tutor in Serbia who is from a doctorate course of environmental engineering. To this tutor too, I asked this question " What is the most widely recognized English competency test in your country ? "  This tutor's answer was " Cambirdge English Assessment and IELTS are almost equally popular here "

And I asked " How about popularity of TOEFL ? "   The tutor's reaction was " I've never heard of that exam ... "   I was a bit surprised that TOEFL is not so recognized in Serbia. In my opinion, TOEFL ibt and EILEN 1st grade are ones among the most well-made English tests.

本日のオンラインで練習相手を務めて下さったのはセルビアの講師で、環境エンジニアリングの博士課程を出ているという。この昨日、一昨日に引き続き、この先生にもこの質問をしてみました。「あなたの国で最もよく知られている英語の検定試験は何ですか?」この先生の答えは「ケンブリッジ英検とIELTS 、どちらも同じくらい人気があると思うよ」

「セルビアではTOEFLの人気はどうですか?」と聞いてみたら「え?そのテストは聞いたことがないわ」との返答。この3日間、ルーマニア、ボスニア、セルビアの英語講師と英語の検定試験のことを話して、これらバルカン半島の国々では、やはりIELTS と ケンブリッジ英検の知名度が高いことがわかりました。

僕個人の意見としては、TOEFL ibt と英検の1級・準1級も非常に良くできた良い試験だと思います。

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Diary - February 18th 2022

Following yesterday, I'll write about English proficiency tests.
Today's learning partner in online English practice was a tutor in Bosnia, and I asked this tutor " What is the most widely recognized English proficiency test in your country ? "  This tutor's answer was " IELTS is the most popular in Bosnia "
After thatm we talked about English proficiency tests for a while, and she didn't know about Cambridge English test at all. This tutor is from a master's course of English education. Yesterday's online tutor in Romania answered to this question " Probably, the most well known English test in Romania is Cambridge "
So, I thought there would be a large difference in widely recognized English tests from country to country in Europe.



これまで、オンライン英会話でボスニアの講師数名とレッスンしました、ルーマニアの講師とも数名レッスンしました。セルビアの講師とも何人もレッスンしています。これはあくまで僕個人の印象ですが、ボスニアの英語講師は皆、平均的に英語が上手で発音もきれいです。ルーマニアの講師も皆、上手です。セルビアの講師は英語力と発音にかなり個人差がある気がします。上手な人も沢山いますが、発音と文法がかなり怪しげな人もいます。人数的にはセルビアの講師と一番沢山レッスンしているので、母数が多い分、バラツキも大きいのかもしれませんが。これらの国々の母国語と英語とのlinguistic distance - 言語間距離、それぞれの国内での日常での英語の使用頻度、学校等での英語教育の内容など、種々の要素が影響しているかもしれません。


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Have you ever heard about Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ? - abbriviated as CEFR.  As you know, there are many different language competency tests all over the world. For example, when it come to English proficiency tests, representative ones are TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge English test, and EIKEN in Japan ... etc. the CEFR is a kind of comparson chart of these different tests based on 6 levels. I think this comparson chart was created in the UK mainly for people in EU countries who relocate from one's country to some other country in the EU for getting a job, or studying at a foreign university. Because a objective proof of that person's language proficiency is necessary in that case.  Although this is only my opinion, UK made English tests such as IELTS and Cambridge test are highly evaluated in this comparson chart, whereas, USA made English tests such as TOEFL are a bit negatively evaluated than the actual. I mean, the highest level of Cambridge test and IELTS score 8.5 and over are categorized in C2 (the top level) in this comparson chart, however, even if you achieved full marks in TOEFL ibt test, it is categorized as C1 (the second from the top). Getting full marks in TOEFL ibt is almost a miracle, I guess.

Aside from objectivity and pros & cons of the CEFR, I checked which category in this comparison chart my English level is applied. Test score of STEP EIKEN test is convertible to the CEFR. I passed the 1st grade of EIKEN in 2006, so I reviewed my test score at that time, and entered my test score into a conversion webpage.  The result is ... my test sore in EIKEN in 2006 is categorized in C1 of CEFR. I'm happy with this result, but I would like to achieve the toppest level - C2 in the future.

外国語の勉強をしている人はCEFR というのを聞いたことがあるかもしれません。世界中に色々な語学の検定試験が存在します。英語だったら、アメリカで代表的な英語力測定テストはTOEFL、イギリスやイギリスの影響の大きな国ではIELTSやケンブリッジ英検、日本では英検やTOEICなど。ヨーロッパ(特にEU圏内)の人達が仕事の機会を求めて母国から他のEUの国に移住するとか、他の国の大学で勉強したい、というような場合に、普及している語学テストが国によって異なるので、これらの異なるテストを統一基準で評価する目安が必要になってきます。CEFRは、このようにEU圏内を仕事や学業で移動する人達の語学力の証明基準として作成されたものらしいです。

個人的な意見を言わせてもらうと、このCEFRの英語の検定の比較基準にはおかしな点が多々あります (このページ下部の比較表を御参照下さい)イギリスで作成された基準なので、イギリス製の英語試験への評価は高くて、アメリカ製の英語試験への評価は低めです。たとえば、イギリスの英語試験 IELTS で8.5 または 9を取ると、CEFR の最上級 C2 ランクになりますが、アメリカ製の英語試験 TOEFL ibt で満点の120を取ったとしても、上から2番目のC1 というランクになります。IELTS で8.5を取るのは、ものすごく難易度が高いと思いますが、TOEFL ibt で満点を取るのはそれ以上(ほとんど奇跡に近いレベル)に難しいと思います。日本の英検1級の筆記試験と面接試験で1点も減点されずに満点を取るのも同様に難易度高いと思いますが、英検1級で仮に満点を取れても、CEFRでは上から2番目のC1というランクになります。




本日のオンライン英会話で練習相手を務めて下さったのはルーマニアの先生ですが「ルーマニアで一番よく知られている英語の検定試験は何ですか?」と聞いてみました。この先生の答えは「そうねえ、おそらくCambridge English Test (ケンブリッジ英検)だと思うよ」と言っていました。


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