Diary Dec 13th 2017

I compared my latest video which I uploaded on this blog one week ago with one of my videos I filmed in 2013. The following is my impression about the comparison.

Naturalness ... a little bit improved compared to 3-4 years ago
Pronunciation ... same as the above
vocabulary & fluency ... no so changed, or the before might be better when it comes to technical terms in anatomy or subjects like that  (mainly because I was pressed for reading a lot of textbooks and journal articles, and writing reports and papers in those days)
conclusion ...  there is a lot of room for improvement in my language skills.
先日このブログにアップした自分自身のビデオと2013年後半頃に撮影したビデオを見比べてみました(英語の変化のチェック)。 以下は自分なりの感想
全体の自然さ   ...   多少は改善しただろうか?
発音  ...   多少改善したものの、いまだに日本人っぽい英語の発音が少し残り、日本人特有の文法ミスもある (主語が複数形なのに、それに続く動詞に三人称単数のSをつけちゃったり)
流暢さとボキャブラリー  ...   4年前のビデオで、「このエクササイズは上半身と下半身の接合部を鍛えるもので ... 」といった内容の事を喋っているが、「接合部」という表現を junction なんて単語で話していて、過去の自分に苦笑。 「何?こいつのワードチョイスは? トレーニング関連の話をする時にジャンクションなんて言葉使う奴いないよ、高速道路じゃないんだから」 と思うもん(笑)
とりあえずの結論   ...  改善の余地は沢山ある

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Yoshi video log December 6th 2017

My exercise class named as " slimming down pelvis exercise " which started in 2008 successfully completed its predetermined contract term this week. Because of an agreement between an operating company of this exercise class and a sponsoring local governmental body, contract term for this course was predetermined as 10 years at the time of inception of this initiative. With the help and support of many people such as class participants, operating staff members, somehow I was able to complete the contract term of 10 years. So, I'm a bit relieved and thankful right now. Thank you very much everyone !


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Diary Dec 1st 2017

It is December 1st today, it means the rest of 2017 is only 30 days.
In order to cheer you guys up in the rest of the year,  I will send this tune.
The theme of PRIDE fighting championship  (retrieved from youtube)


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Diary Nov 29th 2017 Co-existence of sport, entertainment, and serious fighting art

This is an entrance scene of MMA style match Kiyoshi Tamura vs Renzo Gracy which was taken place on the RINGS fighting network nearly 20 years ago from now. Tamura was a fighter in Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF), which debunked for financial reasons a little bit before this bout. The theme of UWF was " sporty shoot wrestling " and Tamura loved and. In other words, UWF was a belief and reason to live for Tamura. The opponent Renzo Gracy was representing the Gracy family of Brazilian jyujitsu. The audience was expecting Tamura would embody the pride and legacy of UWF against one of representative fighters of Gracy family through this bout.  Usually Tamura was using another theme music for his entrance in those days. However, Tamura chose the theme music of UWF intentionally for this bout specifically.  The big surprise of fans right after the intro of this music tells everything such as determination of Tamura and expectation of fans. So to speak, what on Tamura's shoulders were beyond our imagination, I think. That is why I get a power and courage from this video every time I watch it.

もう20年近く前の映像ですが、リングスでの田村潔司vsヘンゾ・グレーシーの入場シーン。田村が所属していたUWFプロレスは経営上の理由で、この試合の少し前に解散してしまいました。しかし、田村はUWFの理念である「ルールに基づいたスポーティな総合格闘技」を信条としていました(おそらく、今でも)。 当時、田村選手は試合での入場テーマ曲には別の音楽を使用していましたが、グレーシー柔術を代表するヘンゾ選手とのこの試合では、自分の愛するUWFのテーマ曲に乗って入場してきました。

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Diary Nov 27th 2017

Start sailing little by little

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Diary Nov 25th 2017

How you turn a negative view into a positive view. In other words, how you convert some uncomfortable events such as a trivial misunderstanding with your coworkers into an opportunity to get to know their ways of thinking better, and a chance for one's growth.  That kind of change of perspective would be necessary for me.

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Diary Nov 21st 2017 Gary V

I'm not sure this singer Gary Valenciano is known in the USA and Europe, however his song " I will be here " is one of my recent favorites. His song and lyrics are very heart touching. I knew about him through one of my learning partners in the Philippines.  I hope you enjoy the video

フィリピンの人気歌手 ゲリー・ヴァレンシアーノのヒット曲 I will be here です。だいぶ前に、フィリピンの先生から教えてもらったのですが、よい曲で気に入っています。ニックネームが「ミスター・ピュアエナジー」のゲリー・ヴィーさんにも暖かい人柄を感じます

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Diary Nov 19th 2017 - achievement rate of 60 - 70 %

I had my current English skills evaluated on an online English conversation service yesterday. I booked a new instructor to me, and introduced myself briefly at the beginning of the 25 minute session. After that I conveyed my scores in TOEFL and TOEIC test to the instructor. And, the instructor sent me the following link on the chat board, so I answered the first 12 questions or so in the remaining 15 minute. After the discussion, I asked the instructor my current English skills on a scale of 10. The instructor's answer was " from 6 to 7 out of 10,   the reason for the 3-4 point reduction is your weaknesses in listening comprehension ".  I don't know the validity of this instructor's evaluation, because the discussion was based on the written topics on the webpage, I mean listening skills evaluation was not included that discussion.  The instructor was only listening my speech. So, I think this instructor's evaluation was biased with my scores in TOEFL and TOEIC,  because my scores in listening scores were lower than the other sections. In other words, this instructor was having a preconception saying that this guy would be not good at listening. (I told her my test scores before the discussion). besides, this instructor is not a native English speaker, a person in a European country, who majored in English literature at a college).  However, I'm willing to accept the evaluation saying that 6-7 out of 10,  because it means if I improve my English by 30-40 %, it would become a satisfactory level.  I'm not sure the meaning of the score 10, whether it is a level equivalent to native speakers,  or a satisfactory level among people who are learning English as a second language ...  Anyway, if I was given 8-9 score, I would be satisfied with the status quo, and my progression would stop there. In that sense, I appreciate that instructor's evaluation saying that " your current achievement rate is from around 60 - 70 % ".   There is still a room for improvement !
question topics used for the evaluation https://esldiscussions.com/e/entertainment.html

