my thought about Olympics  オリンピックについての考察

Hi it's been a while everyone, so sorry for not updating the blog for nearly a month
the 2016 Rio Olympics started from yesterday, and today I would like to write my current thought about Olympic Games. Basically, watching high athletic performance of the world class athletes are fun and exciting, and most people tend to cheer up athletes who represent one's nation. so to speak, watching Olympic Games can often become an opportunity to evoke one's pride, affection, and patriotism to one's country. of course, having a sense of pride to one's country is not a bad thing, rather it would be important for unification, harmony, and further prosperity of each country. however, what I want to emphasize here is that excessive pride and patriotism to one's nation sometimes can lead to indifference or disrespect to cultures and people in other countries.

many of recent tragic incidences that happened on the globe are derived from difference in culture, race, religious faith or political views and so on. considering these points, I have to say that I'm a bit doubtful about evoking further nationalism and patriotism to one's nation through Olympic Games in this timing. rather, we human beings are reaching a new phase to change our perspectives concerning how to enjoy Olympics.
I hope the world peace and global understanding without any prejudice and preconception


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ACSM/NPAS Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist exam

Hello dear my friends ! how is going ?  this video is my latest update. I got a cert of Physical Activityu in Public Health Specialist, which is the newest cert program of American College of Sports Medicine. since this cert program was established just a few years ago, it seems that I'm a second japanese who passed this exam. I would like to respect the first person's hard work, efforts, and passion. have a nice weekend !

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there is no deadline in learning

I found an inspiring story of a 68 years old man in Nepal who is pursuing education at a middle school with 14-15 yeas old classmates. main reasons for his study at the middle school are the following three
1. to escape from lonely living (his wife already passed away)
2. when he was a child, he had to drop out from school because of poverty
3. to become an inspiring role model for raising awareness about the importance of education especially in his country
he embodies the notion that " there is no deadline/age restriction in learning " I guess



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クリスティーナ・グリーミーさんに捧ぐ Tribute to Ms.Christina Grimmie 

Hi everyone !  it's been a while, how are you doing ?
as you already know, Ms.Christina Grimmie has become a victim of a tragedy. nearly 5 years ago from now, I introduced Ms.Christina on my blog, cuz I was also a fan of Ms.Christina's prettiness and attractive singing   (this post on Nov 6 2011)
her songs and spirit are forever with her fans' mind and her family, I believe. thanks for inspiring me, Ms.Christina Grimmie


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MBA program focued on business analytics - CalU of PA

Calu_graduate_studies_2let me introduce my alma mater CalU PA's new online program. it is an MBA course focused on business analytics, and the first ever program of its kind, I guess
if you are interested in, please check it out from this link

MBAのプログラムですが、MBA business analytics という名称がついており

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エクササイズ イズ メディシン Exercise is Medicine

the word/concept "Exercise is Medicine" is beginning to draw people's attention recently in japan too. Correctly speaking, EIM is American College of Sports Medicine's new champaign/framework to heighten people's awareness about the importance of physical activity and regular exercise habits in terms of disease prevention especially non-communicable diseases. Also, better mutual understanding between health & fitness professionals and medical professionals is an important part of EIM. As a credentialed EIM fitness professional myself, I would like to introduce this new framework in japanese language as well below.
for details please refer to this website http://exerciseismedicine.org/

最近、「エクササイズ イズ メディシン」というキーワードで僕のブログを訪問して下さる方々が少しづつ増えているようですので、本日は、このエクササイズ イズ メディシンとは何かご紹介します。
直訳すれば、「運動は薬だ」ということですね。正確に言えば、運動は状況によっては、従来の医療(投薬など)を補完する上で生活習慣病や障害の予防効果をある程度見込める可能性がある、ということですね。皆さんご承知にように、若年層から中年層では運動不足により肥満やメタボリックシンドロームなどが健康問題になりつつあります。高齢層では加齢に伴う運動機能の減少、転倒の危険性、骨粗鬆症、認知機能の減少などが社会問題になりつつありますね。どこの国も、医療費や健康保険の財源などは非常に厳しい状態にあります。 となると、運動や生活習慣の改善を通して病気や障害を予防しましょうというのがとても大切ですね。

