Diary Sep 21st 2018

Although I wrote this topic on this blog several times in the past, I would like to write it again as a reminder to myself,  that is ... if you want to switch one's dominant language and thought process from one's mother tongue to a foreign language you are practicing, writing something in that language as much as possible is critically important. Even some trivial matter is OK, so to speak, writing is an essential step in acquiring a new language.

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不定詞は未来志向  infinitives are future oriented

Currently one of my jobs is home tutor of English for a high school student. And me and the high school boy is reading an English grammar textbook, which becomes a good opportunity to review/reconfirm my knowledge as well. for example, currently we are learning about " infinitives " and " gerunds".  The following is a representative example to show the difference in infinitives and gerunds.

It is very nice to meet you !   <infinitives>
It is very mice meeting you !  <gerunds>

as a whole, infinitives are future oriented, so to speak,  in the first example, the speaker is looking forward to a good constructive future relationship with the person whom he met for the first time.
on the other hand, gerunds are used for a matter of present or past, so to speak, in the second example, the speaker shows his joy and appreciation for the meeting with the person. In other words, " meeting you " indicates I had a good time with you in today's conversation, so this meeting is past oriented.
This is the fundamental difference in infinitives and gerunds.

Speaking of English language learning, I'm reminiscent of days when I was tackling and struggling with articles on Time magazine and Newsweek magazine.   

It's nice to meet you のto meet は不定詞
It's nice meeting you のmeeting は動名詞
対して、2つ目の例文は動名詞(meeting)、この場合。本日はお会いできて良かったです、というように、本日会えたことがniceです。という現在または過去を志向したニュアンスになる。 「不定詞のニュアンスは未来志向、動名詞は現在または過去志向」、大切なことを改めて学んだ気がします。


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Increasing sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity - CNN report

The following link is a latest CNN article concerning an increase of physical inactivity in the world. According to this news, one in three women and one in four men does not meet the recommended amount of exercise in terms of avoiding common diseases.
Pandemic of inactivity increases disease risk worldwide


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Diary Sep 12th 2018

Hey ya'll,  the climate is getting autumn-ish day by day recently, and I took out a little bit thicker autumn blanket from the closet today for the first time in this season. It makes me feel the arrival of the early fall season. I have to be careful not to catch a cold especially at the seasonal divide.  


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Diary Sep 6th 2018  Kontinuum - Lost

Hey ya'll, it's been a while. I've skipped updating my blog for nearly 10 days, I'm sorry.
Although there is nothing much, I'm somehow doing well, thank you.
It seems to be something wrong with Japan's meteorological conditions these days, I mean the big typhoon (No 21) in a few days ago, and a massive earthquake in the northern part in this morning.
I hope all of you guys are doing great, take care always !

ここ数日の気象はなんか不気味ですよね、西日本は台風21号の影響が甚大、で、今朝は北海道地方で震度6の地震 ...

This is one of my recent favorite tunes (最近気に入っている曲の一つ)
Kontinuum - Lost

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Culmination and end of Japanese summer   高円寺・阿波踊り = 夏の終わりの象徴


I got this photo from my friend in Tokyo this morning, which is a scenery of traditional local dancing festival in Tokyo, and in Japan it signifies the culmination and end of the summer.

Speaking of dancing, I found the footage below on youtube today, although it is a bit different from the traditional summer dancing in Japan, I like the choreography and the fashion in this video, and beautiful and sexy abs of Nicole Sherzinger can become a good motivator for your exercise adherence, I guess.



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In these several years, book I read have changed from Japanese language books to English language books with the shift in my interest in learning, thus I don't have much opportunity to step into book stores on the street recently. Speaking of the shift in people's interest and preferences in reading, I got this photo from my friend in Tokyo, which indicate a closure of a massive bookstore in Tokyo. I think this photo signifies the flow and passage of time, and wide spread of e-books and IT technology. Electronic books, printed books, which do you prefer ?

