エクササイズを楽しくする80年代ヒット曲ーエクスポゼ  The 80's hit song that makes your fitness workout fun and exciting

When I was reading an internet security related web article today, I came across a word saying that point of entry, which is supposed to be a data entry point or something like that. And, what sprung up in my mind on the spot was mid 1980's disco hit song Point of No Return by Expose.

Speaking of disco hit songs, many of you guys will imagine hit songs of Bananarama such as Love at first degree, Venus and so on. The striking difference between these groups is ... Bananarama is a female group in the UK, however, Expose is a female group in the USA, and reflecting the multicultural society in the US, members of Expose multinational and multicultural as you can see in the video clip. Their songs will become a good back ground music and a kind of motivator for your fitness workout who are reminiscent of cultures in the mid 80's.





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個人情報保護法(改訂) - 新しい概念  Protection of personal information and its utility, ISMS

Although today's topic is not related to fitness, the matter of internet security and privacy is a very important topic for everyone, you know. And concerning this matter, I was going through the Amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information (in Japan) today.

And I found a very intriguing description concerning the utility of personal information in this amended act, which was stipulated on December 2016. That said, " this act aims to protect an individual's rights and interests while considering the utility of personal information including that the proper and effective application of personal information contributes to the creation of new industries and the realization of a vibrant economic society and an enriched quality of life for the people of Japan "(Personal Information Protection Commission Japan, 2016).

I think this description is a new concept regarding the protection and utilization of personal information on the internet world, compared to what we used to be, which means only protection of privacy and personal information. So, I think this would be one step progress in interpretation in the concept of internet security and personal information and that kind of things. Of course, this can be what is called a double edged sword, thus, careful and considerate attitude would be important in treating this matter.

インターネット・セキュリティや個人情報の保護といった問題は、どなたにとっても非常に重要だと思います、また近年、Internet Security management System (ISMS) などが企業等でも関心事になりつつあるようですね。というわけで、これに関して、個人情報保護法(2016年12月改訂版)の冒頭部分に目を通してみたのですが、興味深い記述に気が付きました。


従来はインターネット・セキュリティや個人情報の保護というと、もっぱら、”各個人の情報を本人の同意や許可なく外部に公開しないこと”と理解されていましたが、この改訂・個人情報保護法では、一歩進んだ解釈がされているということですね。もちろん、個人のプライバシー保護 : 情報の公開と有効活用ということはセンシティブな問題で両刃の剣となり得るように思いますが、新たな方向性として興味深いと思います

Retrieved from Personal Information Protection Commission Japan, 2016.

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フィットネスの効果を英語で - beauty & wonder of fitness

Possible benefits of fitness

F ...  Free yourself from a fixed view, and free from stress
i  ...  immediately you will experience these ideal state
t  ...  transformation & transcendence of yourself
n ...  nervous system will be properly stimulated in serenity
e ...  emotion, energy level, and endocrine system are also improved
s ...  sleep well in the evening,  self-image of oneself gets better
s ...  secretion of sex hormones are stimulated, your attractiveness will increase

フィットネスの効果として期待できるものをfitnessの文字に当てはめて、思いつくものを書いてみました。他にも何か面白い答えを思いつきましたら教えてくださいね (賞品は出ませんが ... 笑)   If you hit upon some other good answer and idea, let me know in comment !               

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ケトジェニックダイエットとは何か? What is Ketogenic Diet ?

Recently in the health & fitness arena, the term " Ketogenic Diets " seems to be gaining people's attention and interest. And in a good timing, I got a detailed web article regarding Keto Diet from USA.
So, I will translate the summary of this article into Japanese language below in order to introduce you to what the Ketogenic Diet Plan is.

