Diary October 27th 2020

I would like to deepen my understanding about the following realms.

psychological aspect in behavior change
exercise physiology
statistics in research

That said I need to brush up my knowledge and expertise as an exercise physiologist.

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Diary October 26th 2020

Today was the day of leg workout, however, I didn't want to give a lot of stress on my quadriceps, so I replaced squats with narrow stance deadlift. Deadlift is a very convenient exercise, I mean, it can become a quad exercise and a hamstrings & glute exercise depends on weight distribution on soles of the feet. If you push the ground surface with your heels, hamstrings & glutes are mainly engaged, whereas if you push the floor surface with balls of the feet, front side of your legs are engaged as well. 


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Diary October 25th 2020

Today's online English tutor asked me " Do you think you are a good teacher ? (exercise instructor) "

My answer to this question is ... No matter what kind of profession you are engaging in, if you are satisfied with your status quo, there will be no progression any more. There is still a lot to learn "



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Diary October 22nd 2020

I did a continuing education credit course on Gatarade Sports Science Institute website today. Today's topic was hydration and COVID 19. 
I earned 0.5 CEC through this course.







コロナと水分補給に関する話題のウェビナーで継続ポイント 0.5を取得。

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Diary October 20th 2020 - fast speed English

When I saw the following video for the first time a few years ago, I thought these two women's speaking speed was so fast. And being able to catch up with their speaking speed and understand their English became one of my goals in English practice. And I watched this video again today after one year interval or so, their talking speed is still quick to me, however, now I can somehow understand what they say in this interview. My English listening comprehension skill seems to have improved a little bit in these two years or so. Getting used to fast English talk is an important priority in my language practice.


上記のビデオは女性格闘家 ミーシャ・テイトのインタビューですが、2年程前にこのビデオを見た時の印象は、ミーシャもインタビュアーのケイリン・ブライアントも英語を話すスピードがとても速いな、ということ。それ以来、これくらいのスピードの英語に慣れるということが目標の一つになりました。本日、久しぶりにこのビデオを見ての感想は「2年前よりもリスニングの理解度がほんの少しだけ改善したかな?」ということ。正直なところ、今でもこのインタビューで話している内容を完全には聞き取れませんが、以前よりは言葉や表現を拾えるようになってきている気がします。更なる改善を目指して頑張ります。

Miesha refers to " boundaries " in her videos many times. So to speak, uniquess and originality would be very important matter to her.

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Diary October 19th 2020

Although this is quite natural, your foreign language skills improve in proportion to the amount you practiced and were exposed to that language. Thus, I need to increase the total amount of my English practice more.

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Diary October 15th 2020

I like Sir. Andrew Lloid Webber's soothing voice and talk as well as his piano rendition of his musical works. This video is for an anniversary of the Phantom of the Opera.


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Diary October 14th 2020

I'm writing today's post for increasing my English vocabulary.

game changer.    Let's become a game changer in the industry.

phenomenal.      These girls are phenomenal.

intuitive.            His dance is intuitive.

conductive.        We need to create a conductive learning atmosphere.

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Diary October 13th 2020

I'm writing today's post for increasing my vocabulary in English.

resonate with,  tenacity,  tenacious,  satiate,

sample sentense
His tenacity resonated with me.

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Diary October 11th 2020

Vowels are dominant in Japanese language, especially in writing and in pronunciation, whereas English is a consonant dominant language. And this is the biggest reason why Japanese people have difficulty in listening comprehension in English, I guess. So, how can I close this gap between the two different languages ? In other words, how can I improve my listening comprehensin skills in English especially in consonants ?

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Diary October 8th 2020 ‐ necessity to improve my pronunciation

Recently, my regular online language tutors are busy and unavailable, so, I had a lesson with a new tutor yesterday. She is from Bosnia and currently living in Dubai and her primary job is flight attendant of international lines. I read a textbook of wellness coaching by paragraph by paragraph in turn with her. And, the following is a feedback note from her. 