先週より高校3年生(大学受験生)の英語家庭教師を週2回担当させていただくことになり、使用する参考書を探すため、数年ぶりで書店に行った(ここ数年、読む本は米国出版のものばかりなので一般の書店には行く機会がないのです) 探している本の在庫を店員さんに尋ねたところ、懇切丁寧に対応してくださり、町の書店の良さ・懐かしさを再認識していた矢先、友人より、この写真が届きました。吉祥寺のリブロ書店が閉店とのことです。


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ハッカ油の残暑見舞  Mid summer greeting of peppermint oil photo


I got this photo of peppermint oil from my friend living in Tokyo, which makes you feel cool and breezy in the hot summer season. Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation, guys !

東京在住の友人がこのハッカ油の写真を送ってくれました(クリックすると大きな画像になります)。 この暑い時期に、とても涼しげな気分にさせてくれます。お盆休みも後半ですが、いかがお過ごしでしょうか? 朝夕は、ほんの少しだけ涼しく感じるようになりました、暦の上ではもう秋ですが、まだまだ残暑厳しいです。気の利いた残暑見舞い写真を撮って送ってくださった友人に感謝です。

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Diary Aug 11th 2018 - A sudden and unexpected failure

I took an exam in the middle of June 2018, I don't specify the name of this exam here, because that exam is a newly established exam in the field in the health & fitness and has not been recognized widely yet. And I got a result of it yesterday, the result is ... unexpectedly a failure ... minimum passing score for it is 80 point and something, however, my score this time was only 62 and something ... So, honestly I was disappointed with myself and lost self-confidence a bit ...

In the past two years so so, I made a lot of success in exams in my job fields, I passed the cert exam of Wellcoaches as the first person in Japan, and I passed the ACSM/NPAS Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist exam as the second person in my country, and I earned the NSCA Certified Special Population Specialist cert as the first person in Asia region, however, a sudden and unexpected terrible result that by far exceeded my anticipation ...

I'm not going to say any excuses for it,  my understanding about this exam content, my language proficiency (the exam language is English), my mental and physical preparation and so on have not reached a required level for this newly established exam yet, I guess.
Anyway, it is a sock but hopefully it becomes a good stepping stone for my future growth and development in the long term perspective.

結果は、「不合格」。しかも予想をはるかに下回る点数で、合格基準点が80点少々のところ、僕の点数は62点程度 ...  正直なところ、ショックです。昨夜、夜中に目が覚めて、悔しと情けなさのあまり、声をあげて泣いてしまいました。




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伊藤由奈 - インタビュー in 2009 at Shinjyuku


僕がこのビデオを好きな理由は、由奈さんのエネルギーと天真爛漫な明るさが伝わってきて、気分的に疲れた時などに見ると、元気をもらったような気分になります。13歳の時にマライア・キャリーの歌に衝撃を受けて歌手になろうと決意した時の事、ハワイでジャネット・ジャクソンの物真似オーディションイベントに参加した時に、ステージの上で突然、マイクのワイヤーが外れてしまった時の事、ガンダムの主題歌への思いなどを語っています。途中、I'm forgetting my English (英語、忘れかけてる)とも言っており、当時、彼女がいかに日本の社会や文化に適応しようと頑張っていたか、も感じさせます

This is one of well known videos among English learners in Japan, in which Hawaiian born japanese singer Yuna Ito talks about her story why she got into the world of singing, her childhood days in Hawaii and so on. The reason why I like this video is her energy, positivity, compassion, and sincere personality. Every time I watch this footage, I got a power from her energy and passion.

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どうしてネズミが科学実験に使用されるのか? Why mice are used for academic study and experiment ?

I got an interesting question from one of my language learning partners yesterday, that is ... " Why rats and mice are used for scientific experiments ? ".   Actually I have never thought of answer to this question so far, therefore, this question is very intriguing to me too.

As a result of searching related information on the web, I hit the following article, which can be an answer to the above question.
Why do researchers use mice for scientific experiments ?