最近「ケトジェニック・ダイエット」という言葉に興味を持っている方が増えつつあるようです。通称ケト・ダイエットとも呼ばれたりするこのダイエット法は何なのか? ちょうど良いタイミングで「米国のフィットネス関連のウェブサイトにケトジェニック・ダイエットの記事を書いたので見て欲しい」という連絡がフィットネス関連の人物らしき人よりありましたので、本日はこの英文記事の要点を訳してみます。


" 健康&ウェルネス分野においてケトジェニック・ダイエット(別名:ケトダイエット・プラン)の人気が高まりつつある。ケトジェニック/ケトジェネシスという用語はカラダがケトン体を作り出すプロセスを意味するもので、ケトン体は炭水化物の摂取が少ない時に、脂肪酸と共にエネルギー源となるものである。


ケトジェニック・ダイエットはフィットネス愛好者などの間で話題の焦点となりつつあるが、それは、セラピューティック効果(療法的効果)を裏付ける研究が増えつつあるからである。これらの効果には、精神的機能の改善・向上、エネルギーレベルの安定、体重が短期間に減ること、および寿命の向上などである "


追記 ケトジェニックダイエットについて、ちょっとマニアックなネタを書かせていただきますと、ボディビルの世界の伝説的人物、マッスル北村さんの自伝「僕の履歴書」80ページに、ボディビルの世界選手権の準備の減量期間中に、このような高たんぱく質、低炭水化物、高脂肪の食事法を試しており、炭水化物を制限し、脂肪の摂取を増やすことで、カラダが食事に含まれる脂肪および体脂肪をエネルギー源とせざるを得ないような状況を作り出そうとしていたとの記述があります。この当時は、このような食事法はボディビル選手の間では「オイルダイエット」と称されていた記憶があります。10年以上前に既にこのような食事法を実験していた北村さんは、このような食事法の是非や安全性は別としても、着眼点や発想と勝利への執念という点ではやはり良い意味で違う次元を行っていたなあ、と今さらながら感心します。 

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避難所生活でのエコノミークラスシンドローム予防体操 preventative exercise for deep vein thrombosis at confined spaces in natural disasters





In case of natural disasters such as massive earthquakes, one of possible health concerns would be the formation of blood clots in veins doe to long time physical inertia in confined spaces at evacuation facilities. Concerning this topic, I wrote a 2 page articles about preventative exercises for the economy class syndrome aka deep vain thrombosis, with the help of Shizuoka-city Health Promotion Department on their periodical nearly four years ago from now (2014).

Unfortunately, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake happened at Osaka region which is the second biggest city in Japan yesterday (on June 18th 2018). I'm not sure currently how many people are spending their days at evacuation shelters, however, it's my small pleasure if my article at that time would be of some help for people spending their time with worry and anxiousness.
(Retrieved from shizuoka-city archive 静岡市刊行物アーカイブより引用)             

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アラン・ウォーカー新曲 Always (June 2018)

アラン・ウォーカーの新曲 Always です。このビデオが公式のイメージ映像か?どうかよくわからないのですが、この曲はFadedよりも、かなり明るいイメージになっているようです。メロディはどちらの曲もよく似ていますが、この新曲から受ける印象は「自然との調和や同化、統合」そんなイメージです。

This is a new song of Alan Walker which I found on youtube. I'm not sure whether this image footage is an official of Alan Walker, however, impressions I get from this song are more hopeful and brighter than his biggest hit song Faded. I mean, the melody lines of the both songs are very similar, however, lyrics and messages of Faded are a bit sad such as " where are you now ? I'm faded ... " to the contrary, images I feel from this new song is things like harmony and assimilation with the nature, co-existence, unification ... etc. I like that bright nature of this new songs.    

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シニア世代のロールモデル 萩本欽一論 トリロジー  June 9th 2018



というわけで、3回に分けて書いた欽ちゃん論を、まとめて再録させていただきます。3部作なのでtrilogy - トリロジーということで (大袈裟、笑)

萩本欽一論 第一部



In Japanese comedy world, one of the most beloved big shot comedian is Mr. Kinnitch Hagimoto. I wrote my though about his on my blog in 2007(the above links).  In 2015, he enrolled in a university at the age of over 70 years old to study the nature of human life and buddism. What I like about his is his passion and enthusiasm for pursuit of one's curiosity and belief.