エクササイズ イズ メディシンとは、こういった側面への理解・啓蒙を高めるために、米国スポーツ医学会(ACSM)が主体となって提唱しているキャンペーンというか枠組みです。この枠組みは2007年に開始されましたが、ようやく最近、日本でも少しづつ注目を集めつつあります。この枠組みを健康・フィットネス・医療関係の方々に広めていく上で、ACSMは米国エクササイズ評議会(ACE) および メディカル・フィットネス・アソシエーション(MFA) と提携して推進しています

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today, I will write my thought and expectation for a new TV program in japan, so, I will write it in japanese
テレビ番組の質が低下している最近は、あまりテレビは観ませんが、昨日、昼食時にこんな新番組をやっていて、ちょっと興味を持った http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20160429-00000522-san-ent




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総合格闘技の実験 RIZIN タッグティームマッチ

since the demise of PRIDE fighting championship in 2006, japan's MMA business has been in recession for these 10 years. however, a new MMA promotion named RIZIN which stands for " rising " was born in December 2015. and the second RIZIN event was held on April 17th 2016. in this event, an intersting experiement was tested. that is a kind of MMA version tag rope team match of pro-wrestling. so to speak, each contender is allowed to change to one's partner during the match. contenders for this experiment were Wanderlei Silva & Tamura vs Sakuraba & Tokoro. I'm expecting the future growth of RIZIN, however, I have a bit complicated feeling about RIZIN's way of business. as you know, Wanderlei Silva is currently suspended by Nevada Athletic Commission due to banned drug use. however, the RIZIN used Silva for this event because Silva is a big star in japan, ignoring the Nevada's decision. The Nevada athletic commission is showing a directive role to eradicate use of banned substances among athletes and professional fighters. so, even MMA promotions in Japan should follow the policy of the Nevada commission, I think. RIZIN's attitude this time is against the real future growth of worldwide MMA business and popularity, I think. aside from that, enjoy this interesting experiment. the rule is grappling only, striking are prohibited. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbKqReSWyUI

PRIDEの復活と期待されているRIZINの第2弾大会が、2016年4月17日に開催され、興味深い実験が行われました。それは、総合格闘技のタッグマッチ。つまり、プロレスのタッグマッチのようにピンチになったらパートナーにタッチできるルール。UWFインターで行われていたダブルバウトの復活といったところでしょうか。今回出場したのは、ヴァンダレイ・シウバ&田村 vs 桜庭 & 所。ルールはグラップリングのみで打撃はなし。

PRIDEが好きだった僕はRIZINに期待していますが、彼らのビジネス感覚にやや疑問を感じる部分も正直あります。ヴァンダレイ・シウバは禁止薬物の使用により、ネバダ州のアスレティック・コミッションの規定より現在、試合への出場停止期間中で、定められた一定期間が経過するまではプロ選手として試合することは禁じられています。にもかかわらず、今回、同選手を出場させてしまった ... ネバダ州のコミッションは米国内において非常に大きな権限を持っている組織です。RIZINのスタッフからすれば、日本での大会なので、米国の組織の規定に従う必要はない、それよりも久しぶりにシウバにチャンスを与え、日本のファンに喜んでもらいたい思いだと推測します。しかし、このグローバル時代の感覚からすれば、禁止薬物使用の蔓延に歯止めをかけようと努力しているネバダ州コミッションの裁定を無視するのは、彼らに対する敬意を欠くように思います。どこの国の組織だろうが、その分野の発展のために努力・貢献している組織の方針は尊重し、それに協力すべきと思います。こういった感覚のズレを修正しないと、本当の意味でグローバル・リーダーにはなれないでしょう。まあ、それは別として、この新しい実験を上記リンクよりお楽しみ下さい

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ウェルネス・コーチング試験に合格 & パム・シュミッド女史に捧ぐ  

one of great pioneers in wellness coaching and fitness, Ms.Pam Schmid is battling with a recurrent breast cancer. this video is my greeting to all of you and my mind to Ms.Schmid

