diary May 20th 2017 - coconut water

when I was talking with a person from a tropical country about fluid replacement during exercise, I got an interesting question from that person. the question was " whether coconut water can be a substitute for sport drinks such as gatorade "
because the coconut is not a common fruit in Japan, I have never thought of that idea saying that replacing a sport drink with the tropical fruit.  and I found this web article below concerning that topic.  although the author in that web article says that what is lacking in coconut water is sodium. a simple solution would be ... add a little bit of salt to the coconut water.  that would become a natural substitute for commercially produced sport drinks. a problem is a typical price of coconut is more expensive than popular sport drinks on the Japanese market ...


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diary May 9th 2017 - a new discovery

I had an opportunity to talk with one of my classmates after a nearly one year interval, and through the conversation I noticed that the word " discovery " wasn't in my English vocabulary (I mean I wasn't able to recall that word on the spot). that was kinda new discovery or a finding.

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diary May 2nd 2017

it is already May, how is going everyone ?
this week is a holiday studded week in Japan, which is called " golden week holiday ", however there is nothing special in my everyday. being able to spend every single day as usual is kinda " happiness" I guess.
have a good day everyone !

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diary April 26th 2017 - mindfulness and mindfullness

I came across an interesting topic about coaching psychology today.  that is ... "mindfulness " has two meanings.  one meaning is literally " compassion " and another meaning is " mindfullness " (mind and fullness). mindfulness or compassion means empathy to someone else, whereas mindfullness referes to a psychological state saying that your mind is full of something (preoccupied) rather than paying attention to your talking partner.in order to realize the true mindfulness, a kind of mind emptiness that can absorb your partner's story rather than mindfullness is important.         

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diary April 19th 2017 - how to get along with the throat

in mu current lifestyle as a fitness instructor, the most frequently hard used body portion is the throat and voice. maybe be you anticipated that I would say " my hardest used body portion is muscles on the legs or muscles on the lower back".
basically in my everyday work, I'm always speaking something, for example, counting the numbers in the warming up session, instructing, demonstrating, or explaining something about exercise. and when in home, I'm reading aloud some book or internet article as a practice of English language. like this, throat, vocal cord, muscles around the base of the tongue are always working. so, how to get along with the overuse of the throat, in other words, self-care of throat and voice is a very important matter to me. probably, people who are engaging in instructing, consulting, acting, singing professions are in a similar situation. in my view, the concept of " cycle training or periodization training " is applicable for recuperation of the voice and throat in these these people.


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Diary April 14th 2017 - absolute amount

I noticed a reason why my English is still by far from satisfactory level, that is ... total cumulative hours in my learning English, in other words, total cumulative hours I was exposed to English are still not comparable to that of native English speakers.
the time I started learning English seriously was when I was 36 years old or so, however my learning in the first few years were on average 2 hours a day or so. After passing the Step Eiken practical English test grade 1 when I was 41 years old, English became a part of my every day life. so to speak, the total duration of my life in which English is a part of my everyday life is only these 8-9 years or so. therefore, simply considering this total duration, my English skills in total package (grammar, pronunciation, fluency, naturalness, and so on) would be less than 10 years old elemental school kinds in the US, UK, or Australia, probably. I think it is because simply a mater of total duration of practice, rather than a matter of methodology in practice. in order to switch my though process from Japanese language oriented to English language oriented, I'm writing this blog post in English.

どうして僕自身の英語力が満足なレベルからは程遠いか? シンプルな事に気がついた。英語を勉強している時間(英語に触れている時間)の累計時間・つまり練習の絶対量がまだまだ足りないのだ。
僕自身が英語を自発的かつ真剣に学び始めたのは35歳を過ぎてからのこと。でも最初の3年間位は一日平均1~2時間程度の勉強だったと思う。3年位経過して、英語力が少しだけ伸びると勉強量が一日平均3~4時間に増えた。英語が生活の一部となったと言えるのは41歳の時に英検1級に合格して、更にその翌年、通訳案内士資格を取得して以降のこと。つまり、本当の意味で英語をトレーニングしているのは、たかだか、合計8年位です。 しかも朝から晩まで一日中、英語で生活しているわけではなく、担当させていただいているフィットネスクラスの参加者の皆さんは日本人なので仕事中は日本語で暮らしているので、僕の実質的な英語訓練は、8年×0.4~0.5前後ではないかと思う   


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stretch - shortening cycle in language pronunciation

today's topic is English pronunciation. although it is a well known fact, basically Japanese people including me are not good at pronunciation of the sound of L. the reason is simple, in Japanese language, sounds its pronunciation are almost the same as the sound of L in English don't exist. especially when it comes to English words that end with the letter of L or Le, such as beautiful, school, girl, level, people, male, female, example,  Japanese people's actual pronunciation of these words are close to beautifru, schooru, peopru, exampru.

and I noticed a measure to correct or at least make these pronunciation close to the correct, that is to pay attention or re-recognize the importance of accent, in other words, where to emphasize in these words. Compared with accent in English language, accent in Japanese language are monotonous, so to speak, Japanese people should pronounce the above words with especially an emphasis on beau, peop, schoo, leve ...
I think it is almost the same concept as the importance of weight distribution on soles of the feet in squats or deadlifts.