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伊藤由奈 - 現在の近況は?(2018年)  Yuna Ito multicultural diva

ディオンさんは「由奈さんの才能はダイヤの原石に等しいから、これからも頑張ってね」ということを伝えたかったのだと思います。由奈さん、最近日本のテレビでは見かけないようですが、ネットで近況を調べたらインスタグラムがあり、生活の場をLAに移し、次の目標に向けて準備中のようです。近い将来、またファンの前に戻ってきてくれることを期待したいです。 Yuna Ito instagram 

This footage is one of my favorites, which is a one when Celine Dion and a Japanese singer Yuna Ito co-starred at Tokyo in 2008. Although Yuna has Japanese and Korean descent, she was born and grew up in Hawaii, so she has good aspects of the both American culture and Asian culture.

What I like in this footage especially is the episode when Celine Dion sent Yuna a small diamond stone at the final day of the collaborative concert as a thank you gift (from 1 minute 25 second from the beginning of the video). and she says " Yuna, this is a small gem, and whether you design it into a necklace, earrings, and something like that depends on your will and efforts like your future career "  Currently Yuna seems to have moved her environment from Tokyo to LA and is preparing for her next goals. I'm looking forward to her comeback on the showbiz stage sometime in the near future.

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ダイエット中に揚げ物が食べたくなったら ー サメカツ shark meat cutlet




Concerning my yesterday's post about shark meat, I got a comment from one of my best friends saying that how about frying it like a fried chicken cutlet ?   So, today I requested my mom to fry the shark meat (the photo).  The friend 's suggestion was right !  It tastes so good the texture is like a mixture of chicken cutlet and tuna cutlet. The calorie of shark meat itself is very low, therefore even if you friend it, it can be a relatively low calorie, high protein, and low fat healthy dish when you are on a weight loss diet.         

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低カロリー・低脂肪・高たんぱく食材 サメの肉 




In my home town Shizuoka, Japan, packed shark meat like the photo are sometimes sold at local supermarkets (not always though).  Many of you might think that sharks are on the list of Washington treaty and prohibited from cooking & eating purposes, however, please don't worry, this shark strain is out of the protected species on the  conservation list. Its texture and taste are a bit like chicken or white tuna meat, which means low fat and high protein. In that sense, shark meat might be suitable for fitness enthusiasts' tables. I'm not sure if there is scientific evidence for it though ... A problem is ... how well you cook and flavor it.  I flavored it with curry powder and sauteed previously.         


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Exercise instructor for the middle aged and special population. バブル世代のエクササイズ指導員



照明の加減なのか、顔が妙に日焼け色っぽく映っており(実際はもっと白い)、どこの人なのか、よくわからないような気が ...
極東地域なのか? やや中東方面なのか?とか ...

海外の方々と話をしていると、自分のアイデンティティを考え直す機会が多々あり、結果として、ますます良くわからなくなったり ... 笑


Hi you all ! The photos are my current physique which I took after today's workout. Although this is my own view about one's physique, I will need more muscle mass especially on traps and deltoids, I guess. The summer is just around the corner, I'm happy if I can be of some help & support for achieving your fitness/wellness goals.
I'm living in Shizuoka-city Japan.

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アラン・ウォーカー Faded クリスマスライブ version


「あなたは今どこ? 私は消えてなくなってしまいそう」という哀しげな歌詞を、これだけの大勢の観客が大合唱するということは、言い換えれば、皆、多かれ少なかれ、何らかの不安や孤独、寂しさなどを感じているからこそ、この曲に共感するのでしょう。その映像を観て心打たれるものがあるということは、自分もその一人なのだろうと思います。

I wrote my thought about popularity of Alan Walker's tunes in my previous post, and the above video is another live performance version of Faded, which took place in December 2017 at his home country Norway. I got goose bumps on my skin when the audience started singing with the female singer from 2 minute of the beginning of the video. The large audience's singing the lyrics " Where are you now ? I'm faded ... " probably signifies that many people on the globe are feeling a sense of stagnation in the society, at the same time, hope for the future.  Being moved with this footage probably means that I'm also one of them. 