研究者がマウスやラットを実験に使用する主な理由は ...
1) 身体が他の動物に比べて小さいので、広い飼育スペースを要さないので便利、また環境に順応しやすい。
2) 繁殖が速く、寿命がおおよそ2~3年なので、比較的短期間に数世代のマウスやラットを観察することが可能なため、実験に都合が良い
3) 実験に使用されるマウスやラットの多くは同種交配なので、性別以外の点では遺伝子が似ているので、実験結果にバラつきを生ずる可能性が少ない
4) 価格が他の動物に比べて安価なため、大量購入が可能で、予算的にも都合が良い


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Diary July 27th 2018 - related laws for personal trainers

the following is a given topic for this week's ACSM exercise physiologist study group.  " Should a breach of contract be treated by tort low or by contract law ? "

sample answer
A contract is simply a promise or performance bargained for and given in exchange for another promise or performance, all of which is supported by adequate consideration. In examining exercise testing and prescription activities, the law of contracts affects the relationship between exercise professionals and clients. The client may receive physical fitness information and recommendations on exercise training. Likewise, the professional may perform exercise testing in exchange for payment, or some other consideration to value. This contract relationship also encompasses any related activities that occur before and after exercise testing, such as health screening prior to testing, exercise prescription, and first aid and basic emergency care that arises from exercises temporally associated with on-site provider services. If expectations during this relationship are not fulfilled, lawsuit for breach of contract may be instituted. Such potential suits allege non fulfillment of certain promises or a breach of alleged warranties that the law sometimes imposes on many contractual relationships, contract law also has implications for inter-professional relations, such as those with equipment companies, independent service contractors, and employees (ACSM, 2005).
ACSM's resources for the personal trainer, first edition (2005).
Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

ACSMエクササイズ・フィジオロジスト自主学習グループのサイトで出題された今週のテーマは「パーソナルトレーニング契約等における契約不履行は不法行為法で対処されるべきか? あるいは、契約法で対処されるべきか?」


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運動が緑内障予防に効果的な可能性 Possible benefits of exercise on glaucoma prevention

A new research that is published on an ACSM journal sheds light on possible benefits of regular exercise habits on prevention of eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts.
What is expected in the future would be to investigate this kind of study using other exercise modalities such as strength workout, hiking, and so on, running is used in this study as an exercise mode, however, running a lot of distances everyday might be a bit hard for the elderly population that are probably the highest risk group for the development of glaucoma.
How running can help protect your eyesight







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My interpretation of wellness coaching (as of summer 2018)

Because the wellness coaching is a new and fledgling field in the health & fitness, many people don't know what exactly it is yet. In my interpretation, wellness coaching is a mixture of coaching psychology, behavioral psychology, positive mindset, and so on which is required for a desired behavior change, such as adherence to regular exercise habits, improvement of everyday diet. And the fundamental concept can be applicable to various aspects in life as well not limited to your journey in the health & fitness. I also just started learning this new field. I would like to explore this way as well in addition to fitness workout and language practice.

上に書いた内容と関係ないですが、暑い日が続いてますね ...
涼しいうちにトレーニングをしようと、早起きして朝食を済ませ、スクワットを開始するも、2セット目で体力と気力がトーンダウン ...  昨日、気まぐれで数か月ぶりに神社の階段登りをして、ヒラメ筋のあたりに遅発性筋肉痛が出ていて、スクワットの最中の安定感が良くないのと、あまりの暑さのせいかなあ、などと自分を慰めつつ、今日は無理せずに体力を温存することに気分を切り替える。


環境省 熱中症予防対策ウェブサイト The ministry of environment website for heat stroke prevention    

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不完全だけど許容範囲 acceptable but imperfect ?

Hey ya'll,  I got an interesting question from one of my learning partners yesterday, that is " What do you think is something that is acceptable but imperfect ? "
I thought it's a intriguing topic at that moment I got the question, and an answer that came out of my mouth was Japanese people's tolerance and generousness to alcohol related cultures, for example, drinking alcohol with one's work colleagues after work is regarded as a kind of catalyst for cultivating a good relations and mutual understanding with coworkers, as a whole, alcohol drinking habits don't have a good image in other cultures, I guess.
So to speak, drinking party in Japan is a kind of imperfect but acceptable important part of socialization.
In your opinion, what do you think is something that is acceptable however imperfect ?


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中高齢者の筋力トレーニングの必要性 Necessity of strength training for the middle aged and older adults

Today I will translate an BBC article that shed light on the importance of strength workout mainly for prevention of decrease of fitness in later years in life.