2015年12月18日に投稿したビデオの中で「現在、ウェルネス・コーチングの認定試験に向けて準備中」とお伝えしました。あれから約3か月経過し、おかげさまで米国・ウェルコーチのウェルネス・コーチング資格に合格しました。現在、日本でもコーチングという言葉が次第に認識されてきています。例えば、会社等でビジネスマンのやる気や生産性を高めるための心構えや気の持ちよう等の手法をビジネス・コーチングとかエグゼクティブ・コーチングなどと称しているようです。健康・体力づくり関連の行動変容、たとえば、食生活の改善・運動習慣を生活の一部にするための心理的手法はヘルス・コーチングとかウェルネス・コーチングなどと称しています。今回、取得した資格は米国スポーツ医学会 (ACSM) と提携しており、健康・フィットネス関連のコーチング資格の中では、最も代表的なプログラムの一つです

試験に受かってホッとしているところで、ちょっとショッキングな知らせが ...  この分野の先駆者の一人であるパム・シュミッド女史が、再発性の乳がんで闘病中との知らせ。というわけで、このビデオは皆さんへのご挨拶とシュミッド氏へのメッセージです
P.S. the woman in this video is Ms.Schmid (この女性がシュミッド氏です)

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ロールモデル ミーシャ・テイト role model Miesha " the cupcake" Tate

currently, one of my interest is female MMA fighter Miesha Tate. not only her beauty and sexiness, I like her sincere attitude to MMA and life, pride and modesty, sense of respect to contenders, warmth, smile, and sense of humor, her way of speaking ... etc.  although she is much younger than me and she is female, Miesha is a kind of role model to me in these points.
in this video, I like her humor " google it " lol

司会者  「あなたは、ロンダ・ラウジーとは仲が悪いという話ですが、本当ですか?」
ミーシャ 「はい、でも話すと長くなるので、ググってね!(グーグルで検索してね)」

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TEDトーク ブルース・リーの哲学&成功法則

this is a link to a TED talk by great Bruce Lee's daughter Ms.Shannon Lee. although the presentation theme is " philosophy of Bruce Lee ", this is an inspiring principle for acheiving one's goals not limited to martial arts and action movies. please enjoy her 13 minute presentation ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOKKUSwEaxg&feature=youtu.be

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tears fell off of my eyes being moved with this little dragon's spirit and determination
and someone was writing a similar thing on the comment on youtube
" he is a kid in body, but an adult in mind, concentration, seriousness, and striving to be the best, following Bruce Lee's big mind will lead him successful in whatever he is doing later in life " 

このビデオを見た時、思わず感激で涙が出ました。この少年(イマイ リュウセイ君)のブルース・リーに対する熱い思い、集中力と気迫、努力は凄まじいものがあります。youtubeのコメント欄で僕と同じようなことを書いている人がいました(原文は英語ですが)
" 彼は身体的には子供だけど、心というか精神は大人だね。集中力・真剣さ・最高のものを求めて常に努力する姿勢といったブルース・リーの精神・哲学は、彼が成長してから何をするにしても成功へと導くだろう "

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No_limitstoday I found this encouraging message on the web. what I like/admire about Mr. Bruce Lee is his philosophy like this one. my another favorite Bruce Lee's word is " absorb what is useful whatever it is, and discard what is not "

"自分のやることすべてにいつも自分自身で限界を決めつけていたら(それが格闘技や肉体鍛錬でも、勉強や仕事など別のことでも) それは、自分の仕事や生活にも悪影響を及ぼすだろう。プラトー(一時的な停滞状態)というものはあるにしても、限界なんてものはないんだよ。そして、そこで立ち止まっちゃだめなんだ。それを乗り越えていかなきゃ"


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in the present society of aging population, prevention of senile dementia is one of important health problems, especially in my country Japan, more than 25 of the current population is 65 years old or older. a result of latest research about brain aging and exercise was published on CNN (original article was publised on Neurology Journal) http://edition.cnn.com/2016/02/15/health/poor-fitness-smaller-brain/index.html
the following is my japanese translation of this article

ボストン大学・医学部 ニコール・スパルターノ研究員らが神経学の学術誌 Neurologyの電子版に発表した記事

概要 中年期における運動習慣(有酸素系の機能など)が約20年後の脳の老化に関与している可能性あり

実験内容 被験者1500名(平均年齢40歳で認知症や心臓病のない人)がトレッドミル(いわゆるウォーキングマシン)にて歩行またはランニングし心肺機能を測定。そして、20年後にMRIで脳の容積などを測定し、中年期の有酸素機能と高齢期における脳の老化や萎縮の関連性を調査




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new video of CALU online programs

this is a new video of online programs of my alma mater California University of Pennsylvania. CALU's online programs are ranked as one of the toppest among universities that deliver distance education. enjoy watching it !