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アラン・ウォーカー人気考察  - popularity of Alan Walker - hope in the uncertainty

(註 キーボードの男性がアラン・ウォーカーです)
美しくて幻想的なメロディーですが、歌詞はちょっと切ないというか退廃的な面もあります。I'm faded, where are you now ?   under the sea
(私は消えてなくなりそう、あなたはどこにいるの? 海の底)



The above video is one of my current favorite tunes, Alan Walker's Faded. The melody is beautiful and fantastic, however the lyrics are a bit sad and decadent-ish, such as " I'm faded, where are you now ?  under the sea ... ".

In these several months, I have opportunities to talk with people in their late 20's to early 30's in south European regions through online language practice tutorial service. What I feel from them is ... many of people in those regions seem to be feeling a sense of uncertainty and anxiety about the future because of stagnated economy, high unemployment rate and difficulty in getting a job with good working condition ... etc.

Alan Walker is also a musician in Europe - Norway.  Probably the reason why his songs draw empathy of young generations in Europe would be ... his songs are representing/embodying that kind of their internal voice, and his beautiful melody lines would give the audience a sense of relaxation, healing, reassurance, and hope for the future.  Japan is also facing a similar social problems more or less.  When I listen to his tunes, I feel a little bit blue, and at the same time I feel at ease and get energized, that is why I prefer his tunes.      

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ダイエットへのモチベーションを高めるエクササイズビデオ  motivator for exercise


One of my best friends showed me the presence of a youtube channel named as Danceon, and this footage is one of dance exercise videos on that channel. Of course I can not dance like this cuz my specialty is mainly strength & conditioning, however this amazing dance video can be a good motivator for your fitness workout. So I would like to share it here on my blog.

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An example of simple reflection


client : I don't have time to exercise. My spouse and friends don't either.

coach : It seems that you, your friends, and your spouse don't have time to exercise.

client : That's true, except for one of my friends who is an avid runner. I don't know how he does it.

coach : When you say you have a friend who is an avid runner, it sounds like you are impressed and may be curious, wondering how he manages to find the time.
Retrieved from Coaching psychology manual (Moore, Jackson, & Tschannen-Moran, 2016).

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An example of shifted focus reflection

client : I don't have time to exercise. My friends and spouse don't either.

coach : This sounds challenging, so little time to exercise. I'm wondering about the dance class you started with your partner. You were doing pretty well with that. I remember you saying that you were enjoying the classes.

client : Yes, that's the best decision I've made in quite a while. No more sitting in front of the TV on Thursday nights !  It's been great to do something active together. We may even add a second night to the schedule.

coach : It sounds like you are feeling happy with dancing and the time with your partner because it's meeting your needs for both physical activity and connection.

Coaching psychology manual (2016).

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An example of double-sided reflection

client : I don't have time to exercise. My friends and my spouse don't either.

coach : I hear you saying that you don't have time to exercise and that your friends and spouse don't either. But I've also heard you say that exercise makes you feel better and that regular exercise would be good for your energy and health.

client : That's the problem. I want to exercise, and it does make me feel better, but it cuts into my time with family and friends. If I could figure out how to do both, perhaps I could make exercise stick.

coach : It sounds like you are feeling discouraged because it's hard to meet your needs for both exercise and connection, and it would be worthwhile to find a way.

Coaching psychology manual, second edition (2016).       

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An example of amplified reflection

client : I don't have time to exercise. My friends and my spouse don't either.

coach : I hear you saying that you don't know anyone close to you who has time to exercise and that it feels impossible for you to fit exercise habits into your daily schedule.

client: It's not impossible for me to exercise. It's just hard to find the time. Once in a while I do manage to exercise, and I know there are people out there who exercise regularly, so maybe I could figure out a way.

coach: Sounds as though you are curious and feeling a little energized about finding a way to exercise more regularly, learning from the experience of others.