特に、LまたはLeの文字で終わる単語、例えば、beautiful, school, girl, people, example などの単語では、日本人はLの発音が不自然になりがちです。僕もこれらの単語の発音は、いまだに典型的日本人英語です。上に書いた理由、つまり日本語にはRの音に近い発音はあるけど、Lの音に近い発音がほとんどないので、僕も含めて、日本人がこれらの言葉を発音すると、beautifru, peopru, exampru という感じになりがちです。

それは、少し大げさな位にアクセントを強調することです。people の発音だったら、最初の音節の部分、peop の部分を強く言う、そうすると、単語の前半を強く発音した自然な切り返しでle の音は、やや控えめになります。一種のストレッチ・ショートニング・サイクルみたいなものです。語尾のLの音は控えめでよいのです。日本人にとって、やや控えめと思えるLやLeの音が自然な英語の発音に近いので。

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diary March 28th 2017 - impermanent beauty


the most representative seasonal scenery in this time in Japan is cherry blossoms. usually cherry trees get in full blossoms from the third or fourth week of March and they dissipate at around first or second week of April. so to speak, peak of the gorgeous cherry flowers are only 2 weeks or so. and probably this is the reason why people in Japan are so fond of cherry flowers, in other words, they are appreciating a sense of impermanent beauty, I think. I found this beautiful cherry tree at a premise of a nearby shrine, that shrine has a close relationship with the longest lasting political and military dynasty in feudal japanese period, the dynasty lasted as long as more than 400 years. the presence of the cherry trees in the shrine premise which was a kind of guardian deity for the longest lasting Tokugawa dynasty would not be merely a coincidence.
and various climatic conditions are concerned with cherry blossoms. the explanation in this video can be a good reference (retrieved from FOX news)

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diary March 15th 2017

when reading a book about strength & conditioning, I came across a nice expression. that is ... sticking with bodybuilding workout or fitness lifestyle is a kind of contract with oneself ".
in my translation, it is a promise with oneself, and it can be said in one's work and study too , I guess. basically our humans cannot tell a lie to one's mind.
so to speak, one of required roles of fitness professionals/wellness coaches would be to help, support clients achieve (keep) promise with themselves. of course, it is easy to say however not so easy to do ...  that is one of my future themes

ストレングス&コンディショニングに関する本を読んでいたら、なかなか良いことが書いてあった。「ボディビルやフィットネスのトレーニングを継続するということは、ある意味、自分との契約である」と。つまり、自分自身との約束ということだろう。ならば、フィットネス指導員の任務の一つは、トレーニングの方法など技術面をお伝えするのは勿論のこと、自分のクラスの参加者の皆さんが、自身との契約・約束を履行・遂行するのを少しでもお手伝いすることだろうと思う。 これが一番難しいことですよね    

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diary March 8th 2017

today March 8th is an important and special day to me. because it is a private matter, I will keep the significance of this day in my mind. one of my future missions would be to help, support, guide people make a favorable difference in their lives. in other words, one of my roles would be a kind of booster. in the process of it, I would like to further study, learn, practice, and train. I would like to thank people around me and the environment. thanks guys for always understanding and supporting me      

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diary March 6th 2017 - three stages in physical training

the link below is an interview video of martial arts star Jet Li.  his thought about ideal three progressive stages of the physical and the mental in martial arts practice is worth noting.
the first level ... practice of the physical, in other words, emphasis on this stage is physical contact and combat with your enemy
the second level ... practice the mental aspect, so to speak, use your accumulate knowledge and language to stop the enemy before fighting
the third level ... how to turn your enemy into your friends without fighting, through your belief, wisdom, and compassion ... etc
check at 3 minute 30 seconds from the beginning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KyWIvq1ZqU

第1段階 ... 敵と戦うために体や技を鍛えることを主目標とする
第2段階 ... 言葉や知恵を用いて、如何に無駄な争いを避けるか?を考える
第3段階 ... 武術の修練や自分の生き方における信念や含蓄、相手への思いやりなどを通じて、敵を友達に変えることを考える

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diary February 20th 2017

recently I feel the necessity to further improve my English. my English language is still by far from satisfactory level, especially there is much room for improvement in listening comprehension and speaking. as a matter of fact, listening and speaking is closely related each other. in other words, the both should complement each other. the thousand miles journey begins with the first step.