昨日は、いつもお世話になっているオンライン英会話の先生がフィリピンの先生もヨーロッパの先生も皆、休みだったので、初めての先生を予約してみた(セルビア出身の30代の女性で、大学で英文科だったとのこと)。初回なので、現在の僕の英語力を評価してもらった。簡単な自己紹介をして(住んでいるところや職業など)、おおよそのレベルを伝えるために過去に受験したTOEFL ibt とTOEICの点数を伝えた。
その後、ディスカッション用のお題がチャットボードで送られてきた(上記リンク)。15分位の間に、最初の10問程度のお題に自分なりの考えを述べた。 つまり、トーフルのスピーキングセクションのインディペンデントタスクを10問程度やったような形式。その後、先生の判定は「そうねー、今のあなたの英語力は、10段階でいうと6から7の間位かな、3~4減点した理由は、あなたはリスニングが得意ではないから」とのこと。

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Diary Nov 16th 2017 - ビール瓶=ハリセン理論

Today's topic is my thought about the recent scandal of Japanese Sumo wrestling world, and this topic is closely associated with traditional and indigenous japanese culture and values, therefore this topic is not suitable for writing it in English, so, I will write today's post in Japanese language only (僕は、最近の相撲には全く興味がありませんが、本日、エクササイズクラスの休憩中に例の相撲の話題が出ましたので、僕の意見を書きたいと思います。この話題は日本固有の価値観に根付いたことだと思うので、今日は日本語だけで書きます)

格闘技も同様に肉体を通じて会話する人達だということ。酔った席で、無礼な後輩へ説教するのに、ビール瓶で小突くくらい、そんなに大騒ぎするような問題ではないように思うのですが ...(もちろん、格闘家が一般人相手に同様のことをしたら大問題ですが)

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Nov 15th 2017 - pure and passionate kung-fu guys

On youtube, I found a bunch of passionate and enthusiastic kung-fu movie aficionado guys whose team name is " martial club ".  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2yvzrfrRsQ  this link is one of their videos.
the situation in this footage is ... they are great fan of Donny Yen, and when Mr.Yen came to a move theater for premier ceremony of his new film, the Martial Club guys asked Mr. Yen's permission to demonstrate their action stunt performance in front of the eyes of their idol Donny, and Mr.Yen kindly accepted their offer. What is impressive to me is these guys' pure and intense passion for martial arts, especially preparation and hard training for this moment.  And also I was impressed with Mr.Yen's kind and gentle attitude to accept their sudden offer.
Donny was also a kung fu kid (even now), so he can understand the pure heart and passion of Martial Club guys, I guess.
check this video out especially from around 2 minute 50 second.

ビデオの状況は、彼らが尊敬するカンフー映画スター ドニー・イェン氏が新作映画の舞台挨拶に来た時に会場に行き、質問コーナーで手を挙げ、ドニー氏の武術哲学などに関して質問した後、「実は俺たち、貴方(ドニーさん)の映画にも大きく影響されて武術の練習してるんです。もしできれば、この場で型の演武を少しだけ披露させていただいてよろしいでしょうか?」と尋ねてみる。 ドニー・イェンさんは「もちろんOKだよ」と快諾。

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Diary Nov 12th 2017

Some people find their values in being conformed with people around themselves, whereas, some people find their values in being outstanding from others (being different from others in a good sense = you are special). In Japan as a whole, being conformed with others is regarded as a harmonious relationship. However, I grew up with a lot of influence of " fitness " . for example, in the world of bodybuilding or dancing or martial arts, superb technique and physique are important factor, in other words, my value in life is " being proficient " in one's specialty field.  However, the more you pursue your own way, the larger the difference in perspectives and way of thinking between yourself and people around you becomes. This is an ironical result of pursuing something to some extent. Of course, I'm still on the way to pursuit of fitness and language learning, however, recently I feel that kind of tendency sometimes.  Being proficient and outstanding and good relations with people around you.  It is easy to say but not so easy to do for me.

一方で、「いかに人と違っているか? 個性的か? 特殊技能があるか?」ということに価値観を見出す考え方もある。



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Diary Nov 9th 2017 Trinity and Three Musketeers

I talked about the concept of trinity in Christianity with one of of my language learning partners the day before yesterday. For non-Christian people like me, the notion saying that " the god is the son, the god is the father, and the god is holly spirit, and the son is not the god, the father is not the god, the holly spirit is not the god "is a bit confusing.  The learning partner explained that notion to me as he trinity concept is a three different manifestations of the god.

What I thought about the trinity concept is ... the story of three musketeers might have derived from the trinity concept, I mean the power of the each warrior is relatively limited, however if three warriors converge its power and strengths, it will generate a synergy. And each person (musketeer) has its own unique characteristics.
I'm not sure my understanding is correct, the above is only my interpretation.

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Japanese girls band Gacharic Spin

I'm ignorant of recent showbiz topics, and one of my friends showed me the presence of a girls-rock band in Japan, their name is Gacharic Spin. When I saw their videos on youtube, my first impression was its taste is a bit like women's pro-wresting, because of the mixture of their bling bling costume, rock'en roll, dancing, seriousness and comedy tasting. It seems that they have a hardcore fan base here in Japan.


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Diary Nov 7th 2017 - sins and earthly desires

I had a bit meaningful talk with one of my language learning partners (online language service) yesterday. Our conversation went to a direction of similarity between the original sin in Christianity and the early desires in Buddism. That said basically the human being has desires for possessing a lot of materials, eating gorgeous meals, dominating and controlling something ... and so on.  And probably various religious practices would be a method for controlling or getting along with that kind of human instinct or innate desires.