Moore,M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran, B .(2016). Coaching psychology manual, second edition. Philadelphia, PA. Wolters Kluwer.

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ダイエットへのモチベーション確認 - the importance of motivation

For those who are hoping to improve your fitness, physique, eating habits and so on, asking the following questions to yourself will increase your motivation for achieving your goals.

1) What is driving you to accomplish this goal ?
    なぜ、そうなりたいか? 原動力は何か?
2) What is important to you about this goal ?
3) What results are you expecting ?

Moore, M., Jackson, E, & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2016). Coaching psychology manual, second edition. Philadelphia, PA. Wolters Kluwer

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Open ended question for eliciting clients' storytelling (part 3)

1) What is on your plate right now that maybe getting in the way, this week, this next month, in the next three months ?

2) What would you like to do ?
3) What are you able to do to overcome this hardship or meet your goal ?
4) What are you willing to do to overcome this fear or your goal ?
5) What do you want to do to overcome this tough time or meet your goal ?
6) What can I do to best help you today ?
7) What might I do better to help you today ?
8) What would your life be like if you do not achieve this goal ?
9) What is the best case scenario if you achieve this goal ?
10) What is the worst case scenario if you don't achieve your goal ?

Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2016). Coaching psychology manual, second edition. Philadelphia, PA. Wolters Kluwer.

ゴールデンウィークも明け、気候も夏らしくなってきましたね。皆さん、どんな風に過ごされましたでしょうか? 明日からまた頑張りましょう。

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Open ended question for eliciting clients' story telling (part 2)

1) What will it take for you to make changes ?
2) What have you tried and succeeded to accomplish in your life that is similar to this goal ?
3) What are some new possibilities that you haven't considered before ?
4) What do you think is the best possible outcome of this coaching program ?
5) What do you think is the likely outcome of this coaching program ?
6) What do you think is the worst possible outcome of this coaching program ?
7) What would you like the outcome of our coaching program to be ?
8) What is happening when you feel getting exhausted ?
9) What are the triggers that are stimulating you to feel anxious ?
10) What would it take to deal with your feelings of emotional disturbance ?
11) What is holding you back or standing in your way ?  How is it holding you back ?
12) What are you afraid of ?
13) What is at risk for you ?
14) What is more important to you than meeting this goal ?
15) What would make this the right time for you to do this ?

Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran, B (2016). Coaching psychology manual, second edition. Philadelphia, PA. Wolters Kluwer.

When I was seeing an interview of J,Lo before, her motto in life captured my heart and attention, that is ...  " Be the best person you can be in every moment ".   if I translate her words in my interpretation, that would be ... " Not to tell a lie to one's mind and be honest and sincere to oneself as possible in every moment.  Of course as long as you live, 100 % perfect can't be though ... "            

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Open ended questions for eliciting clients' story telling (part 1)

Although this week is a holiday studded week in Japan, I don't have a special thing to do, so, I'm writing some samples of open ended questions that are applicable for one's everyday work in order to solidify my memory.

1) What would you like your wellness to look like three months later, one year later, or two years later ?
2) What are top three values in your life ?
3) What are top three goals in your life ?
4) What part of your life is most important to you ?
5) What would you like less of in your life ?
6) What would you like more of in your life ?
7) What excites you ?
8) What would you like to accomplish in the next three months ?
9) What motivators are important enough for you to enable you to overcome your obstacles in order to achieve your goals ?
10) What would your life be like if you achieve these goals ?
11) What would your life be like if you do not achieve these goals ?
12) What is the best case scenario ?
13) What is the worst case scenario ?

These inquiries would be useful for reconfirming one's values and priorities in one's life as well.
Moore, M., Jackson, E., & Tschannen-Moran, B. (2016).
Coaching Psychology Manual, second edition. Philadelphia, PA. Wolters Kluwer.   