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スポーツ心理学に関する新聞記事 - how pro footballers control pre-game nervousness

one of my ex classmates is currently studying sport and performance psychology, and the link below is an article she shared on her social newtworking site. that is about how NFL players control pre-game nervousness and anxiety. it is supposed to be a good article for introducing many of you to the world of sport psychology, besides the concept can be applied to your everyday life as well, so I would like to share it on my blog as well. enjoy reading it !
ちなみに、スポーツ選手の心理面・精神面のサポートやトレーニングを、日本では、メンタル・トレーニングとかメンタル・トレーナーなどと称していますが、私の知る限り、米国ではそのような表現はまずしないようです。やや堅い表現になりますが、心理面へ働きかける方法ならば、psychological intervention などと言います。心理面のサポートをする専門家で学位を持った人は sport psychologist などと称されます

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female friendly workout gym - Open Gym San Francisco

Dscf1002Please look at this nice t-shirt ! このTシャツにご注目下さい!
one of my classmates in CalU, Ms. Linda Chungchootairong opened her workout gym in San Francisco. the name of her gym is Open Gym San Francisco. as the name implies, her gym is opened and friendly to female trainees as well !
Linda herself is also a hardcore weightlifting competitor with master's degree in exercise science, ACSM Personal Trainer, NASM/Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Linda_photoamazingly she can do strict form squats with 120-130kg ! and she is a sweet and attractive lady with affection for animals. I highly recommend her gym OGSF to from beginners to hardcare athletes and bodybuilders. her gym's apparels are also cool !  Please check her gym through the above links !

大学のクラスメートの一人、リンダ・チャンチュータイロン氏がサンフランシスコにトレーニングジムをオープンしました。ジムの名前はオープンジム・サンフランシスコ(OGSF) オープンという言葉が示す通り、このジムは女性にも適しています。リンダ自身がウエイト・リフティングの選手で、エクササイズ・サイエンスの修士号を持ったACSMパーソナルトレーナー、NASMコレクティブエクササイズスペシャリストです。女性ながら、120-130kgでストリクトフォームのスクワットを軽々こなすので驚きです。また、動物を愛する優しい女性でもあります。上記リンクより彼女のジムにアクセスできます

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ディプロマ到着 diploma has arrived

Dscf0995today, the diploma of the wellness coaching program I completed in this December arrived from my graduate school. I would like to thank all the people who supported me through this program

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ポジティビティ診断ツール positivity ratio

today I would like to introduce you to a useful website that easily caluculates the ratio of your positivity and negativity in a day. it can only take a few minutes. knowing one's positivity and negativity in a day is supposed to be helpful for enhancing forward looking attitude for the next day. ratio of positivity and negativity above 3.0 is ideal
Retrieved from http://www.positivityratio.com/

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エクササイズ指導者検索の新サイト - The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals

today, I would like to introduce you to a new online registry of fitness professionals. the name of this new fitness professional finder is USREPS (United States Registry of Exercise Professionals), and is currently made up of seven fitness organizations (ACE, ACSM, NSCA, NCSF, NETA, Cooper Institute, and Pilates Method Alliance). although the registry is currently limited to certified pro of these seven organizations living in the united states, I hope exercise professionals in other countries are also involved in this trainer search service in the future.
本日は、エクササイズ関連のプロフェッショナルを検索するための新しいサイトをご紹介します。上記リンクのUSREPSという検索サイトで、ACE(米国エクササイズ評議会)の主導により立ち上げられたもので、現在、ACEの他、ACSM, NSCA, NCSF, NETA, クーパー・インスチチュート、ピラテスメソッド・アライアンスの7団体により構成されています。今のところ、登録されているのは上記7団体の認定資格を持つ米国のエクササイズ・プロフェッショナルのみに限定されていますが、将来は他の国の認定者も含まれることを期待したいと思います

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Happy New Year 2016

My 2016 started with light weight training workout.
Wishing all of you health and happiness in the new year.