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vocabulary building practice - Feb 12th 2017

I'm writing today's post in order to increase vocabulary of my English
words that are currently out of my consciousness when speaking
furthermore, resonate, satiate, tremendously, enormously, massively, toe to toe, prudent,

sample expression
for me, learning English is enormously important as a fitness professional and a beginning researcher in the health & fitness field, furthermore, as a licensed interpreter & tour guide for travelers who visit Japan from abroad. of course I know that my current language skills are by far from satisfactory level, and it seems that there is a tremendous long way before reaching to a level close to native speakers. that is why I'm writing my blog posts bilingually every time. to me, language learning is like fitness workout or martial arts, it means you have to square off and get along with it from head to heard, toe to toe. although it is a long journey, I never satiate with it, rather I'm enjoying the process. sometimes I come up with resonating interview videos of athletes, actors, musicians, fitness professionals or people like that on the internet such as youtube, they can become a good sample for my language practice, however, coping them 100% would not be preferable, a prudent attitude would be required.


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diary February 11th 2017 - a reflection and an ideal

strengths and weaknesses are often in a relationship of what is called " both sides of a coin ".  as for my strength, as many of you know I'm a kind of nerd, an exam nerd, a fitness nerd... I mean I can pour a lot of energy and concentration into exam preparation or things like that, however, seeing from the other side, it is undeniable that I have a tendency to become selfish or narrowed eyed while concentrating toward one's desired goals. and I tend to forget consideration, attention, a sense of appreciation to people who could support and understand me while I'm concentrating on something. I think this is one of my biggest weaknesses. what I'm thinking recently is ... an ideal would be providing positive influence to people around you through the process toward goals. of course, it is not so easy to do though ...

人の長所と短所というのは、表裏一体の関係にあることが多いですよね。僕自身の長所は何か?というと、皆さん既に御存知のように、僕はいわゆる「オタク」です。試験オタクだったり、フィットネスオタクだったり。つまり、自分の好きなことには、かなりの集中力で没頭して、それなりの結果を出せることが多いです(失敗する時もありますが)。 しかし、逆から見ると、目標に向かって没頭している時は、周囲が見えなくなって、偏狭になったり、自己中心的になったり、僕のことを理解して応援してくださる皆さんへの感謝や配慮を忘れてしまったりすることがあるように思います。これが、自分の最大の短所のひとつかなあ?と思っております。目標に向けて頑張る過程で、周囲の皆さんに良い影響を及ぼすことが出来れば良いな、と思ったりします (口で言うほど簡単なことではないですが ... )

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diary Feb 8th 2017 - a drastic experiment

I posted a bit drastic and radical proposal to today's my exercise class participants as an ice breaking greeting at the start o the class. the participants are Japanese women in their late 60's to early 80's.
" Hello everyone, how have you been since the last week's session ?  I know that many of you are hoping to lose weight. In japan we have a lot of seasonal celebration events and festivities during this season. in order to get a desirable result in weight loss, how to deal with and spend your days in this festivity season is very important.  for example, in January we have new year celebration, the seasonal divide celebration in February, the girl's festival in March, cherry blossom viewing parties under the trees in April, and the boy's festival in May "

"traditionally in Japan, we celebrate these seasonal events and festivities mainly with special foods and dishes for them.  of course, when food shortages were serious social problem in the past, cerebrating those festivities with seasonal harvest was a very significant, and at the same time, these were precious opportunities to foster and reconfirm family bond and friendship.  however, nowadays in Japan, fortunately food shortages don't exist basically. rather various materials including gorgeous foods are abundant in our current society.   and this is where I would like to propose a change in our perspective and mindset about how to celebrate those seasonal events "
" in order to show our appreciation and a sense of gratefulness to the blessings of our mother nature and our environment, how about reducing some one dish or food from your table on the seasonal celebration day ?  it is already 2017 now,  we don't necessarily need to stick with the traditional notion saying that seasonal events and festivities should be celebrated with a countless number of special dishes and foods. even if there is not so much gorgeous foods on the party table, it would be possible to enjoy and celebrate with for example, singing karaoke, dancing, chatting and so on. what do you think of my idea ? "

as I anticipated before the class, most of the participants were quiet with my drastic remarks,  they didn't say anything, however, obviously it felt like written on their faces that " instructor ENDO's view might be a kind of alien or something "...
being polite in front of class participants, at the same time, stating one's views and perspectives without compromising is not easy to me ...   
「皆さん、こんにちは。先週の講座以来いかがお過ごしでしたか? お正月から早春の時期は色々と季節行事が多いですよね。1月はお正月、2月は節分、3月は雛祭り、4月は花見、5月は子供の日など。これらの行事は、美味しい料理を食べたりして祝うのが伝統的な日本の習慣ですよね。皆さんがこの教室に参加している目的の一つは、やせたい、体重を減らしたい、というのがありますね。となると、このように美味しいものを食べる行事が毎月のように続くこの時期をどう過ごすか?はとても大切です」