Give your bones a workout, public told
Retrieved from BBC website





筋力トレーニング   など






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海の日を英語で説明  July 16th 2018, the Marine Day

Today July 16th is a national holiday in Japan, the Marine day.
So, I will introduce you to the meaning of this holiday.


Japan is a small island nation surrounded by the ocean, therefore, blessings from the sea such as fish, seafood, shellfish and so on are very important and precious asset for the everyday lives of Japanese. And, in order to show a sense of appreciation and celebration, this day the Marine Day was established. Another significance of this holiday is to raise people's awareness about conservation of the nature especially marine species and marine environment. Like this, the Marine day has a significant meaning for people in Japan.

訳  日本は海に囲まれた島国です、そのため魚や貝などの海産物は我々日本人の毎日の生活に非常に大きな意味を持ちます。これら、海からの恵みに感謝の念を示し、記念する意味でこの祝日・海の日が制定されました。また、もう一つの重要な意味は、海洋資源や海の環境保全に関する人々の意識を高めるということでもあります。このように、海の日は日本の人々にとって重要な意味があります。


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ウェイトトレーニングの消費カロリーは?  Energy expenditure in strength training

One of the most common frequently asked questions regarding strength workout would be probably ... " How much energy is consumed in a strength training session ?  or How much calorie is burned in a muscle training session ?   Concerning this question, the below website would be of some help for estimating/calculating energy expenditure in various strength workouts.  This website is provided by Arizona State University and National Cancer Institute.

According to the table on the page, estimated exercise intensity of strength workout is around 5 to 6 METs, as you can see. METs is an abbreviation for Metabolic Equivalent, which means that , for example, 1 MET is equivalent to O2 consumption of resting state, and 2 METs means its O2 consumption is two times of that of the resting state. So to speak, 5 METs of exercise is equivalent to O2 consumption five times of its resting state. And, calorie expenditure is ... approximately 1 calorie is expended an hour per kilogram of your body weight in 1 MET of activity.  In an exercise of 5 METs,  around 5 kcal is expended in an hour per kilogram of your body weight.

Therefore, a conclusion for the above question is ... if you are engaged in 60 minute of typical strength training session, an estimated calorie expenditure is multiply your body weight in kilogram with five,  for example,  if your body weight is 80kg,  an estimated energy expenditure in a 60 minute weight training session is ... 80kg × 5 = 400 kcal.
Compendium for Physical Activities




1METの運動を60分行った時に消費するカロリーは自分の体重1kgにつき、おおよそ1kcalになります。つまり、ウエイトトレーニングを60分行った場合のカロリー消費量は、体重80kgの人の場合ですと、80kg×5 = 400kcal もしくは、80kg×6 = 480kcal となります。

註 : あくまで、おおよその目安と捉えてください。実際には同じ重さのダンベルやバーベルを同じ回数持ち上げても、腕の長さや脚の長さ(移動距離)の違いなどの条件により、厳密には、実際の仕事量には差が出ますので、その点をご了承のうえ、上記ウェブサイトの情報を利用されることをお勧めします。

ウェイトトレーニングの指導者資格の代表的なものの一つ CSCS資格(Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)の受験資格が2030年より変更になる旨、米国本部より連絡がありました。詳しくは以下のページをご覧ください
A change in CSCS exam eligibility

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月刊ボディビルディング 1990年~96年 全巻売ります



つきましては、買い取っていただける方を探しております。問題は価格ですが、ネット上のオークションでは月刊ボディビルディングは、1冊 おおよそ900円
前後で落札されているようです 月刊ボディビルディング誌、オークション価格相場


このブログの私のプロフィール写真の下の Email Me をクリックするとメールを送れますので、ご希望の方やお問い合わせはこちらからどうぞ。


受付期間は2018年8月31日 21:00PM までとさせていただきます。





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茶の都ミュージアム訪問 Green Tea Museum


Today I visited this facility, which is a kind of museum for introducing and having the visitors experience green tea cultures.
Shizuoka Green Tea Museum
I had a good and meaningful time with today's lecturer, guests, and operating staff members. thanks guys !


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A kind of innovative view - age restriction on high dosage of caffeinated drinks.

