Diary July 16th 2019

To regain oneself = 自分自身を取り戻すこと

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Diary July 13th 2019 A small change in back workout routine

My workout routine for back muscles have been mainly focused on barbell rowing on the bench for these 10 years or more. A good point about this prone position rowing on the bench is that stress the lower back is relatively mild. However, I changed a perspective about this exercise a little bit recently. I mean, rowing on the bench in prone position places your body in a very stable position, and in a sense, that is a good thing, however, if you look at this from other point of view, rhomboids and mid trapezius don't need to work so hard in order to stablize moves of scapulas. So to speak, in terms of engaging the rhomboids and mid portion of trapezious in the rowing motion, hanging the barbell from the body and pulling it would be necessary.

Therefore, I switiched the main exercise of my back workout into barbell bent over rowing recently, and I'm still incorporating the barbell rowing on the bench as a supplemental exercise. This is a small change in my back workout recently.





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Diary July 8th 2019

I was really exhausted mentally and physically in these several weeks because of uncontrollable misunderstandings in human relationships. However, I'm somehow regaining my energy little by little recently.
Have a nice day today too everyone !

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Diary July 3rd 2019

Probably, the best way for learning a foreign language would not be a matter of methodology. Rather, the most important factor in acquiring a new language would be the total amount of time you are exposed to that language, positively not passively. Other deciding factors are of course, your committement, motivation, energy, and belief.

As for me, taking online English practice two lessons a day (totally 50 minutes) regularly seems to be necessary for maintaining and further improving my current language skills (as of July 2019). A huge amount of reading or writing can be a replacement for the speaking practice. Of course, an ideal of a combination of these. 



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Diary June 29th 2019

I was off of active language practice for the past 4 to 5 days, because, I extremely exhausted mentally and physically. What i noticed in this hietas period was that linguistic distance bewteen English and Japanese is very distant, therefore if you are off of active practice even for a few days, it can lead to regression. Even a 5 to 10 munite practice will do, active practice would be by far effective than a long hours of passive practive. Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking, all of the four skills are important and closely related each other.

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Diary June 22nd 2019

What is necessary for me right now is ... patience, resilience, refreshment, and recuperation.

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Guided meditation - June 17th 2019

I came across this 15 minute guided meditation video, which is very relaxing, tranquil, and beautiful in the scenery, music, the instructor's soothing voice. I would recommend this for those who are seeking emotional healing.




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マサ斎藤さんの英語が上手い件 June 15th 2019 

THis is a botched interview video of a legendary professional wrestler in Japan, Mr. Masa Saito, who passed away in 2018. Please look at this video from the lap time 1:30, his English is very good as an asian, plus, his smile and sense of humor shows how a nice person he was. He tried to break a board with his head, but the timing was not good in the first attempt, and his reaction was nice, " oh, this board is tough like a Japanese wrestler, Saito is No.1, and I'll break the board in the next attempt ! "   the result is ...   



で、ふと思ったのが「マサ斎藤さんはアメリカのリングで長年活躍していたそうなので、もしかしたら、英語がかなり上手いのではないか? 普段は英語でものを考えているような人だったのでは?」ということ。



さらに、自分たちの力をデモンストレーションするため、板を頭で割ろうとするのですが、1回目はタイミングがあわず板は割れず、アドリブで発したセリフが " Oh, just like a Japanese wresler, it's tough !  Mr. Saito is No.1. Broken in the next one ! "(おー、この板は日本人レスラーみたいにタフだな。斎藤はナンバーワンだ! 次は割れちゃうぜ!)と2回目に挑戦しますが、インタビュー収録中のスタジオが爆笑する結果に ...

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Adaptation to a changing situation - June 12th 2019

One of meanings of the word & concept " Fitness " is " an adaptation to a new environment or a changing situation ", I think. Of course, my primary profession is to demonstrate, explain, and instruct fitness workout and related knowledge, at the same time, my another work is interpretation, translation, and language instruction. What I mean by that is ... my job title from a wider perspective is ... my profession should be an instructor & facilitator for supporting people adapt to a new environment or a changing situation. My second major is behavior modification psychology, aka wellness coaching, that is also a part of adaptation to a new environment.

That said to me Fitness Instructor = Adaptation Instructor. 

The instructor myself is wearing and tearing one's nerves in unexpected misunderstandings in human relations recently, however, this is also an important life lesson to learn how to adapt to a changing environment and unpredictable situations. 




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Diary June 8th 2019

Sometimes it feels like that the more you chase what you want, the more ir runs away, it goes away ...
Life is an irony, don't you think ? ...

猫を追いかけると逃げちゃうけど、しらんふりしてると、近づいて来たり ...


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Rehearsal for the future - June 7th 2019

Currently I'm working in a very complicated and exciting environment, that is tutoring Japanese language to three German people living in Japan, besides, an agent company for this job is a one in the USA, the service is taking place in Shizuoka Japan, that said work cultures in the three countries Germany, USA, and Japan are assiciated each other in this project.

