Diary July 13th 2020

My exercise class at a social welfare facility operated by the city restarted today since March 2020. This class was temporarily suspended for four months as a precaution for COVID 19.
I had a good time with the class participants.

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Diary July 8th 2020

Yesterday July 7th was the Star Festival in Japan, which is a traditional folk tale.

The story is a prince and princess are living in the space galaxy. The prince is living over there of the galaxy, and the princess is living over here of the galaxy, therefore they are separated by the galaxy usually and can not meet eath other. However, on JUly 7th of every year, a milky way is formed in the galaxy, and the prince and princess can meet on the milky way only once a year on this day.

Yesterday's weather in Japan was heavy rain, I wonder the prince and princess was able to enjoy dating on the milky way under the rainy weather ?? 


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Diary July 3rd 2020

Thanks to treatment at a nearby ENT, my tonsil imflammation is gettting better gradually.
I'm going to resume my Eglish language practice in one of these days.


僕もわからないので、調べたら、driving on two wheels というらしい。
もしくは、その手のアクロバット走行は、skiing とも言うらしい。

The pic is keys for arthritis

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CBS - house cleaning during the COVID 19

It seems house cleaning can be a good physical activity during the COVID 19 pandemic.

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Diary June 30th 2020

Although I resumed my online English practice yesterday, I had a soreness on my throat this morning. So, I visited an ENT hospital this morning. As a result of examination using the fiber scope, my throat was diagnosed as a pre-stage for tonsil inflammation. Thus, antibiotics were prescribed. I'll off of my language practice for a while again, and take a rest.


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Diary June 29th 2020

After taking three days off of online English practice, fortunately my throat is recovering little by little. So, I'll resume my practice online today.

The former half of 2020 has already passed, my wish in the latter half is ... it would be wonderful if I can get a new wellness related job that can be mainly done online.

It is June 29th 2020 today, has this movie already been released ?


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Diary June 26th 2020

Reviewing one's grammartical knowledge.

I suggest that he follow his father's advice.
I suggest that he (should) follow father's advice.

suggest, insist などの動詞はthat節の主語が3人称単数でも動詞の原形を使用、なぜなら、shouldが省略されていると考えられるから。

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Diary June 25th 2020

I have to be off of online English practice for a few days or so, because my throat has caused an inflammation due to overuse. How well you get along with your throat condition is one of keys to a foreign language practice.


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Diary June 24th 2020

I have an exercise class at a social welfare facility for people with some disability operated by my city for these 15 years. However, this exercise class has been suspended since March 2020 due to the COVID 19. I got a phone call from this facility today, and they said they would resume my exercise class from July 2020. Phew, I'm so glad to hear this news. Exercise instruction for special population is also an important job for me, because one of my credentials is ACSM Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer. I wanna thankful to their decision.




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Diary June 23rd 2020

I skipped online English practice today because of accumulated fatigue, therefore I'm writing this post instead of speaking practice. As I wrote before, the theory of General Adaptation Syndrome can be applied to language practice as well, I think. Regular practice and recuperation (recovery period) would be important in the long run.

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Diary June 22nd 2020 - Being an active and mindful listener

Providing a detailed technical information and advice is an important job of instructors, however, being a good listener is similarly important for eliciting your client's motivation and desire toward a better direction.

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2020 ACSM Virtual Experience

Power Point presentations and audio lestures concerning latest health & fitness research are available online through ACSM Virtual Experience, which is an alternative program for the cancelled 2020 World Congress because of COVID 19.
and if you need continuing education credits for your ACSM certification, up to 21 CECs are available through this program.
This program is available until December 31st 2020.



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Diary June 17th 2020 - 現在の英語の練習動画

The link is a footage about my current online English practice as of June 2020. This is a training to read a lot of English in a short time frame.



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Diary June 16th 2020 - What I should learn and improve

I took the National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaching exam in June 2018, and two months later, I got an unexpected result - failed the exam.  Just two years have passed since the exam, and recently I realized the main reasons why I wasn't able to get a good reslut in the exam.  This exam is centered on case study type questions, and most of case studies regarding behavior change chaching are written in spoken English form, and there is still much room for improvement in my spoken English skills, because I learned English mainly through reading a lot of materials. I mean, I'm relatively familiar with written form English, but my skills in verval form is still far from native speakers' level. And, my knowledge and understanding about wellness coaching is very rudimentary, in order to pass this exam, more knowledge based on practicum would be necessary.
These are main reasons why my first exam attempt in the NBC HWC resulted in failure. What you learn from this experience and how you improve your weak point, that is one of things I should do from now on.

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Diary June 16th 2020

Before the COVID 19, I was working for three different facilities, 1) a city sports center, 2) senior exercise class at a daycare center, 3) exercise class at a social welfare facility for people with disability.  After the lifting of stay at home order, the city sports center resumed its operation, however, my job contract for the senior exercise class has been terminated, and there is not yet contact from the social welare facility about resumption of the exercise class. Thus, I'm currently looking for a new job opportunity that can be mainly done online. and if possible, I would like to work in the international job market, rather than the job market in Japan.

Therefore, what is necessary for me is ... to raise my current English skills to one step higher level. As a part of my language practice, I started listening to audio tapes for continuing education programs of wellcoaches for improving my listening comprehension. I'll need to increase the amount of English that I'm exposed to.