Today I talked with one of language training partners from Europe about possible health benefits of green tea. When it came to the topic of caffeine contained the green tea, that training partner's perspective was very interesting, and a kind of innovative to me. That is ... " high dosage/high intake of caffeine can be sometimes addictive, so, how about setting up a age restriction on high intake of green tea in terms of safety on the human body and health ? ". Speaking of which, high dosage of caffeine in the urine can be a subject of drug testing in the Olympic Games and that kind of athletic events, so, in terms of safety and health on the human body especially for youths, that training partner's point saying that setting a age restriction might be quite reasonable. Of course, I'm in a position to convey and promote Japanese culture to people from overseas as a certified translator, so, setting a age restriction on green tea or things like that might not be preferable in terms of sales promotion of teas ... etc.  However, aside from that point, innovative perspective or looking at things from different perspective from traditional ones would be very important in everything, I guess.



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ローテーターカフ筋 4つの覚え方  A formula for memorizing muscle groups in the shoulder rotator

Which exercise is contraindicated for persons with impingement syndrome of the shoulder rotator cuff muscles ?

This is one of discussion topics for a study group of ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist, which I retrieved from their internet site, and the following is my answer which I posted on their site. What I learned newly through this discussion is ... as you can see in my post, how to memorize names of muscles that constitute the shoulder rotator muscles. A key word for it is SITS, which is an acronym of the four muscles in the shoulder rotators,  1), Supraspinatus, 2) Infraspinatus, 3) Teres minor, and 4) Subscapularis.

1), Overview of the rotator cuff muscles and impingement syndrome.
The rotator cuff muscle group is most important in maintaining the humeral head in its proper position within the glenoid cavity. The acronym SITS may be used in learning the names of the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis. These muscles must possess not only adequate strength but also a significant amount of muscular endurance to ensure their proper functioning, particularly in repetitious overhead activities such as throwing, swimming, and pitching.
When these types of activities are conducted with poor technique, muscle fatigue, or inadequate warm-up and conditioning, the rotator cuff muscle group fails to stabilize the humeral head in the glenoid cavity, resulting in further rotator cuff problems such as tendinitis and rotator cuff impingement within the subacromial space (Floyd, 2012).

2), Contraindication and recommended exercises for the shoulder impingement syndrome.
Overhead pressing exercises such as shoulder press and all forms of bench press exercise should be used cautiously. The decline bench press stresses this area the least, therefore may be an appropriate exercise choice in reintroduction of the bench press.
The upright row should also be used with caution, as rowing too high (elbows up too high) may exacerbate the impingement type pain.
Clients who have had impingement syndrome should concentrate on continued rotator cuff and scapular exercises. Multiple types of rowing exercises targeting the rhomboids and middle and lower trapezius, especially focused on scapular retraction and depression, are recommended (Coburn & Malek, 2012).

Floyd, R.T. (2012). Manual of structural kinesiology, eighteenth edition. New York:NY. McGraw Hill.

Coburn, J. W., & Malek, M. H. (2012). NSCA's essentials of personal training, second edition. Champaign:IL. Human Kinetics.


これは、ACSM エクササイズ・フィジオロジストの自主勉強グループのサイトで出題された課題トピックの一つです。上記がサイト上に記載した僕の解答です(ご覧のとおり、自分自身の書いた回答をコピペしました 笑)


S     supraspinatus  (棘上筋)
I     infraspinatus    (棘下筋)
T     teres minor      (小円筋)
S     subscapularis  (肩甲下筋)


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静岡県 通訳案内士名簿(2018年5月現在) Name lists of certified translator & tour guide registered on Shizuoka-pref


The above link is a name list of certified translator & tour guide who are registered on the Shizuoka prefecture office (as of May 2018). Although lists on this page are written in Japanese language, my information is on the second page of the National English Translator & Guide, and on the first page of the Local English Translator & Guide. I earned these certifications as a milestone of language learning in 2007.
I'm glad if my language/translation skills are of some help especially for some contact point of health/fitness and tourism, plus better worldwide understanding.

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個人情報管理システム ISMS の通訳・翻訳  translator of ISMS related topics

Today, I will write about my today's work as a certified translator, not as a fitness professional.  I was invited by an IT company in my city, and had a lecture/translation for the company's employee from overseas. The lecture topic was ISMS, which stands for Information Security Management System.