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diary December 29th 2015

Dscf0975my best friend living in Tokyo dropped by my city Shizuoka on his way to home in Kyushu. so we visited Hihondaira which commands fine view of Mount-Fuji. Thanks to my friend, I had a wonderful day

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diary December 28th 2015

all of my work in 2015 finished today, and my work in 2016 starts from January 4th. I would like to thank all the people I met this year.
Have a nice new year vacation everyone !

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Be the person you want to be !

Be_the_pesron_you_want_to_bemotivational tip
the message in the photo is one of steps toward your desired change


Retrieved from ACSM facebook

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ウェルネス・コーチングとは? what is wellness coaching ?

what I majored in through the post-master's course is wellness coaching. probably the word wellness coaching is an unfamiliar word to many of you, I guess. according to the textbook Coaching psychology manual, coaching is the art of creating an environment, through conversation and a way of being, that facilitates the process by which a person can move toward desired goals in a fulfilling manner (Moore & Tschannen-Moran, 2010). so to speak, wellness coaching is a kind of coaching psychology for health and fitness professionals. and it will become one of major topics in the health & fitness industory in the near future.  

Moore, M., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2010).
Coaching psychology manual.
Philadelphia, PA: Lipincott Williams & Wilkins.

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ウェルネスコーチング・ポストマスターズ修了 - completed the post-master's of wellness coaching

Pic_for_videolog_20151212I completed the post-master's course of wellness coaching in this December. the following link is my thank you video to all of you and my professors. I'm happy if you could watch it.

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diary December 13th 2015 - brand new shoes

Dscf0969as my workout shoes wore out, I bought a new one. Although this model Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi is quite rare nowadays, it's my favorite because of the simple design and the slightly high heeled sole which fits to squat and deadlift. I'm looking forward to the next workout.
愛用のトレーニングシューズが古くなったので新しいものを購入しました。これまで愛用していたのと同じリーボックのEx-O-Fit のハイカットモデル。近年ではすっかり珍しくなってしまった感がありますが、このシンプルなデザインと微妙に踵が高くなったソールがスクワットやデッドリフトに最適で気にっています。次回のトレーニングが楽しみです。   

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tesimonial for CALU

Calu_testimonial_photo_3A while ago, I wrote a testimonial for my alma mater California University of Pennsylvania. and the testimonial has been uploaded on the website of CALU. It's my honor and pleasure ! http://www.calu.edu/prospective/global-online/why-cal-u/testimonials/index.htm

数か月前に、母校・ペンシルバニア州立カリフォルニア大学より修士課程在学時の体験記を書く栄誉をいただいたのですが、この度、大学のウェブサイトに僕の体験記が掲載されましたのでご報告させて下さい (上記リンクをクリック、僕のプロフィール写真下のREAD MOREをクリックするとご覧になれます)

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diary December 8th 2015 - year ending party

Dscf0948Hi everyone, very long time no see ! I'm so sorry for not updating the blog for a long time. On this Sunday, I had a dinner with one of best friends. we enjoyed chinese food while talking about bodybuilding topics. it was a bit early year ending party

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be the change we want to see in the world !

the spring semester at CALU completed last week, and currently I'm reviewing the textbook I used in this semester. The most impressive point in what I read today is ... we need to be the change that we want to see in the world. we need to model the behavior we want to see in our clients and our prespective clients (Moore & Tschannen-Moran, 2010)


Moore,M., & Tschannen-Moran,B. (2010).
Coaching psychology manual.
Philadelphia,PA : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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ACSMの新刊本情報 May 2015              new books from ACSM May 2015


information about new books of American College of Sports Medicine
the first one is a textbook for group exercise instructors
the next one is a texbook for inclusive fitness trainer certification
considering that the curent customer base in japanese finess indstory are the middle aged and the elderly (one in four people in japanese population are over 65 years old), the both textbooks would be very useful for health & fitness professionals in japan as well
if I have a chance in the future, I would like to translate these two books into japanese language
米国スポーツ医学会(ACSM) の新刊本2冊をご紹介します

