Diary Feb 17th 2019 - Every breath you take

Although the climate is still cold, what I felt today was that the color of the sky is getting brighter day by day. Hopefully the arrival of the early spring is soon !

I found this nice chorus footage on youtube.
このEvery breath you take のコーラス、なかなか良いと思います

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Diary Feb 12th 2019

Because today's daytime weather was mild and my recurred lower back pain due to long driving commute was getting better, I resumed my leg workout today. Although it was a very light training, my quads and inner legs got pumped as well as my mood.

本日は気候が穏やかで、腰の具合もかなり良くなったので、2週間ぶりに脚のトレーニングを再開。スクワットは60kg, 70kgで実施し、その後、デッドリフトは50kgで腰の様子を見てみましたが、幸い痛みも違和感もなく行えましたので、また来週から少しづつ負荷と量を増やしていこうと思います。こんな軽いトレーニングでも、四頭筋と内転筋が心地よくパンプしています。

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Diary Feb 10th 2019

In my view, body parts that have a huge difference between Asian athletes and Western athletes would be muscles in the backside of the body, such as muscles around shoulder blades, erector spinae, glutes, and hamstrings. And I'm also not an exception, I mean I need to improve the backside of my physique more. The video is my today's feeling.



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Diary Feb 6th 2019

Nearly three years have passed since I earned a certification of health & wellness coaching (psychological support for health related behavior change). Time flies so fast !

Like most fitness certifications, this cert also needs to be renewed in every three years. So, I completed the renewal procedure for it yesterday, and I got a new certificate for the next three year cycle. Continuing education for this cert is also an important part of my learning. especially, practicum knowledge in behavior modification support is still lacking in me.


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Diary Feb 5th 2019

Fortunately my low back pain caused by long drive a few days ago is getting better gradually. Hopefully I can resume my leg workout tomorrow or so.
Have a good day tomorrow too guys !


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Diary Feb 3rd 2019

Because I'm driving my car for a long distance recently (between Shizuoka and Kakegawa area), my low back pain started to recur from yesterday. So, how to deal with the long commute is my current concern. I took a brief rest at Sagara beach the day before yesterday and the sea was so beautiful. And more frequent rest would be necessary from the next time.


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Diary Jan 31st 2019

The last day of January, time flies so fast !
Although cold days are continuing, keep warm and take care guys !

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Diary Jan 29th 2019 Interjection

What I learned through my English practice using CNN talk show transcripts is an importance and variation of interjection in conversations/interviews. My English training in the past was mainly focused on reading newspaper articles and books concerning fitness, that is why I didn't notice the importance of interjections, probably.

Interjections I learned today are ... yikes, alas, lo and behold.

たとえば、ah とohはどう違うのか?など

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Diary Jan 27th 2019 Linguistic distance

When you practice some foreign language, linguistic distance between the language and your mother tongue is a serious issue, especially the origin of English England and Japan are situated at the other side of the globe each other, thus, the linguistic distance between the two languages are very distant, which is mainly derived from the geographical location, I guess.

However, with a strong will, determination, and consistent commitment, you will be able to overcome that distance as well, I believe.

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Diary Jan 26th 2019 i-adjectives

As I am tutoring Japanese language to foreign residents in my region from this month, what I learned recently is ... many of Japanese adjectives end the letter of i,  such as kawaii (adorable), samui (cold), atsui (hot), and atatakai (warm).

It seems that these adjectives are called i-adjective among professionals in Japanese language education. I'm learning that kind of thing from scratch.
例えば、暑い、寒い、かわいい、きれい、など。日本語教育の専門家の間では、このように「い」で終わる形容詞を i-adjective (い形容詞)と呼んでいるらしい。現在は、このような基礎的な事を、自分自身がその都度、学んでいる段階です。

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Diary Jan 23rd 2019

I didn't have an opportunity to speak English today, therefore I'm wiring this post instead of speaking practice.  I think there are two aspects in a saying that if you have skipped your practice even one day, it will take three days to get back your previous condition.  One is ... in terms of recovery from accumulated muscle fatigue, a proper rest would be necessary and beneficial, the other is ... a standpoint from coordination/adaptation of neuronal functions and structures that required for your practice, a long term hiatus would be detrimental, rather, immersion and frequent practice would be necessary for further growth and development.  I'm currently obsessed with the latter notion, probably.

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Jan 22nd 2019 Instructor/Learning Partner/and Booster

What I feel recently in my English and Japanese language tutoring is ... I've been a leading actor in my life so far, in other words, I've been always under a spot light, for example, striking a pose on the stage of bodybuilding competition, getting a new cert in the fitness industry for the first time in my country ... etc.  However, it's time for me to shift my role from a leading actor to a supporting role, because the most important mission of language instructor would be how well you have your clients experience a sense of achievement and small success in every session. And the same thing should be applied to fitness instruction as well. Pursuit of one's interest and goals are also important, but what is necessary for me now would be how to convert one's experience in fitness and language learning for helping your clients' success.

I would like to be a good instructor/learning partner/and booster.

僕はこれまで、いわゆる「スポットライトのあたるところ」にいることが多かった。TOEICや英検などのテストで好成績を得たり、ボディビルのコンテストに出たり、アメリカで実施されているフィットネス指導者向けの資格を日本で一人だけ取得してみたり ...



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Diary Jan 20th 2019 日本語学習 レッスンプラン

As I write previously, I started to tutoring my mother tongue Japanese to a few German people living in my area from this month. I'm still thinking/contemplating about an ideal structure of each lesson. Below is my current idea for it.

1. practice of Japanese writing system such as Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanjis. ひらがな、カタカナ、漢字の読み方&書き取り練習
2. increasing words you know/vocabulary building.
3. try to use those words using sample grammatical formulas.