Of course, all the people in this project - clients from Germany, management staff from USA, and staff in Japan - are very nice person and tackling this job seriousy with good will. However, a slight difference in work culture, difference in way of thinking and each person's personality and so on can sometimes lead to unexpeted trivial misunderstanding and entanglement of emotions.

Although it is not an easy job, however, I'm experiencing and learning something important in human relations and intercultural communication through this tough and precious opportunity. I would like to thank for all the parties involved.




P.S. セルビアからは、その後まだ連絡ありません ...

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Diary June 5th 2019

If you are living and working in an environment of a foreign language to you, one of the most challenging moment would be how to deal with and solve an unexpected trouble, trivial misunderstanding and so on. And these situations can sometimes become mind boggling temporarily ... however, they can become an important opportunity to think about one's way of thinking, attitude, pre-conception, and the importance of peaceful conflict resolution. As long as you live in a multicultural environment, that kind of situation and life lesson is more or less inevitable, I think.


When some misunderstanding or conflict arises between you and your friend/client/co-worker, an iportant point would be to calm down and thinking that situation from that partner's shoes, however, I tend to forget this point sometimes, I mean, I get excited easily, or short tempered person. Mental maturity is necessary for me.


以前見た大山倍達氏の講話ビデオで「闘うところに男のロマンがあるんだよ! そのくらいの覇気がなくてどうする?」と言っていました。男というのは、何歳になっても良い意味で、やんちゃぼうず的な心意気が必要だと思うのですが、それは、時には、相手をいたわる優しさでもあるべきなのでしょうね、つまり、強くて優しい男にならなくては、と思うのですが、まだまだどちらも欠けているのが現状です。

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June 2nd 2019 - peacefulness of mind

What I should keep in mind always, beyond the framework of wellness coaching  - calmness, mindfulness, empathy, which is a respectful understanding of your talking partner's circumstance.

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Be a good listener - May 30th 2019

1) To refrain from explaining too much
2) To use a silent moment as necessary
3) To be a good and active listener
4) Non-violent communication


These are what is neccesary/and lacking to me.

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What is not being said - May 30th 2019

One of important points in human relations would be to understand what is not being said. In other words, to read between lines, of course it is not so easy as to say, because, psychological and emotional responses can largely differ from parson to person, or depending on a situation. That is why the concept of wellness coaching puts a lot of emphasis on generative moments. And seeing from the other side, it means human relations are made up of a premise saying that they are very fragile and easily breakable in its nature. This is especially important in intercultural relations, I guess.  


ウェルネス・コーチングでは「Generative moment」(相手と心の通い合う瞬間)をいかに創り出すか、ということを非常に重要視しているのですが、逆に言えば、人と人の関係は、それが仕事上のものでも、あるいは友人や恋人との関係でも、本質的には、非常にもろく壊れやすいものという前提の上で成り立っているということだと思います。


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Diary May 29th 2019 Japanese language and Enka

What I realized recently is ... melodies of Enka and Rokyoku are quite reasonable and suitable for Japanese language that is mainly focued sounds of vowels.

いわゆる"こぶしをまわす" (語尾の母音を伸ばす)のは、子音の後に母音が伴う日本語やハングル語には、ごく自然な歌唱表現であると思う。

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ぴんから兄弟 = デ・バージ説

Don't you think the Japanese enka singer in the first video and members of DeBarge (the scond link) are a bit similar ??


で、思い出したのが、1985年のヒット曲 Rhythm of the night.

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Diary May 27th 2019 操(みさお)ってどう訳す??

Before the start of my senior fitness class, this song was played in karaoke as a back ground music in the facility. This is one of big hit songs of Japanese enka. The lyrics of this song a bit touvhed my heart. and I wonder that pure hearted woman exists in reality nowadays ??  Lyrics of this song is a fantasy and hope of male perspective and conveience, I guess ...



「あなたの邪魔はしないから、そばに置いてほしいのよ」とか、女心を歌にしたものなのかもしれませんが、むしろ、そんな一途な女性に追いかけられたいなあ、という男の勝手な願望&妄想を歌詞にしたものではないか?と思ってしまいます(笑) 女性作詞家が書いた歌詞なら女性目線なんでしょうが、この曲の作詞家は男性ですからね ...


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Diary May 26th 2019

The only thing I can do and I should do is to live one's life based on a belief, human relationships will grow and develp gradually and naturally if they are a fate.

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May 25th 2019 - 与太話

Tenacity, this is one of the most important things to me, in pursuit of fitness, in language practice, in one's profession, in human relationship ... etc. Sticking to one's belief, and keep on learning ! This is a message to myself.