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ACSMの新しい認定証 new certificates of ACSM

Acsm_certificate_2015_2as I wrote previously, American College of Sports Medicine changed the name of their two certifications from 2015. by this name change, ACSM Health/Fitness Specialist has become Exercise Physiologist (EP-C), ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist has become Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP) respectively. and the new certificates arrived from the US today
I'm proud of being a member of this wonderful organization !
以前このブログでお伝えした通り、米国スポーツ医学会(ACSM) は2015年より2つの認定資格の名称を刷新しました。この名称変更により、ACSM ヘルス/フィットネス・スペシャリストはエクササイズ・フィジオロジスト(EP-C)に、ACSM クリニカルエクササイズ・スペシャリストはクリニカルエクササイズ・フィジオロジスト(CEP) という呼称になりました

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Rage in the Cage 米国の注目総合格闘技団体

Ritc_178_posterone of my former classmates at California University of Pennsylvania, Mr.Nathan Hyland has become new president and chief exective officer of mixed martialarts promotion Rage in the Cage. Rage in the Cage (abbreviated as RITC) has the second longest running history in the world of MMA since its inception in 1998. Based on the hometown Arizona, RITC has held more than 175 mma events so far. I hope further growth and expantion of Rage in the Cage

大学院・修士課程の際のクラスメートの一人、ネイサン・ハイランド氏が米国の総合格闘技団体 レイジ・イン・ザ・ケイジの新会長&経営執行幹部長に就任しました。このレイジ・イン・ザ・ケイジという団体は日本ではあまり知られていませんが、アリゾナを拠点に1998年の創設以来、これまで175以上の総合格闘技イベントを開催してきたそうです。友人の経営する総合格闘技団体の今後の発展に期待したく思います
for details about Rage in the Cage, please click this link http://www.rageinthecage.com/

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38th NSCA Annual National Conference      第38回米国NSCA年次総会のお知らせ


For those who have NSCA certifications and who are interested in strength & conditioning, the 38th Annual National Conference of National Strenghth & ConditioningAssociation is going to be slated from July 8 to July 11 2015 at Swan Dolphin Hotel in Orland Florida
this is a good opportunity to earn 2.0 Continuing Education Unit
for registration, please access from the banner
継続教育ポイント(CEU 2.0)を獲得する良い機会です。

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Diary April 4th 2015 - the importance of positive attitude

Dscf0838This is a photo I took after today's workout
what I learned through today's workout is the importance of positive attitude, which I'm currently learning in the program of wellness coaching
If you hit a serious snag in your lifetime, talk to yourself some positive word in your mind
that is a key for succeed !

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Victory at NCAA division 2

Calu_womens_bascket_2My alma mater CALU's women's bascketball team won the NCAA division 2
I hope further advancement of CALU women's bascketball team !

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diary March 29th 2015 - 幻の六本木BIO

Dscf0780This is a back shot I took after today's workout
the T-shirt I'm in is a one that I purchased at PARCO departmentstore in Shibuya when I was a sophomore or a junior in undergraduate school
This T-shirt is a special one of now defunct Roppongi Fitness Space BIO, which makes me a bit nostalgic


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review about CALU on GraduateReport.com

given an honor to write my experience on GraduateReport.com from my alma mater, my review about California University of Pennsylvania has been uploaded on that website

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basic human anotomy quiz March 7th 2015

Human_anatomy_quizthis quiz is helpful for reviewing your knowledge about basic human anatomy, if you have time, please try it out from the following link !