And the topic of sin reminded me of this song (で、この曲を思い出しました)

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Diary 6th 2016 - vocabulary building

I'm writing today's post for simply increasing my English vocabulary.
The following are new words I came across with through a book I'm reading now

squander = waste
premade,    e.g., premade lunch
a cornerstone  = a very important thing/point
drag down = hinder, obstruct, disturb 
underpin = support
be cognizant of = be aware of,  know 

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Diary Nov 5th 2017 - border free & diversity

When I introduce myself in my youtube videos, my self-introduction in basically like this " Hi, this is Yoshi, it's been a while ! "or " Hello I'm Yoshi Endo, fitness instructor in Japan ". The reason why I refer to Japan is of course, many of my intended video viewers are people and my friends outside Japan except for a small handful of my intimate friends in Japan. However, what I feel these days is ... if you emphasize one's country or home town too often or too much in your talk, that kind of attitude or behavior may look a bit nationalism-ish or racist-ish to eyes of some people. Even if viewers of my videos don't know me at all, probably many of them will be able to surmise that this guy is from Asia, especially somewhere in the far east (from my outlook and English accent). Of course, cultural uniqueness and diversity would be important in this era of globalization, and at the same time, the world is becoming culturally crossover little by little nowadays.  For these reasons, recently I'm thinking whether it is appropriate often refers to personal information concerning one's country or hometown. I mean, maybe I'm in a stage to graduate from " I'm Yoshi in Japan "type self-introduction (in a good sense).

僕のビデオを初めて見る方でも、僕の顔や肌の色、英語の発音などから、「ああ、こいつは東洋人だな、おそらく日本とか韓国とか極東地区の」くらいは簡単に想像がつくと思います。「日本の」と言わなくても、おおよそのことは察しがつくと思いますし、ネットの普及などにより国や人種の違い等への認識が少しずつ小さくなっていっている時代に、自己紹介のたびに「日本の...」と出身地やホームタウンの話題に触れるのは良いことなのだろうか?と思ったりするわけです。 「日本の」といつも言っているのは、ある意味、悪い意味で、国家主義者や人種主義者っぽいかなあ?なんて思ったりするわけです(大袈裟に言うと、コンプレックスと裏返しのエジアン・サプレマシーみたいな)

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Diary Nov 3rd 2017 - Not to become an answering machine

What I felt in yesterday's senior fitness class
You don't need to answer all the questions from the class participants perfectly.
Rather give them opportunities to think about the question on their own way (curiosity and self-learning) and expand the conversation meaningfully for them.
I have a tendency to be like an answering machine when getting a question
Talking too much aren't necessarily welcomed by people.

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Nov 2nd 2017 - Fitness Trend for 2018

This is a fitness trend forecast for 2018, surveyed by ACSM, survey participants are about 4000 fitness professionals in the world.  Fitness trend forecast means what kind of exercise and workout, educational programs and so on get popular in the fitness world in the next year.  フィットネスの世界で2018年にどんなトレーニング法が流行するか?を予測した「2018フィットネス・トレンド」がACSMより発表されました。世界の約4000名のフィットネス関係者にアンケート調査をした結果です(僕も参加しました) トップ10は ...

1. High Intensity Interval Training (高強度で短時間のインターバル・トレーニング)
2. Group Training  (グループでのエクササイズ)
3. Wearable Technology (コンピュータ内臓の万歩計など、体に装着可能で消費カロリーなどを管理できる機器類)
4. Body Weight Training (器具を使用せず、自分の体重を負荷にするトレーニング)
5. Strength Training  (基礎的なストレングス・トレーニング)
6. Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals (インストラクター・トレーナーなどフィットネス指導員の教育と経験を高めること)
7. Yoga (ヨガ)
8. Personal Training  (パーソナル・トレーニング)
9. Fitness Programs for Older Adults (高齢者向けのフィットネス・プログラム)
10. Functional Fitness (ファンクショナル・フィットネス)
An interesting point is that the ranking of Personal Training dropped a bit compared to previous years, and instead, Group Exercise format is gaining attention and popularity, that is probably because the increase of aging population, I think.
10位のファンクショナル・トレーニングとはよく聞く言葉ですが、僕の意見としては、機能的(ファンクショナル)とは人や状況、目的によってずいぶん異なると思います。 例えばですが、ボディビルダーにとって必要なトレーニングと、レスキュー隊員の方に要求されるトレーニングは異なりますが、どちらのトレーニングも彼らにとっては現実に即したもの=機能的なわけです。 同様に、自転車に乗ることが多い人と、車椅子を使用の方では、何が機能的なトレーニングか?は当然違ってくると思います。 テニス選手に必要な機能性と相撲の力士に要求される機能性は異なるわけです。

このように「ファンクショナル」という言葉の定義は、非常に難しいと思います。 だけど、「ファンクショナル・トレーニングが流行る」なんて言うと、やたらと皆、ファンクショナルなんて言葉を安易に使い出すのは一考を要すと思います。(コアとか体幹とかインナーなんて言葉が流行る傾向も同様)
Retrieved from the website of American College of Sports Medicine

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Diary Nov 1st 2017 - flu vaccination

I got a flue vaccination today at a nearby hospital. What I think every year I get flue vaccine is how long the vaccination effect does lasts ? ...  According to some information about it on the internet, many of the answers are " the effect of flue shot last around 4 months or so ".   When I asked this question to this physician last year, he gave me a very interesting question "  He said " although this is only my opinion and scientific evidence doesn't exist, if you got a certain type of flue vaccine injected into your body, the antibody to the certain type of influenza works more or less as long as you are alive, I guess.  The problem is ... whether that certain type of flue vaccine corresponds to the actual flue type (strain) that gets prevalent in that season, because as you know, choice of a flue vaccine is based on a forecast "
And he said like this as well " Just in case your health condition gets bad after the vaccination, feel free to come for complaining "   I like this physician's and humor based on his long years of  experience "


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Diary Oct 30th - current way of my language practice

I'm writing about my skype English lessons in these several days consecutively, of course which means I'm pouring a lot of energy into language practice recently. And some of you guys may be interested in what kind of practice I'm doing through the online conversation service. So, I will write about my current language practice method today.