「少し過激な意見で申し訳ないですが、ダイエットや健康のためには、この飽食の時代、季節行事をどう祝うか?ということに関しても発想の転換が必要ではないか?と思います。食料不足が深刻だった時代は、季節の収穫物で行事を祝うというのは、収穫への感謝や家族や友人との団欒の機会としても非常に意義のあることだったと思われます。しかし、現在、2017年の日本は幸いなことに、食べ物を含め色々なモノが溢れています。むしろ、自然の恵みや周囲の環境に感謝するためには、パーティのテーブルから何か料理を一品減らしてみてはいかがでしょうか? 贅沢な料理が沢山なくても、行事やお祝いの席を楽しむことは可能だと思うのです。例えば、カラオケとか、踊るとか、友人たちとの会話を楽しむとか。このような発想の転換はいかがでしょうかね?」
参加者の皆さんの殆どは無言で呆気にとられたような反応だったが、伝統と調和を重んじる世代の御婦人の皆さんの顔にはこう書いてあったような気がする 「インストラクターの遠藤さんの頭の中は異星人か何かだろう ... 」

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Jet Li's English - ジェット・リーさんの英語が凄く上手い件

the link below is an interview video of martial arts star Jet Li.  what I was impressed with this video is Mr.Li's English is very good. I mean his English fluency, sense of humor are much better than my English. of course sense of humor and his warmth emanate from his long years of devotion to martial arts, movies, and life itself, I think. Mr.Li's good English and friendly attitude can be a role model for me too.

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diary Feb 4th 2017 - transparency

when I was talking with one of my acquaintances about colors of room windows, I wasn't able to recall an appropriate word that refers to clarity. and a few hours later, I got that it was " transparency ", which is one of the most important concepts in the society not limited to room interior topics though ...
at the end of the day, maybe that is because the importance and notion saying that transparency might be lacking in me  ...
知り合いと部屋の窓の色合いについて語っていたところ、透明性を意味する適切な言葉 " transparency " が思い浮かばなかった。要するに自分が普段から、この言葉を使っていないので、自分のボキャブラリーとして定着してないことを意味するが、同時に、自分の日常の価値観の中に、透明性の大切さが欠如してるのかな? などと自虐的になったりする

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diary Feb 3rd 2017 - Setsubun seasonal divide celebration day

in Japan, the third day of February is regarded as a seasonal divide between the winter and the early spring. and traditionally it is believed that if you eat the same number of roasted soy beans plus one as your age on that seasonal divide day, you will become healthier, happier, and luckier in the coming days in that year. the same number of roasted beans as your age signifies your past life until now. and the plus one bean means your future fortune in that year.
and I told this traditional Japanese custom(superstition ?) to one of my acquaintances in overseas today, and her reaction was ... " what if he or she is an elderly and doesn't have teeth ? "     I was at a loss in my words at that moment with that unexpected nice reaction, and my answer was ... " how about grinding the beans with a juicer mixer and drinking it ?   kinda soy beans protein shake or something like that ? "
do you have some other good idea ?

節分の日に年齢と同じ数の豆、プラス1個余分に食べると、より健康で幸運に恵まれる(年齢と同じ数の豆は自分の過去、プラス1個は自分のその年の未来と幸運を意味)、という伝統行事が日本にはあるよ、という話を海外の知り合いに話したところ、意外な返答が ...
「なるほど、面白い伝統だね、でも豆を食べる人が高齢で歯がなかったら、どうするの?」  ...     想定外のナイスなリアクションに一瞬、言葉につまりましたが、僕の口から出たとっさの返答は「その場合は、ジューサーミキサーで豆をすりつぶして、ジュースにして飲んじゃう、ってのはどう?」         何か他に良い方法ありますかね?

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diary Feb 1st 2017

what I feel at the end of the day recently is the importance of discreet attitude and humbleness, which is obviously what I often tend to forget

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diary Jan 28th 2017 - message to myself

a massage to myself

Don't betray expectations of people who could support and understand you. Refrain from boasting about one's achievements,  if you want to inform people around you one's accomplishments, do it in a thoughtful and useful way, for example, an encouraging and informative message and so on.  coexsistence of your own belief and harmony with people around yourself
you are in "under study " all through your life
たとえば、自分の自慢話をしたりするのは出来るだけ控える、何かの成果などを周囲の皆さんにお知らせする場合など、なるべく、有意義な体験談・情報とか励みとなるメッセージのような形で行いたいです。(フリーランスで仕事をしている以上、「この試験に合格しました、日本で何番目です」などアピールしなくてはいけない時もありますが、なるべく人様を不快な気分にはさせないようにしたいと思ってはいるのですが ... )
気持ちの上では、良い意味で ”研究生や研修生”でいたいと思います