" I learned something new today form your profession. Keep practicing and reading out loud, looking forward to seeing you improve your pronunciation "

Of course I know that my English pnonunciation has some typical Japanese English like accent, but the feedback from her opened my eyes to further improve my pronunciation. In her standard, my English pronunciation is still unnatural and there is much room for improvement, I guess.

As you can see in this video, her English is very good and she is very charming, so, booking her lessons is very competitive, I'm looking forward to practicing with her in the future as well. 

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October 7th 2020 - Beginning of my coaching psychology journey

Today, I'll look back a reason why I decided to learn psychological aspect of health & fitness at a graduate school.

When I was 41 years old, I passed the EIKEN 1st grade exam, which is one of the most sought after milestone tests among English learners in Japan. And the next year, I passed the Tour Guide & Translator (Eng-Jp) certification exam. So, my next goal was to brush up my English laguage skills and increase my knowledge in health & fitness field at a graduate school in the USA.

A problem was ... what kind of aspect of fitness you should learn ?
At that time, I already had more than 20 years of work experience in the health & fitness field, such as instructor at a fitness club, strength & conditioning coach for high school and collegiate athletes, and exercise instruction and related lectures at regional public health centers. Besides, I was participating in bodybuilding competitions in my late 20's to early 40's. What I mean by that is I had a lot of knowledge and experience in technical aspect in fitness instruction, such as exercise techniques, training principles, nutritional tips, and so on.

Then, what was lacking in my knowledge and experience ?
Although this is not limited to the fitness field, quite a few people discontinue their new behaviors in a short period of time when they started something new, e.g., improvement in everyday diet,  workout in the gym. and I saw the same pattern in my exercise class participants as well. Thus, what I wanted to know was how well the instructor motivates class participants for long term adherance to their desired changes. And I noticed that kind of knowledge in motivational support was lacking in me. And fortunately, I found a graduate school that has an exercise science program focused on sport psychology, and what made the matter more convenient was that school was delivering many programs online as well. Therefore, I made up my mind to study psychological aspect in health related behabior change.  This was the start of my journey in sport psychology and wellness coaching.






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October 6th 2020 - Keep on learning

How to relieve tention, stress, and anxiery in everyday life.

Reframing negative thoughts and episodes into positive perspectives.

How to increase long term adherence to your new behavior, such as improvement in diet, weight loss program, exercise at the gym, a foreign language practice, and so on.

I learned sport psychology and behavior modification coaching, aka wellness coaching, in my graduate school, but psychological aspect of humans are so profound, and my knowledge and understanding are only rudimentary, thus, I would like to further learn these aspects in health, fitness, and life itself in some way.

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Diary October 5th 2020

English words sometimes I'm corrected their pronunciations by an online language tutor.

says, try, trust, rapport, relevant, competent, competency, open, training, trainer, flow, grow, 


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A graduate program for tactical strength & conditioning

My alma mater Cal Penn started an online graduate program for tactical strength & conditioning. Tactical strength & conditioning means fitness programs for military personnel, law enforcement officers, and life saving workers, and these fitness programs are very important for justice, peace and order of the country. In that sense too, this new course is very meaningful, I think. Also, curriculum of this course covers exam content of NSCA TSAC-F cert.


母校・Cal Pennがタクティカル・ストレングス&コンディショニングのコースを始めました。タクティカル・ストレングス&コンディショニングというのは、軍人さん、警察官、消防士、レスキュー隊員など特殊な任務を遂行する職業の方々の体力向上トレーニングのことです。こういった方々の体力向上プログラムというのは平和と治安維持のために非常に重要だと思います。

また、NSCAのTSAC-F (タクティカル・ストレングス&コンディショニング・ファシリテイタ―資格)の試験内容に対応したカリキュラムになっているようです。

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Equity - October 1st 2020

Recently, awareness abour equity is rising in the fitness industry as well. I'll show you an example.
The following is a cover page photo of ACSM Health & Fitness Journal, September/October 2020 issue. As you can see, a family of Asian is used for the cover page photo. I think it's a good trend and sign to reflect people's awareness about equity.