What I'm doing through the skype language service is mainly discussion using some news topic on the internet such as an article on BBC, MSNBC, and so on. Topics are various from science, health & fitness, showbiz, education ... etc. At the beginning of the lesson, me and the instructor (learning partner for me) read a chosen article alternately by paragraph and paragraph, and after that we discuss about that topic or related matters in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Foe example, yesterday's topic was a bit serious, " various political systems in the world ".  this article  http://www.politicalsciencedegree.com/the-five-most-common-political-systems-around-the-world/    
because, as you know, political systems, religion and so on are closely associated with way of thinking and values of people in that country, so to speak, for better world wide understanding and friendship, to know the difference and similarity in each country's culture and social system would be very important, I guess. Hopefully, conductive learning relationship is facilitated through this type of practice style.


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Diary Oct 29th 2017 - pronunciation of purple, パープルの発音

I took a skype English lesson yesterday with a talking partner who I've been with for these six months. and I noticed that my English pronunciation of " purple " is not correct. The episode is ... That talking partner was in a purple shirt (and a purple backpack) yesterday, so, the first word that came out of my mouth was " oh, purple rain ! ".  However, the reaction was " what ?  what did you say ?  powerful ... ?? ".   I replied " purple rain,  Prince's song ", and I sang the phrase " purple rain, purple rain ".  But the reaction was " .... ??? ".   Probably the biggest reason why my word " purple rain " didn't make sense was generational gap rather than a matter of my pronunciation.  that talking partner is in late 20's, the purple rain is a hit song in the mid 80's. Therefore, this talking partner didn't know much about Prince and purple rain, I guess.

However, aside from that kind of reason, it would be true that there is a room for improvement in my English pronunciation especially in some consonants.  As a whole, Japanese people are not good at the pronunciation of what is called " inverted e " such as girl, bird, skirt. Because the sound of inverted e doesn't exist in Japanese language, and my pronunciation is also not an exception.  In the similar reason, Japanese people are not good at pronunciation of words that end with the letter of L or Le such as school, cool, doll, available, affordable ... etc.  The sound of purple has the both points that Japanese language system doesn't have.  It means the sound of purple includes the inverted e and it ends with the letter of Le. Hopefully a day will come when I can pronounce words like girls, birds, school, purple, correctly.
この先生、昨日、紫のTシャツに紫のバッグという服装だったので、僕は挨拶代わりに「oh, purple rain ! 」と言ったんですよ。パープルレインはもちろん、プリンスのヒット曲。でも、先生の反応は「え、何? なんて言ったの? パワフルなんとか??」
この先生の年齢は20代後半、プリンスのパープルレインがヒットしたのは1984年頃だったと記憶している。 おそらく、僕の発音が通じなかったというより、この先生はプリンスとかパープルレインとか言われてもピンと来ない世代なのでしょう。でも、フィリピンの若い女性にパープルの発音が通じなかったのは、自分の課題として認識しないといけない。
発音記号で言うと、eをさかさまにした記号の音、bird, girl, skirt などは日本人が苦手な発音、巻き舌でRを伸ばすような音が日本語には存在しないから。LやLeで終わる言葉の発音も日本語には存在しない、school, cool, doll, available, affordable など。スクールなんて単語は日本の中学1年の最初に習う単語だけど、スクールのルの音を正確に自然に発音できる日本人は少ない。

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Diary Oct 26th 2017 - What I was doing 10 years ago

Basically, I don't like looking back the past, however, sometimes it might be necessary and meaningful to revisit one's past, because as you know, the past, present, and the future are connected and associated each other. In other words, the past created the present, and the present leads to the future. So, I reviewed my past blog posts in October 2008 in order to know what I was thinking and doing 10 years ago from now.  This is my blob posts in Oct 2008. http://walkon.cocolog-shizuoka.com/fitness/2008/10/index.html
as you can see, main topics in my blog posts were my thoughts about TV shows (song programs and comedy shows), topics about MMA, progression of my English language practice and so on. Writing reviews about TV shows in Japan indicates that I was still watching Japanese language programs at the time of 2008. Although it was my best efforts at that time, however, looking back now, that was a lukewarm language practice. Hopefully I grew more or less in these 10 years.

僕は基本的に、過去を振り返るのは好きではない。しかし、過去が現在を造り、現在が未来につながってゆくので、自分自身の過去を振り返ってみるのもたまには必要かな、と思う。10年前、自分は何をしていたか?を知るため、2008年10月のブログ記事をチェックしてみた(上記リンク)。 お笑いやエンターテイメント番組の批評を書いたり、総合格闘技や英語の学習のことなど書いています。日本のテレビ番組の批評を書いているということは、この時点では、まだ日本のテレビ番組をよく観ていたんだな、ということです。この当時の自分としては、それなりに頑張ってやっていたのでしょうが、今考えると、ずいぶん甘い勉強だったなと思います。この10年で多少は成長したのでしょうか?

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diary Oct 25th 2017 - an importance of writing

Nearly two years have passed since I completed my school programs, and opportunities to write something in English significantly decreased recently. When in the school programs, literally almost everything in my everyday life was English, I mean, reading textbooks and reference materials, writing reports and papers, interacting with classmates, instructors, and school staffs. After the completion of the programs, I intentionally increased opportunities to speak English through online conversation service in order to further brush up my language skills. What I feel these days is that, of course online English conversation services are beneficial for practice of speaking and listening, however, in terms of changing one's thought process from one's mother language into English oriented, writing something as much as possible in English would be the best way, I guess.  Actually, when I was in the aforementioned environment, basically I was thinking many things in my everyday activity in English, even when in my dream. Thus, I will need to increase opportunities to write something even trivial matters.