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thank you Ms. Caroline Kennedy for your great contribution

although my job is fitness instructor, I have a Japanese Government issued license of interpreter and tour guide for travelers who visit Japan from overseas. so to speak, facilitating better worldwide understanding and friendship is also one of my missions and duties. Ms. Caroline Kennedy served as the US ambassador to Japan for these 3 years from 2013 to today (Jan 18th 2017). because of the change of US administration, Ms. Kennedy finishes her term today and leaves Japan for the states. as she talks in this video, she played a lot of significant roles especially when she visited the affected areas of 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, when president Obama visited the 1945 atomic bomb affected area Hiroshima-city, and the most recent visit to the Pearl Harbor with the Japanese prime minister. I would like to thank Ms. Kennedy for her authentic dedication to the world peace, and praying for her further endeavor.
the video : retrieved from US Embassy Tokyo


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diary Jan 6th 2017

Happy New Year 2017 !
What I would like to keep in mind this year is " challenge to oneself, rather than competing with someone else "

at the same time, what is expected on me at my workplaces would be a kind of " role as a booster, facilitator, as well as an instructor "
let's have a lot of meaningful time together !

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2016 year end greetings

this video is my 2016 year end greetings for all of you
thank you very much for your friendship, support, and favor
have a nice new year vocation !


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vocabulary increasing exercise - Dec 25th 2016

I'm writing today's post in order to increase vocabulary in my English.
Words that haven't been in my English vocabulary so far are ... 1) discreet,  2) status quo
of course I sometimes come across these words in newspaper articles such as BBC, and journal articles in the fitness field such as Strength & Conditioning Journal.  however, I didn't have opportunities to use these words in writing or speaking in the past.  unless you use new words in the actual use in everyday life, those new words will not become a part of your vocabulary.
so, I will use these new two words in the sample expressions below

1)  what is lacking in my behavior is " discreet attitude "
2)  the company doesn't change the status quo in international order policy
if there is something wrong in my understanding and usage, your advice and suggestion are appreciated.    

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diary Dec 18th 2016 - year ending party


today, I had a dinner with my bodybuilding friend. he is a past winner of state bodybuilding championship of my prefecture (prefecture in Japan is equivalent to state in the US), and currently he is competing in national level master's category, so to speak, his whole life is dedicated to bodybuilding, for example, for him, opportunities to eat out are several times in a year, so, today's small year ending party was one of the precious opportunities to relax for top level athletes like him, and I got a good stimuli from his dedication

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diary Dec 3rd 2016

Positivity is contagious, and vice versa, negativity is also affects people's mood and attitude.
I would like to be a person who delivers positive energy and good stimuli for people around oneself.  That would be one of my missions as a fitness professional and wellness coach.   

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diary Dec 2nd 2016 - bilateral learning relations

As you know, my profession is fitness instructor, so to speak basically I'm usually in the side of delivering some knowledge and information to exercise class participants. However, at the same time I'm a learner in life. What I think of recently is the importance of " give and take learning relationship ", meaning I'm also learning a lot from my class participants. especially current my customer base are middle aged and elderly populations, and most of them have accumulated experience and wisdom in life.  I named this ideal relationship in learning as " bilateral learning relationship " I wanna thank for being blessed with such nice people. and the concept of " BLLR " will ripple through the health & fitness industry gradually.

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fitness trend for 2017 - wellness coaching

American College of Sports Medicine announced a forecast of top 20 fitness trend in 2017. among the top 20 trend, what is worth noting especially is that Wellness Coaching has been ranked in the top 20 for these consective several years,  which is a kind of coaching psychology for health related behavior change. As a certified Wellcoach myself, I'm happy with that what I'm learning is gaining attention


米国スポーツ医学会(ACSM)は2017年にフィットネス業界で注目されるであろうトレンド予測・トップ20を発表しました。 ここ数年の傾向で注目に値するのはウェルネス・コーチングが注目を集めつつあることでしょうか。


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diary Nov 12th 2016

After the November 9, it is a kind of transitional period now and future view is uncertain and bleak, therefore it would be a tough time for many in mentally and psychologically especially for those who are concerned with two countries or more in some way, and I'm also not an exception. however, seeing from the other side, it might be a good opportunity to think about how the future direction of our planet, international affairs, and the world peace should be. The world without stereotypical view, preconception, and prejudice is not easy, however, I would like to believe that we are heading for a better direction gradually in the long run.


