Stronger/Prismo - November 26th 2022

This is a reminder to myself

Never skip writting English, even only one sentence
For learners who practice English as a foreign language, writing is enormously/ginormously important.


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To make your loved one rest assured - Nov 18th 2022

To make one's loved ones rest assured, that is one of important duties of men. 

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Got me - November 15th 2022

The link is a song Kelsey Douglas (a fitness bikini competitor) used in one of her Youtube videos. Kelsey dedicates herself to bodybuilding, also she is attractive and beautiful.


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Let it be - Diary November 8th 2022

Further train and practice English language, fitness workout, exercise science knowledge, and empathy to be outstanding from others, and have a harmony with people around you.


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What really matters - November 3rd 2022

What really matters most to me now.

My mother's health and happiness.
My favorite friends : Ruth, Jelka, and I still think of Miki (Mihaela).
Exercise science related jobs.
Fitness workout.
English practice.
Positive psychology.

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Diary - October 28th 2022

In multicultural/multiracial society, many people tend to hang around with those who have something common with oneselves.
To the contrary, in monocultural/monoracial society, some people look for those who are different from oneselves.

This is what I noticed in my experience.



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Diary - October 20th 2022

Intercultural friendship/relationship is not easy. There are a lot of things you need to overcome.
But to me, same cultural relations are boring. So, all I can do is to get up again even if you are faced with unexpected situations. Plus, not to become too pessimistic would also be necessary. 

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Diary - October 11th 2022

Today's post is for vocabulary building in my English practice.

hypothetical question, hypotheses, fingers crossed, verification, activate, evolve, variance, coefficient, inverse relation.

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Diary - October 4th 2022

Recently unexpected and uncontrollable things happened, and I've got a bit tired of " intercultural relations ".  However, " same cultural relation " is much more tiring to me.
Only my hope is ... the situation goes for a better direction.

最近、海外の友人との間にちょっとした誤解が生じて、気分的に、" 国際交流 " にちょっと疲れつつありますが、同国人だけと交流するのは、僕にとっては、もっと退屈なことなので、気を取り直して、英語力を更に高め、人間としての器も大きくするように努めたいと思います。

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Diary - September 30th 2022

To me, heart-to-heart connection/communication is more important than geography.

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Sunrise in Hawaii - photo from a friend

Through a study group regarding health & wellness coaching, I got to know a member in Hawaii. And I got this magnificent scenery from the new friend.



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Amazing power of Musubi - September 18th 2022

It is fascinating that seemingly unrelated things are interrelated each other in science, studying, and in human relations.

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Diary - September 10th 2022

In order to take some new information into your thought and mind as it is, am important premise would be to discard any preconception.

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Dairy - September 5th 2022

In order to further improve one's English skills, you need to practice in a premise that you live, work, and study in an English environment.

vocabulary building : illustrate, easy breezy, resonate with, cold water immersion, contrast water therapy, foam roller, myofascia, controlled trial.  

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Diary - September 3rd 2022

One of important keys for brushing up my English would be to practice the sound/pronunciation of R and consonants that don't exist in Japanese language. 

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When I traveled by an airplane, the airline company was Japan Airlines (JAL).

When Japan Airlnes went bankrupt in 2010, president of Kyoto Ceramics Comapany Mr. Kazuo Inamori was appointed as the leader in the management reconstruction project.

and Japan Airlines revived in a surprising speed and its stock was re-listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange a few years. That day was my birthday.

Mr. Kazuo Inamori finished his 90 years of life on August 24th 2022.

I would like to respect that Mr. Inamori lived his life to the fullest with full-energy and honesty.



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Fried shrimp bowl - summer 2022

Hello, how was your Obon summer holiday ?
The photo is a fried shrimp bowl my friend in Tokyo enjoyed in his summer holiday. The intense summer heat tends to decrease your appetite, but this seafood bowl will make you energetic.     
I'm glad that he had a relaxed holiday.

I hope all of you have a good start of the work week.


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Diary - August 12th 2022

I will absolutely improve my English skills more and more to a level that is closer to native speakers.
I will practice harder and harder, and new doors to the next stage will open.

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Diary - August 6th 2022

In order to take my current English level to one stage higher, improvement of listening comprehension would be necessary. If my listening skill improves, I will be able to mimick expressions of native speakers. Also, for showing empathy and compassion as well, good listening skill is very important.

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Diary July 25th 2022

Pay attention to sounds of English consonants that don't exist in sound system of Japanese language. That would be a way which takes your English one step higher level.


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Diary July 24th 2022

In order to improve my English pronunciation and listening comprehension, I'll need to pay more attention to the sound of R. What I mean by that is I want to highten my English one step closer to American accent.

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vocabulary building - July 5th 2022

Words sometimes used in research papers.

in situ = あるがままの状態で
in vitro = 体外の、試験管内の
quasi (クエイザイ)= 類似の、準ずる
pseudo = ごまかしの、偽の、もどき

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Pen West University promo video - July 1st 2022

Today - July 1st 2022 - my alma mater California University of Pennsylvania integrates with two neighboring state universities in PA, Clarion University and Edinboroh University, and these school names change into Pennsylvania Western University.

I hope bright future and further development of Pen West University.

本日(2022年7月1日)より、自分の母校・ペンシルバニア州立カリフォルニア大学は州内西部地区のふたつの州立大(クラリオン大学とエディンボロ大学)と経営統合し、ペンシルバニア・ウエスタン大学という名前に生まれ変わります(略称 : ペン・ウエスト大学)






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Diary - June 28th 2022

To respect and accept her values, way of thinking, and her life.
That would be necessary to me.


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My role - June 23rd 2022

My role is ... to support her when she is faced with hardships, challenges, stressful situations, and so on. Probably, she has some other persons who she shares fun times with. But, I would like to be the last person she chooses when she needs.

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Being vulnerable and patient - June 21st 2022

It is a week of patience now.
What I re-recognized is the importance of consistency, being sincere, and being vulnerable in a good sense in human relations.


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Patience - June 20th 2022

What is necessary to me right now would be patience, positivity, and bigger mind.
In onother words, a man who never discard forward looking mindset through the very end is a real winner. 

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Breathing your way toward mental clarity

infographic regarding breathing by the American College of Sports Medicine and its strategic partner Wellcoaches.

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immersion - June 3rd 2022

Immerse yourself in an English environment. That would be one of the best ways to switch one's dominant language in your thought process into English.


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Rock'n roll love letter - Bay City Rollers

It has been a while since my last update.
It is already June from today.
I'm reminiscent of this good old hit song.



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