1年程前に仲良くなり、ほぼ毎日レッスンを受けていたオンライン講師、2018年末で辞めて別の仕事をしているが、5ヵ月ぶりくらいで「ヨシ、元気? どうしてるの?」とメールがあった。「久しぶりにスカイプでおしゃべりしたいわ」と嬉しいことを言ってくれるので、指定された日程と時間(時差の関係で日本時間 朝5:30=セルビア22:30)にパソコンの前でスカイプが鳴るのを待っていた。


1通目のメールは「ヨシ、ごめんね、友達とちょっとした誤解があって、今日は帰りが遅くなるの。約束の時間を1時間遅くすることは可能?」 前日の日本時間・夜9時頃=セルビア14:00頃に受信しているが、翌日の朝が早いので、僕はこの時もう寝てしまっていた。

2通目のメールは、当日の朝4時=セルビア21:00頃に届いており、「ヨシ、本当にごめんね、友達との誤解がますます複雑になってしまって、今日のあなたとの約束はキャンセルしなければいけないの。あなたとお話ししたかったんだけど ... 別の機会に、またお話しできる?」



あれから、3週間近く経ちますが、彼女から一言も連絡がない ...
あれこれ詮索しても、どうしようもないのだけど ...

推測1.  彼女の気まぐれにふりまわされただけ。他の友達(男か女か不明ですが)との関係を優先される時点で、望み薄。
推測2.  もしかしたら、職場の同僚との間にトラブルがあり、同僚をfriendと表記している可能性もあるかもしれないが ...
推測3.  僕の事は、暇な時のおしゃべり友達程度にしか考えていない

本音を言えば「朝4時に起きて準備してたんだよ、次の機会があるかどうかは、おまえ次第だ」くらいの強気の返事を送ろうかとも思いましたが、基本的には女性をたてるのが欧米的男女関係なので、あえて、やさしい返事にしたつもりですが ...


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Diary May 22nd 2019

Contrary to yesterday, the weather in this morning is sunny.
As a matter of fact, one's seriousness (in anything) isn't conveyed to people who don't understand it, what I can do is just being the best-self in each moment. 

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Diary May 21st 2019

Good morning guys !
It's raining heavily this morning, and I have Japanese language tutoring today.
I'll come and back in safety driving.
Have a nice day today too everyone !



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How to cope with uncontrollables - May 20th 2019

Controllables and uncontrollables exist in life, and everyone is living in between the two. As for uncontrollables, what you can do is ... doing your best in every single moment, based on your belief.


By the way, this remix version of Turn Around and Count to Ten is nice


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Look-cats, Trait-doggs May 18th 2019

Cats are adorable and lovely.
Ladies who love cats are also attractive to me.
However, ladies whose trait and behavior patterns are like cats are a bit troublesome ...
けれども、性格や行動がネコみたいな女性は、ちょっと困る ...

I wonder if a woman exists whose looking is wild and sexy like cats, and whose trait is faithful like doggies ??
見た目はネコのようにセクシーで、性格は犬みたいに従順で忠実な女性というのは存在するのだろうか ??

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Sky High - May 18th 2019

On my way to and from Japanese language tutoring at Kakegawa, I'm usually listening some CDs in my car, because it is a 2.5 hour drive. And this song is in one of my favorite CDs.  Sky High !


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Diary May 16th 2019

In human relationship, regardless whether is is a private relationship or a business related relashionship, differnces in various factors can be a cause of trivial misunderstanding and entanglement of emotions. Common possible factors are ... difference in personality and trait, way of thinking, values and priorities in life, living and growth environment such as culture, country, religion, and large gap in age or generation can also be a cause.

Of course, 100% understanding can not be, because, every person in this universe is different, however, the first step for better human relationship and mutual trust would be ... sincerity, consistency in remarks and actions, and thinking a situation from that person's shoes. This is what I'm feeling recently.




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today's mood - May 15th 2019

No matter what kind of precenception people may have about you, believe in yourself, live and behave with consistency.


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Make me stronger ! May 11th 2019

This song can be a good motivational music for your workout.
the title is " Make me stronger "

タイトルは「メイク ミー ストロンガー」

使役動詞のmake なので「私をもっと強くして!」とも訳せますが、誰かに他力本願に願っているというよりも、このmakeは自分自身への使役だと理解したほうがピンと来るように思います。もし自分以外の誰か・何かに「私を強くして」と願うなら、それは「自分の信じるもの」でしょう。自分自身の心とか、内なる声とか、神とか ...


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ブリトニー・スピアーズ 身体能力 Britney's strength and fitness - May 6th 2019

I was surprised with muscle strength and blexibility of Britney Spears !
Look at her bikini yoga from her Instagram ! https://www.instagram.com/p/BxDGYK7AScz/



この肉体の基礎は、ダンスとかチアリーディングや器械体操、あるいは格闘技や陸上競技など、そのたぐいの事を相当に訓練しているハズ、と思って、ブリトニーのプロフィールを見たら、やはり、幼稚園の頃からダンスのレッスンや体操競技などやっていたんですね。こんな動画もありました Her back flip training https://www.instagram.com/p/BpKmqSBA84J/

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Diary May 5th 2019

Today May 5th is the Boys Festival Day in Japan, which is a holiday to celebrate and hope for sound growth of boys children. Although I'm already a middle aged boy, I like this celebration day regardless of one's actual age.

What I'm doing on this celebration day is watching youtube videos of fitness bikini competitor Ms. Kelsey Douglas, who devotes most of her life for fitness workout and pro-bikini competiton. My impression about her is ... she is foward looking, hilarious, and beautiful. Also, her videos can be a good learning material for my Emglish practice as well.

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