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diary Nov 6th 2016 the importance of expansion and contraction

basically, people who are engaging in instructing profession such as fitness instructors are in the side of sending sending messages and information, and one of my bad habits is sometimes I tend to talk too much, or sending too much information at once.  what I feel recently is that instructors sometimes need to be in the side of listening to stories and emotions of class participants mindfully. eliciting participants' forward looking and positive attitude through mindful listening, that is also an important part of instruction and coaching, I think.


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the importance of writing practice in language learning

Today I will write a topic about foreign language learning
from my experience in English learning, one of the best ways to change one's thought and mind from " Japanese language oriented " to " English language oriented " would be to write something in English as frequently as possible.   for example, writing a blog post in English everyday ... etc.  Writing your thought in English reveals current your understanding about grammar, spelling, natural flow and fluency.  any topic is OK, such as headline news on that day, your hobby and interest. Writing practice is crucially important in foreign language learning, I think.


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diary Oct 7th 2016 CalU of PA sport bag


Hello, it's been a while, it's already October, time flies doesn't it !
I'm enjoying interaction with my exercise class participants, one's bodybuilding workout, communication with my friends in overseas through the internet, and so on.  I'm learning a lot from these bilateral learning relationships
the photo is the newest sport bag of my graduate school


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new website of fitness star Keli Roberts


one of the most talented instructors in the fitness industry Ms.Keli Roberts launched her new website. Ms.Roberts's innovative ideas and passion for fitness are always a good stimulus for me. I got a lot of inspiration from her DVDs and videos in technical aspects as well, especially I was so impressed with her foam roller workout in the DVD " Keli Roberts Time Savor Workouts 3 Flexibility for the inflexible "
her new website is accessible from this link, check it out !


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静岡地区 スリムダウン骨盤体操 2016秋募集中


日時 2016年9月26日(月)より毎週月曜日(全8回) 19:00 - 20:30

詳しくはこちらをご覧ください http://www1.kiuchi.jp/pfi/lle.html


for those who are living in Shizuoka-city
I have an exercise class at Shizuoka Prefecture Science & Technology High School's Life Time Learning Course, which is a kind of culture school for people in the community.
They are accepting participants for the 2016 Fall Class
starts from September 26th 2016
on Mondays from 19:00 - 20:30 PM, totally 8 weeks
this class is a kind of stretching, muscle toning, and relaxation using the foam roller and the stability ball. Since this is an initiative by Shizuoka-prefecture, the fees are very affordable (5,600 Yen for the 8 weeks)
for details, please check the above link
class name is スリムダウン骨盤体操, it means " Slimming down Pelvis and Spine exercise "      

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my thought about Olympics  オリンピックについての考察

Hi it's been a while everyone, so sorry for not updating the blog for nearly a month
the 2016 Rio Olympics started from yesterday, and today I would like to write my current thought about Olympic Games. Basically, watching high athletic performance of the world class athletes are fun and exciting, and most people tend to cheer up athletes who represent one's nation. so to speak, watching Olympic Games can often become an opportunity to evoke one's pride, affection, and patriotism to one's country. of course, having a sense of pride to one's country is not a bad thing, rather it would be important for unification, harmony, and further prosperity of each country. however, what I want to emphasize here is that excessive pride and patriotism to one's nation sometimes can lead to indifference or disrespect to cultures and people in other countries.

many of recent tragic incidences that happened on the globe are derived from difference in culture, race, religious faith or political views and so on. considering these points, I have to say that I'm a bit doubtful about evoking further nationalism and patriotism to one's nation through Olympic Games in this timing. rather, we human beings are reaching a new phase to change our perspectives concerning how to enjoy Olympics.
I hope the world peace and global understanding without any prejudice and preconception


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ACSM/NPAS Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist exam

Hello dear my friends ! how is going ?  this video is my latest update. I got a cert of Physical Activityu in Public Health Specialist, which is the newest cert program of American College of Sports Medicine. since this cert program was established just a few years ago, it seems that I'm a second japanese who passed this exam. I would like to respect the first person's hard work, efforts, and passion. have a nice weekend !

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there is no deadline in learning

I found an inspiring story of a 68 years old man in Nepal who is pursuing education at a middle school with 14-15 yeas old classmates. main reasons for his study at the middle school are the following three
1. to escape from lonely living (his wife already passed away)
2. when he was a child, he had to drop out from school because of poverty
3. to become an inspiring role model for raising awareness about the importance of education especially in his country
he embodies the notion that " there is no deadline/age restriction in learning " I guess



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クリスティーナ・グリーミーさんに捧ぐ Tribute to Ms.Christina Grimmie 

Hi everyone !  it's been a while, how are you doing ?
as you already know, Ms.Christina Grimmie has become a victim of a tragedy. nearly 5 years ago from now, I introduced Ms.Christina on my blog, cuz I was also a fan of Ms.Christina's prettiness and attractive singing   (this post on Nov 6 2011)
her songs and spirit are forever with her fans' mind and her family, I believe. thanks for inspiring me, Ms.Christina Grimmie