As you know, nowadays on the internet world, protection of personal information, and prevention of the threat of targeted attacks, ransomware such as Wannacry and so on are a very important matter especially for companies and organizations that manage/deal with informational assets. In order to raise awareness about these matters among the employees, that IT company held a training workshop, and fortunately I was appointed as a translator for it.

Of course, IT related topics are out of my expertise as a fitness professional, however, today's experience became a very good opportunity to horn and brush up one's skills and consciousness as a professional translator. I would like to thank for the kindness of that company and their staff members.

本日は、市内のあるIT関連企業に招かれて、通訳・翻訳業務をしてきました。6月23日の記事 で書いた通り、個人情報の保護やランサムソフトウェアの脅威などをいかに未然に防ぐか?というのは情報を多く扱う企業や自治体等にとっては、非常に重要な問題になりつつあるようです。

この企業様では、これらの面に関する従業員の意識や知識を高めるため、ISMS (Information Security Management System) に関する社員研修を実施し、今回、僕は外国人従業員の方の通訳・翻訳担当として務めさせていただきました。


静岡県登録 通訳案内士名簿 (2018年5月現在)

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エクササイズ器具か?おもちゃか? ポーゴスティック Pogo stick - an exercise equipment ? or a toy ?

One of my acquaintances in Europe showed me the presence of this device today.
She told me that she is going to use this as an exercise equipment.
Basically this can be a good explosive exercise that requires almost the entire muscles on the body, except for the possibility of dangers and risks of accidents and injury.

Actually, in Japan as well we have similar traditional playing tool/toy called bamboo made horse. Basically it is used for gaming attraction especially in family gathering of new years celebration.
竹馬の進化版みたいなものでしょうか ...

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2019フィットネストレンド調査に参加  Diary July 2nd 2018  

I participated in a survey for 2019 fitness trend yesterday. As many of you guys in the fitness industry know, the survey result is announced at around November or December of that year. Therefore I can not tell you details about what were on the trend list for the next year at this time, however, I will tell you a little bit of a possible trend direction.

Among the items on the list, the followings were especially interesting and intriguing to me in terms of future direction and further growth of the industry.
1), Exercise is Medicine
2), Raising standards of education and certification levels of fitness professionals
3), health & wellness coaching
4), fitness programs for the elderly
5), starting a discussion for establishing a licensure system for fitness professionals in the future.
Although this is only my prediction, these points will be among the top rankings of the result.


調査結果はその年の11月~12月頃に米国スポーツ医学会 (ACSM)より発表されますので、現時点では詳細なコメントはできませんが、どんなものが僕の興味を引き付けたか、少しだけお伝えしますね。

1)  エクササイズ イズ メディシン(フィットネスクラブ等に参加する皆様の年齢層が上がり、その多くは慢性疾患など抱えているので、フィットネス指導員も、それら代表的な慢性疾患に対する知識を高めましょう、また必要に応じてフィットネス関係者と医療関係者の皆様が協力・提携できるような枠組みを構築しましょう、というもの
Exercise is Medicine official website

2)  ヘルス&ウェルネスコーチング(健康関連の行動変容における心理的サポート。簡単に言うと、どんなに素晴らしいトレーニングプログラムがあっても、顧客の気持ちが前向きにならないと、効果を発揮しないということ、そのための心理学的側面を学ぶもの。僕が学校で専攻した分野の一つはこれです)

3)  フィットネス指導者向けの免許制度の創設に向けて、そろそろ検討を始めてはどうか?という提案



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東京体育館の思い出 Memories of Tokyo Gymnasium


The photo is a scenery of an entrance to Tokyo Gymnasium, which was built in 1964 as a preparation for hosting the Tokyo Olympic Games then. I got this photo from my friend who has been swimming there once a week or so for over 20 years for his health & fitness.

This Gymnasium is going to be reconstructed with a new one soon as a venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I also used to have workout or swimming in the summer around here in my 20's. So, I'm reminiscent of the scenery of the good old gymnasium.