以前にも書きましたが、頭を日本語思考から英語思考に切り替えるには、英語で書く機会を可能な限り増やすことだと思う。ここ1年半位、英語を話すことは多くやっているが、反面、英語で何かを書く機会は以前よりも減ってしまった。 英語で毎日のようにレポート等を書いていた頃は、頭の中はほとんど英語で物を考えていた。オンライン英会話等で話す機会を増やしても、書く機会が少ないと、頭が英語思考になるのは、レッスン中のみで、他の時間は日本語でものを考えている。

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diary Oct 18th 2017 - BLR

A common important point in personal training of fitness, wellness coaching, and speaking practice of some foreign language (English in my case) would be to learn something from each other.  An ideal is bilateral learning relationship.

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diary Oct 15th 2017 - BBC radio

Today, I accessed the BBC internet radio " world service" for the first time since 2004 or so. Actually, I was often listening to the BBC world service when I was preparing for Step Eiken English test, which is one of the most popular standardized English tests in Japan, because the exam tendency is relatively close to various timely new topics like ones on BBC, Newsweek, and Time. Recently my main focus on English listening practice has been how to get yourself be used to quick spoken English, and cosmetics youtubers' videos are helpful in that purpose because many of them speak English fast. Today's my impression about BBC radio was " their speaking are clear and relatively slow compared to video bloggers ".  So, the BBC radio after 13 years interval was a fresh experience.


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diary Oct 10th 2017 - new learning partner

As you know, English is the second language to me, therefore the language practice is an important part of my everyday life. And sometimes I practice speaking with a language instructor(a learning partner for me) through online. And I talked with an English instructor in Serbia for the first time today. That instructor is very enthusiastic and a kind of nerd like me. So we had a good vibe, hopefully. the only problem is that competitions for booking that instructor's lesson seems to be high. However it would be great if I can establish a good collaborative and conductive learning relationship with the new learning partner as well.

話してみての感想は、予想通りというか予想以上に良い学習パートナーに出会った気がします。一言で言えば、僕と同じでオタク気質な人、これは、もう紹介ビデオを見た瞬間に感じた(笑) 同じ穴のムジナと言うか... 発音という点では、アメリカ人の英語と少しだけ違う気がするが、知識や話題が豊富なのでボキャブラリーや流暢さという点ではネイティブ・スピーカーと、そんなに変わらない気がする。何よりも、オタクの波長が合うのが嬉しい。問題は、人気講師らしいので、予約の競争率が高い様子。フィリピンの先生とも引き続き練習を続けつつ、この先生とも互いに学び合って行ければ良いなと思います

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diary Oct 1st 2017

It is October 1st today, it means the rest of 2017 is about 90 days. One of my themes from today is to become a good role model for myself as well.  Pursuit of my own way and belief, and gratitude and understandable relationships with people who could support you.


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diary Sep 23rd Autumn Equinox Day

Today September 23rd is the autumn equinox day in Japan. Japan has four seasons, the spring, summer, autumn, and the winter. So to speak, the autumn equinox means a seasonal divide between the warm season and the chilly season. Basically I prefer warm seasons to chilly and cold seasons, therefore I would like to take the arrival of this equinox as the seasons are heading for the next equinox, the spring equinox which is in March. Have a good day everyone !

Even a thousand mile journey begins with the first step, Manila was not built in one day ! 千里の道も一歩から、マニラは一日にして成らず。 

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diary Sep 16th 2017

Although there is no specific reason, words " a detour road and a short cut " sprang up in my mind today. A detour road and a short cut, which do you choose ?  Of course, it depends on a situation and case by case.  If your main purpose is getting a destination itself , a shirt cut will be time and energy saving. On the other hand, if your purpose is to enjoy various scenery in the process of a trip, a detour road may bring about unexpected meaningful experiences, it takes a lot of time though ...  My journey into fitness and language practice is a kind of meaningful detour road hopefully.


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new blog title " fitness journey "

until now, the title of this weblog was " exercise trainer ENDO's Walk on ! ", however I changed the title into " fitness journey ENDO's Walk on ! " from today.  the primary reason for the change is ... the job title " exercise trainer " doesn't necessarily reflect my current work and expertise, I was feeling so recently. If you address me in some job title, I have a lot of credentials, Exercise Physiologist, Physical activity in Public Health Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Special Populations Specialist, Health & Wellness Coach, Exercise is Medicine credential, and so on. So, if you express these my credentials in one word, the word " fitness instructor " is incorporating these expertise, I think, and that title is my favorite. And my pursuit for fitness, sport psychology, wellness coaching, and language learning is a never ending learning process, thus I expressed it as " fitness journey ".  Thank you very much for your support and understanding always !

本日より、このブログのタイトルを少し修正しました。これまでは「エクササイズ・トレーナーENDO's Walk on !」でしたが、自分の興味や学ぶ分野の範囲が少しづつ広くなり、エクササイズ・トレーナーという枠からは良くも悪くも、はみ出しつつあります。

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diary Sep 3rd 2017 - horizon

I noticed that I haven't used the word "horizon" so far in my English writing/speaking. It means that word/concept doesn't exist in my vocabulary, usual consciousness, or subconscious mind. In case expressing things like expanding one's view, perspective, knowledge, experience, and expertise, many of my English speaking friends use the expression " get out of your comfort zone " rather than " go over the horizon", and probably that is why I rarely use the word " horizon" usually. However, words derived from horizon, such as " horizontal plane" is used in fitness workout terminology as well, so I will need to add this word to my consciousness from now on.