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バブル時代のヒット曲 - Over Night Success

前回 「バブル時代のようなエナジーや良い意味での陽気さを取り戻そう」という雰囲気やカルチャーが生まれつつあるようだ」と書きましたが、当時(1980年代中頃~90年代前半)をイメージさせるものといえば、僕にとってはこの曲だったりします。

カセットテープのTV コマーシャルで使用されていたので、覚えていらっしゃる方もいるかもしれませんね。テリ・デザリオという歌手が歌っていた「オーバーナイト・サクセス」という曲です。当時、働いていたフィットネスクラブで、朝の開館準備などの作業をしている時に、この曲がよく流れていたんですよ、有線放送か他の従業員の私物カセットテープか何かだったと思いますが ...(CDやMP3など、まだなかった時代の話ですね 笑)

Previously I wrote that a social phenomena to be reminiscent of subculture and energy in mid1980's to early 90's is occurring in Japan currently. Speaking of these days, this tune is one of my favorites. Because, I was working at a fitness gym in Tokyo as a student part time instructor at that time, and this song was often played as a back ground music in that facility especially when the gym staffs were preparing for the opening of the facility in every morning.
Lyrics and melody of this tune energize and invigorate you at the start of the day !      

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バブルブーム再びか、エナジーを取り戻せ! Regaining the energy



上記のビデオを見た率直な感想ですが、バブルのお姉さん二人のインパクトもさることながら、バンドを含めた全体の雰囲気やファッションなどが、バブル期に流行したディスコソングバンドのデッド・オア・アライブをなんとなく彷彿とさせるような気がします。日本のバブル期カルチャーの再来についてはNew York Timesのビジネス記事欄にも紹介されているようです(下記リンク)。あの当時のエナジーと明るさが世界と日本にも戻ってくるといいですよね。

One of my best friends recommended me this video, which is a girls duo that makes you recall an image and reminiscent memory of Japan's subculture from mid 1980's to early 1990's. If you are interested in this country's culture and social phenomena in those days, this article is detailed. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/06/business/japan-1980s-bubble-era.html
key words would be ... learning from the good old days, reconciliation, resilience, and create a new future !

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ゴールデンウィーク 英語では何という? Japanese Golden Week


僕自身が、英語でゴールデンウィークを説明する場合は、holiday studded week と言っています。studded とは「ちりばめられた」という意味で、つまり、「多くの祝日がちりばめられた1週間の休暇」といったような意味になります。

すると、次の反応は「え、じゃあ、その1週間には、どんな祝日が含まれてるの?」という質問が来たりしますので、「4月29日が一代前の天皇のお誕生日で、5月3日は日本の憲法が制定された記念日で ... 」とか具体的な説明が必要になったりします。そうすると、相手は「あーなるほどね、私の国ではね ...」などと自国の文化や習慣を説明して下さったりしますので、会話はどんどん膨らんで行きます。例えば、以前、中東の方と話をする機会がありましたが、祝日の話題から始まり、イスラムの断食習慣・ラマダンのことを説明してくださり、とても興味深かったです。そうなると外国の方々と会話するのが楽しくなり、英語の勉強もやる気が増します。このように、楽しみながら学ぶサイクルになると理想ですよね。

The longest officially designated holiday week in Japanese calendar is the Golden Week Holiday which starts from around April 29th and ends around on May 5th. (the exact start date and the end date of the golden week depends on the calendar of that year). Probably,  many of you guys would be curious about the reason why this holiday week is called as the golden week.

The reason is ... as much as 4 national holidays are studded in this week.
April 29th -  birthday of the previous emperor.
May 3rd   -  National constitution day
May 4th   -  The Green Day (holiday for raising awareness about natural environment)
May 5th   -   Children's day (holiday for celebrating sound growth of children)

and including the weekends before and after these national holidays, if you take a few days of payed leave, it will bring you a consecutive 8 or 9 holidays. So to speak, this holiday studded week is as precious as gold for busy working people, housewives and people like that.  Have a nice golden week everyone !