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Diary Jan 16th 2019

As cold days are continuing in these several days, the first priority in today's workout was not to waste unnecessary energy in order to ride out this cold climate. So, today's my leg workout was only three sets of deadlift. Have a nice day tomorrow as well !


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Diary Jan 13th 2019 Safe sport training course


This is the certificate of a continuing education program I completed today, which is about raising awareness and prevention of harassment, bullying, and abuse in athletic environment.


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Diary Jan 12th 2019

Because it is very cold in these several days, today's my workout is only 4 sets of rowing, 2 sets of curls and dumbbell pullover respectively in order to avoid unnecessary injury due to the cold weather. Have a nice weekend guys !

ローイング 4セット、カール 2セット、プルオーバー 2セットのみ実施。

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New challenge in language training

Fortunately I got an opportunity to teach Japanese language to foreign residents in my region. And this new challenge started today. Teaching my mother tongue to someone else is my new endeavor, however, my experience in English language practice would be applicable in some way hopefully. I'm very excited with this new challenge. Of course I'll pour as much energy into fitness instruction as possible as ever !

日本在住のドイツ人の方に日本語をお教えする機会をいただき、今日からレッスンがスタートしました。自分の母国語を人に教えるのは初めてですが、自分自身が英語を勉強してきた経験が何らかの形で役に立てばいいなと思っています。 もちろん、フィットネスの仕事も従来通り頑張ります!


I'm glad to be a member of Techworld Global Language Instructors team.

この任務は、米国 Techworld ランゲージ チームの一員として活動します。

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Diary Jan 4th 2019

I had my first strength workout in 2019. It was a very light workout though, just four sets of squats and three sets of deadlift, and my body and mind were invigorated.


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A way for increasing self-confidence

Accumulation of small success can lead to increase in self-confidence.

Assuming that you set up a goal to increase your current performance level by 25 %, and if you have achieved it, your confidence level increase by 1 point.

If you set up a goal to improve your current performance level 5 %, and achieved it, your confidence level will increase by 5 points.

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Happy New Year 2019

My first day in 2019 started with a 10 minute of brisk walking as usual.
Wishing all of you health and wellness in the new year.

My theme in the new year is " help people make a difference "
Of course I will continue challenging myself as well, however, I would like to shift the focus to the side as a learning partner and booster for my clients' desired goals.    


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Year end greeting from the seaside

My friend in Tokyo dropped by my place on his way to hometown visit in the new year vacation, and we went to the beach.


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fitness training review - glycogen

Approximately 300 to 400 gram of glycogen is stored in the body's total muscle, and about 70 to 100 gram of glycogen is stored in the liver.

Muscle glycogen is a more important energy source than is liver glycogen during moderate-and high intensity exercise; liver glycogen appears to be more important during low intensity exercise.

At relative intensities of exercise above 60 % of maximal oxygen uptake, muscle glycogen becomes an increasingly important energy substrate; and the entire glycogen content of some muscle dells can become depleted during exercise.

Coburn, J.W., & Malek,M,H.(2012).
NSCA's essentials of personal training, second edition.
Champaign,IL:Human Kinetics.      

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Diary Dec 25th 2018

It's Christmas and many of my online language training partners are taking off, however, luckily one of my usual practice partners were in. She said " we cerebrate Christmas on January 7th in orthodox churches ". Thanks to her, I learned their religious culture as well as language training.

クリスマスでオンライン講師の多くは休みをとっていますが、ラッキーなことに馴染みの先生のうち一人は今日も出勤してくれていて、休まずにレッスンできました。 昨年も、ある講師が言っていましたが「オーソドックス・チャーチではクリスマスは1月7日にお祝いするのよ」とのことです。

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Christmas greeting 2018 from NCHPAD


This is a seasonal greeting I got from National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability, which is one of my certifying bodies. So, I would like to share it with you guys as a Christmas greeting from me.
Have a nice weekend everyone !!


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the importance of slowing down and relaxing.

It's important to continue to establish trust & rapport in each and every coaching session. Trust & rapport are not earned in a single moment. They are earned or lost during every moment of coaching sessions. If coaches are hurry to " get down to business ", trust & rapport will be compromised or lost. Coaches need to set aside the time to have a relaxed-and relaxing-presence with clients. Even when appointments are scheduled back to back, it is important to slow down, be completely present, and savor every moment with each client.

Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannnen-Moran, B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.   

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appropriate and comfortable pace of progression

One of important points for those who are engaging in teaching/instructing profession is setting a comfortable pace of learning for participants.


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I had been looking for some appropriate English word for Japanese expression " Ikigai ", and I came across a word that just matches it in an exam prep document for behavior modification. That phrase is " a sense of meaning and purpose in life ".
Have a good day today as well, guys !

「生きがい」という言葉にぴったりくる英語の表現をずっと探していたのですが、なかなか良い表現が思いつかずにいました。本日、ウェルネス・コーチング関連の資料を読んでいて、こんな表現に出会いました。" A sense of meaning and purpose in life "

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ミリタリー・フィットネステスト Military fitness test

Although the following link is written as a fitness test for military personnel, this program is good for strength & conditioning of athletes and fitness enthusiasts as well.
Military fitness test


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Diary Dec 14th 2018

Today's my post is simply one word.

Conducive Learning Environment and Atmosphere. 

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Trial, Correction, and Learning

When learning to walk, infants fall many times.
These are not failures, but essential lessons that help them learn how to walk. At times, setbacks are an essential part of the change process.



Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tshannen-Moran, B. (2016).
Coaching psychology manual, second edition.
Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.

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