本日、ふとしたキッカケで気がついたが、ホライゾン(水平線・地平線)という言葉を英語の中でほとんど使ったことがない。日本の英語の教科書か参考書にも「ニューホライゾン」なんていう名前のものがあったと思う。つまり、外国語を学ぶことで自分自身の水平線(視野)を拡げよう、との意味合いだろうけど、実際のところ、「水平線を超えて」なんて表現は歌の歌詞かニュースの見出しみたいで、普段の会話では、そんな大袈裟な表現を使う人や機会はあまり多くないように思う。僕の仲間内では 「視野を広げる」的な表現をする時は、get out of your comfort zone " (自分にとって居心地の良い領域から出てみる)という表現をすることが多い。が、トレーニング用語でホリゾンタル・プレーン(水平面)なんて言ったりすることもあるので、ホライゾンおよび派生語もボキャブラリーに加えておく必要はあるだろうと感じた。

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diary Aug 27th 2017

I 'm writing today's post as a reminder to myself for increasing English vocabulary.  Words that are not in my current vocabulary ... enlargement, hypertrophy, atrophy, the gorge tendon organ, muscle spindles, the sliding filament theory, thyroid.


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スリムダウン骨盤体操 2017年秋コース参加者受付中



My exercise class titled as " Slimming down Pelvis Exercise ", which I have at Shizuoka Prefectural Science & Technology High School, is accepting new participants for 2017 Fall season course. This exercise class is a kind of mind & body exercise incorporating easy stretching, muscle toning, foam roller exercise and so on. This course is operated by the local government (education board of the prefecture), therefore it is offered in a very reasonable attendance fee. Please refer to the above link for details. I'm waiting for your participation with hearty welcome !
start day -  October 2nd 2017,        19:00 - 20:30 PM
every Monday, totally 8 sessions
attendance fees - 5600 Japanese Yen
deadline for signing up is September 1st 2017

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diary Aug 22nd 2017 - English conversation with an 8 yeas old girl

I had an opportunity to talk with an 8 year old Japanese girl practicing English. and her language level was amazing. Even the talking partner was 8 years old, I didn't slow down my English speed, because if I do that, it would be discourteous to this little serious learner. I heard that she practices English with language teachers in the Philippines through online tutorial usually, and when she has a lot of time such as summer vacation, she spends almost the whole vacation in the Philippines with her teachers, and she keeps that lifestyle for several years. although that was a 5 minute conversation or so, both of us didn't use Japanese language at all, and this girl understood and responded to my English precisely. her English was quite natural and almost like an Asian girl living in some English speaking country. thanks to this little pretty girl, I got a good stimulus for my language practice.   thank you, you will become an amazing lady in the future !

相手が8歳とは言え、カタカナっぽい英語でスピードも下げて「ワット イズ ユア ネイム?」なんてやっていたら、英語学習者であるこの少女に失礼なので、手加減せずいつも通りの英語で話しかけた。5分間程の会話であったが、僕の英語をほとんど正確に理解し、文法的にも発音も、ごく自然な英語で答えてくれたので、正直、驚いた。日本の小学生だと言わなければ、英語圏在住のアジア人の子供にしか思えない。日本の英語教育って、二極分化しつつあるんだろうなと思った。世の中の流れは、小学校5年または6年から英語を必修化などと言っているが、英語に興味のない子供に小学生の頃から無理やり英語を押し付けても、英語嫌いになるだけだと思う。教える側の小学校の先生方も、多くは英語の専門家ではないし。その一方で、習得意欲の高い生徒は、この少女のように、ネットを上手く利用したりすれば、かなりの環境が整えられる。そんな時代になりつつあるのだろうのだろうと感じた。8歳の少女から良い刺激をもらいました。 

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diary Aug 20th 2017 - bubbly person

As I learned English (and am learning) mainly through journal articles and books concerning health & fitness, wellness coaching, newspaper articles about health, science and things like that, my English is a bit hard topic-ish, or if you express it in a good way, it may be a bit academic, however, one of weaknesses in my English is that I'm not familiar with casual expressions, slung in vogue, party conversations and situations like that. What I learned recently is the expression saying that " he/she is a bubbly person ". In Japan, people's image about the word " bubble " is an economic growth or inflated economy in the mid 1980's ", so many people in Japan will have an image that " oh, he/she might have a lot of money ", if he/she hears the expression saying that " bubbly person.


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an intriguing language learning nerd video blogger Loretta

one of video bloggers who are intriguing to me is this woman.
according to her past videos, Ms. Loretta is from College of William and Mary and she started learning Japanese language when she was 14 yeas old or so, because of influence of Japanese anime cartoons. In order to pursue her language learning and intercultural communication and understanding, she enrolled in a graduate school in Tokyo from the spring 2017, and she finished her first semester recently. I also did my graduate school programs in a foreign language, which is English in my case. So, I can understand how she feels right now. As she expresses her state of her mind in the title of this video " I somehow survived the first semester ", I also had a similar feeling after my first semester. A complicated emotion such as a mixture of a little bit relieved emotion temporarily, expectation and pressure for the future semesters and so on. Ms. Loretta, your enthusiasm and energy are a good encouragement for your video viewers including me !


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focus of attention during exercise - two types of attentional focus

In order to earn continuing education credits for my fitness certifications, I was going through articles on Strength & Conditioning Journal today, and I came across an intersting article that focused on two types of attentional focus during strength training. one is internal focus, which is paying attention/concentrating on contraction/expansion of target muscles of an exercise you are doing. another is external focus, which is focusing on some environmental object around you during the exercise, for example, if you are doing bench presses, external focus means " push the bar explosively toward the ceiling ! "  Which type of focus you should choose depends on your training purposes.
for details, please check out the following article
Schoenfeld, B,J., & Contreras, B., (2016). Attentional Focus for Maximizing Muscle Development: The Mind-Muscle Connection. Strength & Conditioning Journal, 2016, 38(1), p 27-29.