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Diary June 15th 2020

Today's English practice
present perfect, and present perfect continuous

sample sentences
She has finished painting the ceiling.
She has been painting the ceiling.
She has ever painted the ceiling.

I have submitted the job application.
I've been writing this job application.
I've ever submitted a job application for this company.

vocabulary practice
culinary intervention, satiety,  inplementation,  prescribed medicine,  educational nutrition,  taskfarce,  summarize,   wrap up,  step in,  step out,  in collaborarion with,  resonate,  londitudinal study,   randomized control trial,  amazing people,  stay connected,  invite,  press one on your keyboard.        

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Diary June 12th 2020

Today's Eglish practice

The use of " as "

sample sentences
We all waved to Jill when she left the station.
As I was walking along the street, I looked into store windows.
As it was a national holiday yesterday, all the banks were closed.

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Diary June 11th 2020

Today's English exercise

It could have been much worse.
I don't like being told what to do.
I still remember being taken to the zoo when I was a child.
Some athletes got injured during the game.
I got lost in the new place.

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Diary June ith 2020 - participation in fitness trend survey

I participated in an annual survey regarding prospective fitness trend for the next year - 2021. This survey is conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, and a lot of workout methods are listed on the survey. Each participant rate these items in terms of " what would be hot topic in the next year in the health & fitness idustry ? "

Items that captured my attention were ... vitural training, online training, and so on.  These are very prospective in this period of uncertainty due to the COVID 19.  Survery result will be published on ACSM's journal by the end of this year.




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COVID 19 grant for fitness professionals

For fitness professionals whose job have been severely impacted by the COVID 19, the following link is a grant/financial support by Mr. and Mrs. Davis - the founder of IDEA Fitness Association.


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Diary June 5th 2020 - as ... as

practice of " as ... as "

sample sentences
I'm not as good looking as Tom Cruise.
My future spouse would be just as pretty as Jilia Roberts.
(only a compulsive thought)
Are you as good at martial arts as Jet Li ?

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Heartwarming gift from Joe-san - June 4th 2020











I got this nice present (an assortment of packed sushi) from a legendary 91 year old tour guide. Mr. Joe Okada is the elderst bilingual tour guide (Eng-Jp), who entertains visitors from various countries with his samurai warrior performance show and talk. I became friends with him a few years ago.

Amid the COVID 19, tourists from around the world badly decreased and it impacted his tour guide business as well. His son works for a traditional food restaurant Wakahiro and this assortment of sushi is also a product of Wakahiro restaurant.

I think the gift from him is a massage saying that " riding out this uncertain period together in all "
I hope guests to his tour will increase in the future.





Joe Okada Samurai Walking Tour

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Diary June 2nd 2020 - infinitive and gerund

This post is for reviewing my knowledge on English grammar.

I saw him sing the opera song.
I listened to David play the flute.
Infinitive is used when you witnessed the situation from the beginning to the end.

I saw him singing the opera song.
Gerund is used when you witnessed the stuation in the middle of the action.
I listened to Bruce playing the silent flute.

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Diary May 31st 2020

Nearly half of 2020 has already passed, hopefully the latter half of the year will become a transitional period in a good sense for most people in the world, especially those who are badly affected by the COVID 19.

Today's vocabulary : otherwise,  furthermore,  onward

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Diary May 29th 2020 - An end of 15 years

My senior exercise class is held at a daycare facility for the elderly, and this class started in 2005. I got a phone call from the owner of the facility today, and he had to made a diffucult decision amid this uncertain time. Due to COVID 19, number of clients in his daycare facility dramatically decreased, and he had to consider restructuring of his business. As a result, my senior fitness class in terminated. I will not blame him on this decision, because this is a flow of the society and no one can resist and control the flow. I would like to take this change positively as a chance for better direction.  What is important would be adapting yourself to changing situation.  I would like to thank class participants, the facility owner and staffs for their 15 years of collaborative participation.




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utilizing a drone for delivering PPE - May 28th 2020

I read the new article below as a part of my English practice.
According to this article, utilizing an unmanned airplace - drone might be helpful for delivering medical supplirs and personal protective equippment to COVID 19 affected areas.


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Diary May 27th 2020 - pervasive

What I learned in today's online Englisg training.
My pronunciation of " pervasive " was incorrect, I was thinking until today the pronunciation of this word was " パ―バシブ".   And I learned that the correct pronunciation is " パーヴェイシブ" 

sample sentense
Pervasive influenses of COVID 19 are so serious in many aspects of our everyday lives.

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Diary May 24th 2020

One of my fitness jobs resumed after the lifting of stay home order, however, other my fitness jobs are still suspended. People in the fitness industry including me need to think about future form of exercise classes and instruction. Along with the change of society, you also need to change and evolve in order to adapt to chaging situations.



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Diary May 23rd 2020

In these days, booking your favorite online English tutor is very competitive, that is probably because a lot of people are beginning to learn online due to the COVID 19.  The current market state is what is called " the demand exceeds the supply "
The fact that many people are beginning to notice the usefulness of online learning is a good thing, and what is important in the future would be ... not to disappoint people who started learning online. I mean providing good quality programs would be crucial for further growth and development of the field of online learning.

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Diary May 22nd 2020

Today's post is a practice for spelling the word " privilege "

It's my privilege to work with you.
It's my privilege to have you as my client.
It's my privilege to learn a lot from you.
It's my privilege to have you as my mentor.

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