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エクササイズ中の室温が食欲に影響する? Temperatures during exercise can have an influence on your appetite ?

I wrote the following topic on this blog 10 years ago from now (in 2009), however, access to this post seems to be increasing little by little recently, so, I hereby will take that topic again with the addition of its original research link.

According to this research, it seems that climatic environment (temperatures) during exercise has some relation to suppression/promotion of appetite afterwards. The key to this phenomena is a hormone named as " peptide YY ".  Let's find out what it is through the link below.

Note : profuse sweating during exercise in an extremely hot environment can lead to risks of dehydration, heatstroke and so on. Therefore consideration and precaution concerning this point would be important and necessary.

(もとは、ロイター通信のニュースがアメリカン・ジャーナル・オブ・クリニカル・ニュートリション 2009年11月号掲載の記事を引用紹介したもの)




私見ですが、よく、「ダイエットのために運動したけど、後でおなかが空いちゃって、余計に食べちゃった」という話を聞きますが、運動後の食欲の増進を抑制するためには、この研究結果に基づいて考えるならば、高温環境で運動したほうが効果的かもしれないということになります。ホットヨガとか、サウナスーツを着てトレーニングしたりするのも、この点では理にかなっているのかもしれません ...  ただし、熱中症や多量の発汗による脱水症状の可能性など危険性も内包しているので、その点は充分御注意下さい。 

原文記事 Original article

Retrieved from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 90, Issue 5, 1 November 2009, Pages 1215–1221.


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加圧トレーニングの海外記事 (ACSM) Kaasu Training

When I was checking an online study group of ACSM certified fitness professionals, some people were talking about Kaatsu training, aka occlusion training, which restrict blood supply toward working muscles during strength exercise in order to create a kind of ischemic state in the working muscles artificially. Because, ischemic state of muscles during anaerobic workout such as strength training can be one of important premises/necessary factors that cause muscular development. And, this training methodology was originally proposed by researchers in Japan. If you are interested in it, the following link is one of journal articles of American College of Sports Medicine.
Modified Kaatsu Training Adaptations and Subject Perceptions

ACSM 認定 エクササイズ指導員のスタディグループのウェブサイトをチェックしていたら、米国のパーソナル・トレーナー数名が加圧トレーニングについて話題にしていました。ご存知の通り、加圧トレーニングは日本の研究者により提唱されたものです。海外のエクササイズ・プロフェッショナルが日本発祥のトレーニング法に興味を持ってくださるのは嬉しいことですね。上記のリンクは、米国スポーツ医学会 (ACSM) のジャーナルで加圧トレーニングを扱った記事の一つです。

Retrieved from Medicine & Science in Sports Exercise (free article)

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どのくらい運動したらいいの? - エクササイズのガイドライン How much is necessary for your exercise routine ?



もちろん、詳しくご説明すれば、対象者の年齢や健康状態、体力レベル、トレーニングの目的などの条件により答えは変わってきますが、一般の成人の方々の健康体力維持という前提でおおまかな目安を以下に示したいと思います。情報源はフィットネス・インストラクター・パーソナルトレーナーの間で信頼度の高い書籍「ACSM 運動処方の指針」です。(日本語版のタイトルは少し違って訳されているかもしれません、ちなみに、これは2010年第8版です)






Sometimes, I get questions concerning " how much exercise is necessary for reaping the health benefits ? " from my exercise class participants/personal training clients. So, today I will write a guideline concerning this matter based on a trusted textbook by American College of Sports Medicine.
There is a dose response relationship between total calories expended per week in physical activity and exercise and health/fitness benefits. The evidence indicates that accumulating at least 1,000 kcal of physical activity per week consistently results in health/fitness benefits.

If you expressed this recommended quantity in minutes = approximately equal to 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise, or 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise.
If you expressed this amount in step numbers = Moderate intensity of walking for 30 minutes equates to 3,000 to 4,000 steps per day.

Attainment of 10,000 or more steps per day has been suggested as the goal for classifications as being physically active, although this recommendation needs further study before such a universal recommendation can be made (ACSM, 2010).

American College of Sports Medicine (2010).
ACSM's guidelines for exercise testing and prescription, eighth edition.
Philadelphia, PA : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.    

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