資格更新の継続教育ポイントを得るためストレングス&コンディショニング・ジャーナルに目を通していたら、興味深い記事を見つけました(上記、引用参照)。トレーニング中に、「動作や筋肉に意識を集中しよう」とはよく言われることですが、この「意識」には2つのタイプがある。ひとつは、インターナル・フォーカス、つまり、そのエクササイズで鍛えたい筋肉の収縮・伸展に最大限の意識を注ぐこと、たとえば、ベンチプレスなら大胸筋群の収縮・伸展を感じながら行う、というように。 もう一つは、エクスターナル・フォーカス、つまり、自分の周囲の環境的要因(器具など)に意識を持っていく。たとえば、ベンチプレスなら、「バーベルシャフトを天井まで放り投げてやる!」くらいのパワフルな気持ちと意識でバーベルを押し上げる、ということです。もちろん、僕自身も両方のタイプの意識の仕方を使い分けています。インターナル・フォーカスとエクスターナル・フォーカスのどちらがトレーニング効果を上げるのに効果的か?は目的によります。詳しくは、このジャーナル記事本文を読まれるとよいでしょう。

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diary July 31st 2017 - seven colors of rainbow

ROYGBIV.   Do you know what these letters mean ?
actually, these are acronyms for seven colors of rainbow.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. I got to know the presence of this formula from one of my friends in the Philippines.  In Japan, most people are not so conscious about what colors make up of the rainbow. However, probably tropical countries like the Philippines, interaction and preservation of natural environment would be a very familiar and important topic in their everyday lives, I guess. So, I was so impressed when I heard about this formula for remembering/memorizing the seven colors of rainbow. btw, when you memorize the order of the constellation of the planets in the solar system, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn,  I wonder some easy to remember formula exists ?   acronyms are of course MVEMJS.

ROYGBIVって何の略かわかりますか? 昨日、友人から聞いて初めて知ったんですが、虹を構成する七色の頭文字、レッド・オレンジ・イエロー・グリーン・ブルー・インディゴ・バイオレット。 日本人は、虹の七色が何色だったか?などあまり意識していませんよね。ところが、自然との触れ合いが身近な国では、虹の色というのは非常に身近な存在なのでしょうね。
ところで、銀河系の惑星の並び順を覚えるときに、日本では水・金・地・火・木・土と暗記しますよね。英語でこれらの順番を覚えるのに暗記しやすい公式がないかな?と思うんですが。マーキュリー・ヴィーナス・アース・マーズ・ジュピター・サターンといちいち覚えるのは面倒だし、頭文字にするとMVEMJS、なんかピンと来ないし...  覚えやすい公式をご存知の方いらっしゃいましたら教えて下さい
MVEMJSを覚えやすいように何かに、こじつけるとするとMusic Video Entertainment May J Special とかになるんですが(笑)

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diary July 24th 2017 - listening practice through make-up tutorials

What I'm doing recently as a part of my English practice is ... watching videos of make-up-tutorial youtubers. (correctly speaking, listening to these videos for practice of my listening comprehension). Because many of make-up-tutorial youtubers speak English very quickly, therefore these could be a good listening practice material for me to get myself exposed to quickly spoken English, additionally many of make-up youtubers are pretty attractive ladies, so it is very fun to watch their videos. And, although this is only my impression, percentages of English speaking Asians living in the west coast areas are relatively high among popular make-up youtubers who speak so fast, I guess. It might be a kind of business tie-up with cosmetic products companies in Asia though ?

最近、英語のトレーニング(特にリスニング)の一環として行っているのは、ユーチューブで化粧品の批評などを行っている人達のビデオを楽しんでおります。理由としては、化粧品ユーチューバーの方々の多くが早口の英語でまくしたてるので、スピードの速い英語の聴きとり訓練に良いのです。それと、キレイなお姉さん達が多いので、見ていて飽きないという不純な動機もあります(笑) 印象としては、人気のある化粧品ユーチューバーで早口英語の人は、アジア系アメリカ人のお姉さん方が多いような気がするのですが ... なぜでしょうね?(特に西海岸在住のアジア系のお姉さま方) 日本の化粧品会社とのタイアップなんでしょうか?

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diary July 22nd 2017 - vocabulary exercise

I'm writing this as a kind of reminder to myself to reconfirm my English vocabulary, I mean I noticed that the following words have not settled into my actual vocabulary.

genuine, authentic, dazzling, exorbitant, profuse, hygiene, breed, color blind, bark, nocturnal, carnivorous, herbivorous,   

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Yoshi videolog July 5th 2017 - workout and new cert

a part of my workout and the recent addition to my credential.
after the exercise, my breath and English were a bit broken and I made a mistake in word usage at around 6 minute 20 second of the video.  I mentioned like this at that portion " if I say something about a certain problem ... ". actually, what I wanted to say was " program " not " problem ". so to speak, what I wanted to convey at that portion is " if I referred to certain exam programs in the industry on my videos, maybe, it can become a cause of conflict of interest matters, and I would like to avoid that kind of situation "
To me, the way of fitness is kinda like the Jeet Kune Do concept, what I mean by that is ... although it may seem like a mixture of different styles and different programs, each component, each ingredient has its own meaning and significance for integrating the whole. that said, the each is an indispensable element.
I'm hoping for further growth and development of all of my affiliations and the entire health & fitness industry.  thank you very much for your support and understanding always.

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a possibility of fitness and positive spirits in seniors - 生涯鍛錬   

one of my best friends kindly sent me a link to the above video today. of course this is an extreme example,  however, this video embodies a possibility of health & fitness, and forward looking attitude even in later stages in life, I think. and probably, for this women, 91 years old might be only a number (and it shows her accumulated life experience like the annual growth ring of the trees), and she thinks of herself as still a learner and practitioner rather than a master in a good sense, I guess.
(retrieved from youtube)

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diary July 3rd 2017 - the importance of basics

the following link is a lecture by one of legendary martial arts masters in Japan, Mr. Masu Oyama. although the video is japanese language, what he says is mainly ... don't forget the importance of basics in practice. A 1000 days of practice is necessary for graduating from the level of beginners. A 10000 days of practice is necessary for reaching the entrance of mastery. although I am not a karate man, I would like to keep his thoughts in mind.