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MBA program focued on business analytics - CalU of PA

Calu_graduate_studies_2let me introduce my alma mater CalU PA's new online program. it is an MBA course focused on business analytics, and the first ever program of its kind, I guess
if you are interested in, please check it out from this link

MBAのプログラムですが、MBA business analytics という名称がついており

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エクササイズ イズ メディシン Exercise is Medicine

the word/concept "Exercise is Medicine" is beginning to draw people's attention recently in japan too. Correctly speaking, EIM is American College of Sports Medicine's new champaign/framework to heighten people's awareness about the importance of physical activity and regular exercise habits in terms of disease prevention especially non-communicable diseases. Also, better mutual understanding between health & fitness professionals and medical professionals is an important part of EIM. As a credentialed EIM fitness professional myself, I would like to introduce this new framework in japanese language as well below.
for details please refer to this website http://exerciseismedicine.org/

最近、「エクササイズ イズ メディシン」というキーワードで僕のブログを訪問して下さる方々が少しづつ増えているようですので、本日は、このエクササイズ イズ メディシンとは何かご紹介します。
直訳すれば、「運動は薬だ」ということですね。正確に言えば、運動は状況によっては、従来の医療(投薬など)を補完する上で生活習慣病や障害の予防効果をある程度見込める可能性がある、ということですね。皆さんご承知にように、若年層から中年層では運動不足により肥満やメタボリックシンドロームなどが健康問題になりつつあります。高齢層では加齢に伴う運動機能の減少、転倒の危険性、骨粗鬆症、認知機能の減少などが社会問題になりつつありますね。どこの国も、医療費や健康保険の財源などは非常に厳しい状態にあります。 となると、運動や生活習慣の改善を通して病気や障害を予防しましょうというのがとても大切ですね。

エクササイズ イズ メディシンとは、こういった側面への理解・啓蒙を高めるために、米国スポーツ医学会(ACSM)が主体となって提唱しているキャンペーンというか枠組みです。この枠組みは2007年に開始されましたが、ようやく最近、日本でも少しづつ注目を集めつつあります。この枠組みを健康・フィットネス・医療関係の方々に広めていく上で、ACSMは米国エクササイズ評議会(ACE) および メディカル・フィットネス・アソシエーション(MFA) と提携して推進しています

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today, I will write my thought and expectation for a new TV program in japan, so, I will write it in japanese
テレビ番組の質が低下している最近は、あまりテレビは観ませんが、昨日、昼食時にこんな新番組をやっていて、ちょっと興味を持った http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20160429-00000522-san-ent




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ウェルネス・コーチング試験に合格 & パム・シュミッド女史に捧ぐ  

one of great pioneers in wellness coaching and fitness, Ms.Pam Schmid is battling with a recurrent breast cancer. this video is my greeting to all of you and my mind to Ms.Schmid

2015年12月18日に投稿したビデオの中で「現在、ウェルネス・コーチングの認定試験に向けて準備中」とお伝えしました。あれから約3か月経過し、おかげさまで米国・ウェルコーチのウェルネス・コーチング資格に合格しました。現在、日本でもコーチングという言葉が次第に認識されてきています。例えば、会社等でビジネスマンのやる気や生産性を高めるための心構えや気の持ちよう等の手法をビジネス・コーチングとかエグゼクティブ・コーチングなどと称しているようです。健康・体力づくり関連の行動変容、たとえば、食生活の改善・運動習慣を生活の一部にするための心理的手法はヘルス・コーチングとかウェルネス・コーチングなどと称しています。今回、取得した資格は米国スポーツ医学会 (ACSM) と提携しており、健康・フィットネス関連のコーチング資格の中では、最も代表的なプログラムの一つです

試験に受かってホッとしているところで、ちょっとショッキングな知らせが ...  この分野の先駆者の一人であるパム・シュミッド女史が、再発性の乳がんで闘病中との知らせ。というわけで、このビデオは皆さんへのご挨拶とシュミッド氏へのメッセージです
P.S. the woman in this video is Ms.Schmid (この女性がシュミッド氏です)

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ロールモデル ミーシャ・テイト role model Miesha " the cupcake" Tate

currently, one of my interest is female MMA fighter Miesha Tate. not only her beauty and sexiness, I like her sincere attitude to MMA and life, pride and modesty, sense of respect to contenders, warmth, smile, and sense of humor, her way of speaking ... etc.  although she is much younger than me and she is female, Miesha is a kind of role model to me in these points.
in this video, I like her humor " google it " lol

司会者  「あなたは、ロンダ・ラウジーとは仲が悪いという話ですが、本当ですか?」
ミーシャ 「はい、でも話すと長くなるので、ググってね!(グーグルで検索してね)」