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diary February 22nd 2015

today, I attended a convention of Shizuoka Health and Longevity Foundation which was held in Numazu-city. totaly 5 panelists discussed about how to promote health of people in shizuoka-prefecture. in that discussion, what was most intriguing to me was " how to increase intake of vegetables " so I looked up related informations on the BBC website, and found an interesting article. According to that article, one prospective way for increasing consumption of veggies is .... " the recommendations are that you add as much colours as possible to one's diet. The different colours of different plants represent some of thousands of different bioactive compounds, known as phytochemicals, which keep plants alive and healthy. "
representative colours are the following
Orange and Yellow
for details, plese refer to this link http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-26848981

本日は静岡県健康長寿財団の「健康づくりサポーター・連携・協働のつどい」に出席しました。合計5名のパネリストがいかにして静岡県の人々の健康を高めるか?を討論しました。ディスカッションの中で僕の興味をひいたのは " いかにして野菜の摂取量を増やすか?」ということでした。BBCのウェブサイトで関連情報を検索したところ、興味深い記事を見つけましたので、上記にご紹介いたします。大切なポイントは「できるだけ沢山の色を自分の食事に加えること。異なった植物の異なった色合いは、フィトケミカルとして知られる数千の生体活動物質を表している(それらは、植物を活き活きと健康にしている)」

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高齢者の栄養摂取 guideline for gariatric nutrition

I sometimes receive questions concerning optimal nutrition for the elderly. However as far as I know, unified guidelines regarding geriatric nutrition are few. So I checked related informations concerning nutritional guideline for the older adults through online databeses, and I found an interesting article. This article is about nutritional guideline for people with dementia. According to this article, appropriate nutritional intake for a person wiith a weight of 60kg is the following. it's my pleasure if this guideline is of some help.                


Nutrient (栄養素)


Quantity (基準値)


Protein (タンパク質)


0.8-1.5g/kg/day (48-90grams)


Energy (エネルギー)




Fluid (水分)




(Nazarko, 2013)


Nazarko,L. (2013). Maintaining good nutrition in people with dementia. Nursing and Residential care, 15(9), 590-595.

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ランナーズ・ハイ- how to experience euphoric feelings during running

I got a question concerning what is called " runner's high " from one of my exercise class participants yesterday. So, I searched for related informations through online database of my university and I came across an interesting article. Accrding to that article, it seems that euphoric feeling runners experience during thier workout or race is closely related to secretion of Endorphins and Endocannabinoid.
effective ways to experience the euphoric feeling or what is called " flow " during running are ...
1) Teaming up with others
2) listening to your favorite music may facilitate the production of endorphins
3) Running at 70-85 percent of your age adjusted maximum heart rate can lead to secretion of endocannabinoids
4) Be positive - the biggest threat to flow is negativity
5) Focusing on moving not thinking
6) Running your familiar ground
(Fetters, 2014).
I'm happy if this information is of some help for you

1) 仲間と一緒に走ること
2) お気に入りの音楽を聴くことはエンドルフィンの分泌を促進する
3) 最大心拍数の70-85%で走るとエンドカンナビノイズの分泌につながる
4) ポジティブ思考で走る
5) 考えることよりも動作に意識を集中する
6) 慣れている道を走る


Fetters,K.A. (2014). A natural high. Runner's world, 49(5), 55-56.

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coaching strategies for people in pre-contemplation phase

following yesterday, I would like to write about coaching strategies for behavioral change
coaching strategies for clients in what is called " I won't " stage are ...
1) expressing empathy
2) connecting with their positive core
3) leave them having been heard not judged
4) leave them a contact information of yours so that they can contact you whey they are ready for their desired behavior change

coaching strategies for what is called " I can't " stage are ...
1) expressing empathy
2)connecting with their positive core
3) praising them for knowing their barriers
4) decrease emotional response and increase rational response

昨日に引き続き、本日も行動変容を促進するためのコーチング方法を書きたいと思います。本日は、特に「pre-contemplation stage」(まだ、行動変容を本気で熟考していないステージ)について

Moore,M., & Tschannen-Moran,B. (2010).
Coaching psychology manual.
Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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prospective coaching strategies that promote behavioral change

The day before yesterday, I wrote about Transtheoretical Model of behabior change (TTM), and today, I would like to review some important points regaring coaching strategies for stages of readiness
1) expressing empathy
2) connecting with their positive core (positve core is self-confidence in other word)
3) having some positive role model toward one's desired change
4) support from family, friends, or colleagues
5) especially for those who are in the maintenance stage, to become a role model oneself for those who have similar interests would be effective for prevention of lapse or relapse