下記の写真は、ACSM ヘルス&フィットネス・ジャーナル 2020年9月・10月号の表紙ですが、ご覧の通り、アジア人の家族が表紙写真に使われています。


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The movie " Karate Kid (1984 version) " was on air on TV a week ago, and I thought that Elisabeth Shue who played the role of Ali in that movie was pretty. What is she doing right now ? and I found her recent interview video on Youtube. Currently she is in her 50's but she is pretty and attractive as ever.  And the internet drama " Cobra Kai " that depicts 30 years later of characters in Karate Kid seems to be gaining popularity now. and Ali is returing to the series in season 3.

Elisabeth Shue interview



Cobra-kai season 3 trailer

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Diary September 28th 2020

In today's online English practice, I booked a tutor in Spain, and I was anticipating that the internet connection would be so so good because the geographycal distance between Spain and Japan is very far. However, the internet during the lesson was not so as bad as I anticipated, rather the sound quality and video difinition were fairly good compared to usual lessons with tutors in Eastern Europe.  And I got the reason for the good internet connection when the tutor introduced herself, surprisingly she is living in Thailand right now not in Spain. and in addition to her English teaching job, she is also an instructor for scuba diving and crossfit. I happened to get to know a nice learning partner. A problem is booking her lessons is very competitive.



思いがけず興味深い講師に出会いました。数日先まで予約が沢山入っており、次はいつ予約が取れるか、わかりませんが ...

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Sweet spot - September 24th 2020

I'm writing today's post to increase my vocabulary in English.

sweet spot

A part of a surface that gives the most power for the least effort, for example, when hitting a ball, the particular situation, quality, combination of things ... etc.  that is the best or the most effective possible.

sample sentense
My new tennis racket has a powerful sweet spot.

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飛沫って英語で何て言うの? Sep 23rd 2020

飛沫 = droplet,  or   airborne droplet

sample sentense(例文)

The school children wore face shields in an English conversation class in order to protect themselves from airborne droplets of COVID 19.


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Diary September 22nd 2020

This is a reminder to myself

To be a compassionate listener, and refrain from laughing at stories of others. Rather, respond with an empathetic reflection. 

Although this tune is not associated with today's post, this is one of my favorite NCS music.

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Diary September 21st 2020

This is my first post after returing the age of 55.
A reminder to myself

" Do your best, and accept its consequence, even the outcome is not a one you desired and anticipated "

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A song with 6 billion access

My friend Hira-san recommended me a cool song which has over 6 billion access.
This video features Ms. Zuleyka Rivera who is the winner of 2006 Ms. Universe. and this song matches the end of summer.



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Baywatch -intro 2

I uploaded an intro video of TV drama " Baywatch " in my previous post. and this is another compilation footage of Baywatch.
Cool & Sexy !!



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Baywatch - intro

This is an intro of a lifesaver drama " Baywatch "
Although this is a footage good shaped men and women are running on the beach, its coolness and sexiness of the swimsuit ladies are impactful !



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Diary September 11th 2020

I'm off of my online English practice for these several days in order to give some rest to myself, however, I don't want to skip English training entirely, so I'm writing this post instead of speaking practice.
Have a nice weekend everyone !

And it is September 11 today,  I hope for the world peace.

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Diary September 10th 2020

What sprang up in my mind today.
I need to start some small steps for the next 10 years little by little.

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Diary September 8th 2020 - Arigato

I had today's online Englisg practice with a new tutor. What was impressive about her lesson was that she greeted me in Japanese language at the end of the lesson. She told me " Arigato " - which means " Thank you ".
Greeting in that client's native language is a sign that this tutor thinks of her job very professionally. I've been using this online language practice serive for nearly three years, but, a thank you message in Japanese language was the first experience for me in a good sense. I would like to thank her professionalism.



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Diary September 6th 2020

I'm enjoying this song of Alan Walker tonight.

Being a good listener, especially active and empathetic listening skill is what I want to learn right now.

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Diary September 5th 2020

A sticker arrived from Almuni association of my alma mater.


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