他人のことは言いたくありませんが、最近、経験が数年程度で、腕組みして、人を見おろすような表情でネット上のプロフィール写真に写っている自称パーソナル・トレーナーだとかコンディショニング・コーチだとか言っている者が大勢います。それが彼らの考えでビジネスなので、それはそれで良いと思いますが、自分で自分のことを「トレーナーだ」などと必要以上に強調しているのは、みっともない気もします。言い換えれば、「俺はあなたを鍛えてやるよ、訓練してやるよ」みたいな感じで。まあ、自分も20代・30代の頃は、そんな感じだったと思いますが ...

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diary June 18th 2017

when I was watching a video on youtube, I came across a nice expression, that is " tiny but mighty ". although my body size is small, I would like to be a " tiny but mighty person" as possible.

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new shooting star in sport reporters - Emily Nakagawa

I woke up earlier than usual this morning at around 5, and watching a morning new show on TV, and one of new comer sport reporters for that show said she was serving as a professional cheerleader for baseball team Tokyo Giants until a few years ago. a short footage at that time was on introduced as an self-introduction of that new comer pretty sport reporter, and her energetic and vivid dancing captured me mind. so, I searched her videos on youtube and found the video below.
of course, physically she is too short and skinnier than NFL cheerleaders, however, in a fundamental nature of the professional cheerleaders saying that making people happy, smile, and energetic through skillful dancing, cute and attractive smile, professional demeanor, and positive energy which emanates from her, her potential is as excellent as the toppest cheerleaders in the USA, I think. her name is Emily Nakagawa, check her out !
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyBlWPYDi0M    retrieved from youtube

今朝はなぜか朝5時頃に目が覚めてしまい、テレビをつけてみた。早朝のバラエティ・ニュース番組の新人スポーツレポーターの女性が僕の目を惹きつけた。レポーターになる前はチアリーダーをやっていたそうで、当時の映像が少しだけ流れたが、非常に躍動感のある踊りをしていた。興味を持ち、彼女の映像をyoutubeで探して、上記のリンクビデオを見つけた。ナカガワ・エミリさんという方で、幼少時代よりダンスをやっており、高校卒業後、読売ジャイアンツのチアリーディング・チームに所属していたというプロのチアリーダー。アメリカのNFLなどのチアリーダーと比較すると、小柄だし、体の線も細すぎるが、キレのあるダンス、表情、プロ意識、彼女から観客席や選手に伝わるエネルギーなど全てに目を見張るものがある。才能があり、なおかつ楽しく努力する人だということが伝わってくる。そんな人は見る者を幸せな気分にする。今後、スポーツレポーターやアナウンサー業を主体に活動予定とのことだが、言葉によるコミュニケーションは勿論だが、彼女の原点である身体を通じた自己表現やコミュニケーション(チアやダンスやエクササイズのたぐい)も引きく続き追及したら良いと思う。 僕と同じように、エミリさんに大きな可能性を感じた方がこのようなブログ記事を書かれています http://weblog.hochi.co.jp/yaguchi/2015/10/post-6577.html (報知新聞ブログ)

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diary May 26th 2017 - neighbor's lawn

when you talk with people in the Philippines, sometimes they refer to the color of skin of Japanese people. please don't misunderstand it is a topic of racial difference or racism. what they want to say is ... average skin color of Japanese are a little bit paler (whitish) than the dark sun tanned skin color of philippino people, and it seems to be attractive and a bit envious to them. To me, it is a matter of difference between 50 steps and 100 steps though ...  may be it is an example of  "the lawn of neighbor looks greener than the lawn of one's back yard ", I guess.  so, I hit upon a joke like this " oh really ?  the skin color of Japanese are attractive for you people ?  thanks it's an effect of neutrogena though ... "
however, I refrained from that joke, cuz I wasn't sure whether that joke makes sense "

フィリピンの人達と話をしていると、日本人の肌の色の話題になることがある。誤解しないでいただきたいが、人種の違いやレイシズムの話ではない。日本人の肌はフィリピンの人達の肌に比べると、やや白い、その肌の白さがフィリピンの皆さんにはある意味、うらやましいらしい。僕にとっては、50歩・100歩の違いのような気もするが、隣の芝生は青く見えるということだろうか。  冗談で返そうかと思った、こんな風に。「え? 日本人の肌が魅力的なんですか? ありがとうございます。 でも、これはニュートロジーナのおかげなんですけどね」  この手のジョークが通じるか?ちょっと不安だったので、あえて止めといた(笑)

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diary May 20th 2017 - coconut water

when I was talking with a person from a tropical country about fluid replacement during exercise, I got an interesting question from that person. the question was " whether coconut water can be a substitute for sport drinks such as gatorade "
because the coconut is not a common fruit in Japan, I have never thought of that idea saying that replacing a sport drink with the tropical fruit.  and I found this web article below concerning that topic.  although the author in that web article says that what is lacking in coconut water is sodium. a simple solution would be ... add a little bit of salt to the coconut water.  that would become a natural substitute for commercially produced sport drinks. a problem is a typical price of coconut is more expensive than popular sport drinks on the Japanese market ...


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diary May 9th 2017 - a new discovery

I had an opportunity to talk with one of my classmates after a nearly one year interval, and through the conversation I noticed that the word " discovery " wasn't in my English vocabulary (I mean I wasn't able to recall that word on the spot). that was kinda new discovery or a finding.

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diary May 2nd 2017

it is already May, how is going everyone ?
this week is a holiday studded week in Japan, which is called " golden week holiday ", however there is nothing special in my everyday. being able to spend every single day as usual is kinda " happiness" I guess.
have a good day everyone !

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diary April 26th 2017 - mindfulness and mindfullness

I came across an interesting topic about coaching psychology today.  that is ... "mindfulness " has two meanings.  one meaning is literally " compassion " and another meaning is " mindfullness " (mind and fullness). mindfulness or compassion means empathy to someone else, whereas mindfullness referes to a psychological state saying that your mind is full of something (preoccupied) rather than paying attention to your talking partner.in order to realize the true mindfulness, a kind of mind emptiness that can absorb your partner's story rather than mindfullness is important.         

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