1) 相手の置かれた立場や心情に理解や共感を示すこと
2) 望む行動変容に向けた自信・確信と結びつけること
3) 望む行動変容に関して見本となる人物を見い出すこと
4) 家族・友人・同僚などからの援助・理解(ソーシャル・サポート)
5) 特に第5段階(メンテナンス期)においては、自分自身が、同様の目標を持つ人たちの模範となるようにふるまうことが、前段階のステージに戻ってしまうことへの予防となります

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announcement ACSM資格の名称変更について

American College of Sports Medicine announced name change of its two certifications.
Through this title change, ACSM/HFS becomes ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, ACSM/CES becomes ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Phisiologist respectively.
It seems that there are some controversies regarding this title change, however, I agee to this title change, because new titles evoke an impression of exercise specialists based on more diverse and holistic perspective.
for details, please refer the following link

今回の名称変更に関しては賛否両論あるようですが、僕の意見としては、これら新たな名称は、より包括的な視点を持ったエクササイズ・プロフェッショナルの印象を想起させると思いますので賛成です (詳細については上記リンクをご参照下さい)

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Transtheoretical Model of behavior change

I wrote about wellness coaching yesterday, and in wellness coaching, one of the most important points is how to encourage one's clients' desired behavioral change. In the process of behavior change, people go back and forth between five different stages.
Stage 1 - pre-contemplation, aka I won't or I can't stage ... in this stage people don't have intention to change their behavior, because they don't think they have a problem, or they lack enough self-confidence
Stage 2 - contemplation, aka, I may stage ... in this stage, people are considering to start some behavioral change within the next 6 months, but at the same time, they have reluctance or ambivalent feelings toward the change
Stage 3 - preparation, aka, I will stage ... in this stage, people are preparing for their behavior change within the next months, and in this stage, ambivalent feelings are already resolved
Stage 4 - action stage, aka I'm doing stage, in this stage, people have already started their behavior change, but the length (duration) of the change is within 6 months, one of characteristics of this stage is that there is a risk of lapse or relapse
Stage 5 - maintenance stage, aka I'm still doing it stage, in this stage, eople are maintaining their behavior change over 6 months, and the change has become a part of their lifestyles. but, there is still a risk of lapse or relapse, one of preventative mothods is to have some positive role models or support from family, friends, or colleagues.
these consecutive stages are called as " Transtheoretical Model of behavior change (abbreviated as TTM),  this is what I'm learning at my wellness coaching program    

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diary Febuary 15th 2015

As you already know, currently I'm learning coaching psychology for health & fitness professionals (aka, wellness coaching)
however, I'm faced with a dilemma now ... that is how to remove what is called " expert hat " and change it to a  " coach's hat ". because, according to Moore,M., & Tschannen-Moran,B(2010), giving an advice as an expert can sometimes evoke one's client's resistant feelings toward their desired behavior change. As you know, I have 20 years of experience as a fitness professional, therefore, I tend to view various things from a perspective of an " expert ".  In order to encourage one's client's desired behavior change, how to change one's mindset from "expert approach "to "coach approach ", that is one of the most important issues for me now.

僕はフィットネス・インストラクターとして20年の経験がありますので、ものの見方・考え方はフィットネスの専門家になりがちです。 顧客の望む行動変容を奨励する上で、いわゆる「エキスパートの帽子」から「コーチの帽子」に考え方を改めるのが、

Moore,M., & Tschannen-Moran,B. (2010).
coaching psychology manual.
Philadelphia,PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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Deep vein thrombosis syndrome

a while ago, I wrote an article concerning deep vein thrombosis syndrome " what is called economy class syndrome " on a publication of Shizuoka-city Health Promotion Department.
the pics are the article published on the paper.
(if you click the photos, it becomes larger)
If I have some opportunity in the future, I would like to write articles again


Dscf0744_4 Dscf0745_3



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diary January 27th 2015

I was off today and today's temperature was relatively warm as an winter day
so, I went outside and take a walk with my mom around the moat of Sunpu park, I felt arrival of the eary spring




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Yoshi's video diary January 25th 2015

Hi guys !  How is goin ? this is a part of today's back workout

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