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TEDトーク ブルース・リーの哲学&成功法則

this is a link to a TED talk by great Bruce Lee's daughter Ms.Shannon Lee. although the presentation theme is " philosophy of Bruce Lee ", this is an inspiring principle for acheiving one's goals not limited to martial arts and action movies. please enjoy her 13 minute presentation ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOKKUSwEaxg&feature=youtu.be

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No_limitstoday I found this encouraging message on the web. what I like/admire about Mr. Bruce Lee is his philosophy like this one. my another favorite Bruce Lee's word is " absorb what is useful whatever it is, and discard what is not "

"自分のやることすべてにいつも自分自身で限界を決めつけていたら(それが格闘技や肉体鍛錬でも、勉強や仕事など別のことでも) それは、自分の仕事や生活にも悪影響を及ぼすだろう。プラトー(一時的な停滞状態)というものはあるにしても、限界なんてものはないんだよ。そして、そこで立ち止まっちゃだめなんだ。それを乗り越えていかなきゃ"


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in the present society of aging population, prevention of senile dementia is one of important health problems, especially in my country Japan, more than 25 of the current population is 65 years old or older. a result of latest research about brain aging and exercise was published on CNN (original article was publised on Neurology Journal) http://edition.cnn.com/2016/02/15/health/poor-fitness-smaller-brain/index.html
the following is my japanese translation of this article

ボストン大学・医学部 ニコール・スパルターノ研究員らが神経学の学術誌 Neurologyの電子版に発表した記事

概要 中年期における運動習慣(有酸素系の機能など)が約20年後の脳の老化に関与している可能性あり

実験内容 被験者1500名(平均年齢40歳で認知症や心臓病のない人)がトレッドミル(いわゆるウォーキングマシン)にて歩行またはランニングし心肺機能を測定。そして、20年後にMRIで脳の容積などを測定し、中年期の有酸素機能と高齢期における脳の老化や萎縮の関連性を調査




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new video of CALU online programs

this is a new video of online programs of my alma mater California University of Pennsylvania. CALU's online programs are ranked as one of the toppest among universities that deliver distance education. enjoy watching it !

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スポーツ心理学に関する新聞記事 - how pro footballers control pre-game nervousness

one of my ex classmates is currently studying sport and performance psychology, and the link below is an article she shared on her social newtworking site. that is about how NFL players control pre-game nervousness and anxiety. it is supposed to be a good article for introducing many of you to the world of sport psychology, besides the concept can be applied to your everyday life as well, so I would like to share it on my blog as well. enjoy reading it !
ちなみに、スポーツ選手の心理面・精神面のサポートやトレーニングを、日本では、メンタル・トレーニングとかメンタル・トレーナーなどと称していますが、私の知る限り、米国ではそのような表現はまずしないようです。やや堅い表現になりますが、心理面へ働きかける方法ならば、psychological intervention などと言います。心理面のサポートをする専門家で学位を持った人は sport psychologist などと称されます

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female friendly workout gym - Open Gym San Francisco

Dscf1002Please look at this nice t-shirt ! このTシャツにご注目下さい!
one of my classmates in CalU, Ms. Linda Chungchootairong opened her workout gym in San Francisco. the name of her gym is Open Gym San Francisco. as the name implies, her gym is opened and friendly to female trainees as well !
Linda herself is also a hardcore weightlifting competitor with master's degree in exercise science, ACSM Personal Trainer, NASM/Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Linda_photoamazingly she can do strict form squats with 120-130kg ! and she is a sweet and attractive lady with affection for animals. I highly recommend her gym OGSF to from beginners to hardcare athletes and bodybuilders. her gym's apparels are also cool !  Please check her gym through the above links !

大学のクラスメートの一人、リンダ・チャンチュータイロン氏がサンフランシスコにトレーニングジムをオープンしました。ジムの名前はオープンジム・サンフランシスコ(OGSF) オープンという言葉が示す通り、このジムは女性にも適しています。リンダ自身がウエイト・リフティングの選手で、エクササイズ・サイエンスの修士号を持ったACSMパーソナルトレーナー、NASMコレクティブエクササイズスペシャリストです。女性ながら、120-130kgでストリクトフォームのスクワットを軽々こなすので驚きです。また、動物を愛する優しい女性でもあります。上記リンクより彼女のジムにアクセスできます

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ポジティビティ診断ツール positivity ratio

today I would like to introduce you to a useful website that easily caluculates the ratio of your positivity and negativity in a day. it can only take a few minutes. knowing one's positivity and negativity in a day is supposed to be helpful for enhancing forward looking attitude for the next day. ratio of positivity and negativity above 3.0 is ideal
Retrieved from http://www.positivityratio.com/

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