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人間関係において、どこまで踏み込んで本音で話をするか? どれくらいのペースで良好な関係を構築していくか? これについては、ひとりひとり、考えや好みが大きく異なるので、相手にとって良かれと思ったことが、実は相手にとっては不快だったりする可能性もあるわけです。僕自身がお客様の目にどう映っているか?も人それぞれだと思います。「このインストラクターは馴れ馴れしいヤツだな」と感じる方がいらっしゃるかもしれないし、場合によっては「よそよそしくて親近感がないな」と感じる方もいらっしゃるかもしれません。

長期間、良い関係を維持するには「つかず離れずの関係が良い」とも聞きますが、これもどの程度の距離感やペースが「つかず離れず」なのか? 人によって捉え方が大きく違うように思います。僕自身の性格は、たとえて言うなら「バーベルとフィットネス雑誌と英検の参考書がお友達」みたいなオタクな面があるので、人間関係の微妙で最適な距離感を察知するのが鈍感というか下手なのかな?と思ったりもします。健康&フィットネス関連の心理的側面を学んでいる人間がこんなことを言ったら矛盾しているかもしれませんが、人の心理や感情、人間関係の最適な距離感というのは、ほんとうに微妙で難しいものだなと感じます。

What I feel recently is about an appropriate and comfortable distance in trusting human relationship.  For example, a mutual understanding with your school teachers, your supervisor in the workplace would be an important key for good human relationship. However, the distance between you and that person was too close, there would be something inconvenient aspects as well, such as privacy matters ... etc.

Similar thing can be said if you are a student, for example, you will want to get along with your new classmates as soon as possible in the new school term.  However, if you  stepped into the heart/backyard of your new friend too early, that kind of your behavior may be a bit annoying or troublesome for the new friend, depending on that person's way of thinking, views, personality, culture and so on.

So to speak, in order to establish and maintain a good and trusting human relationship for as long as possible, an ideal distance that is not too close and not too far would be very important. The problem is ...  the ideal distance, pace, timing and so on in good and comfortable human relations are largely different from person to person. That would be one of the most challenging aspects in intricacy of human relations.         

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参勤交代 英語で - 通訳案内士試験 サンプル





遠い過去の事象なので、どちらが本当なのか?は僕にはわかりません。家康さんを始め、徳川家は先進的な考えの人が多かったというイメージを僕は持っていますので、地方知事と都知事の親睦友好および研修が主な目的だったと思いたいですが。 というわけで、参勤交代の真意は何だったのか?はよくわかりませんが、これを日本を訪れる外国人観光客に英語で説明する、あるいは通訳案内士・2次試験でこの問題が出た場合、どのように解答すればよいか?というと、あくまで一例ですが

In feudal period in Japan, regional war lords were administered and controlled by the central government - the Edo shognate.  One of characteristics in administration in this period was ... regional war lords were imposed an official duty to serve in the capital city Edo (current Tokyo) in every other year.  The true motive of this system varies among historians, for example, the main reason of this system was to have the regional lords spend a lot of travel expenses and stay them away from their local areas, and deprive them of money and time for overthrowing the central government.

Other opinions are like this ... a true reason for this system was to have better mutual understanding and friendship between the central government and regional war lords by requesting them to serve in the capital city in every other year. As a result, the regional heads were able to return what they learned at the capital to their local territories.

Looking back now, this system of service of local governors at the capital city in every other year was, hopefully, supposed to be a historical initiative for co-prosperity and mutual understanding between the central government and regional governors.
これは、試験に受かってから10年以上経過した時点で僕が書いたサンプルですので、実際の試験では、ここまでは要求されないと思います、ご安心ください。それと、このサンプルを丸暗記して試験で答えても、合格点が取れるかどうかは、他の要素もありますので保証はしかねます(笑)。あなたの自信や雰囲気とか、試験管との相性とか、正確なアクセントで喋れているか?とか...  大切なことは、外国にはあまりない習慣・システムをいかに簡潔に、そして興味深く伝えるか?だと思います。僕自身も、その点はまだまだ勉強中です。

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英文法は必要か? -  英語の構文150 





その意味でも、この本は英語の構造を覚えるのに非常に役立った本で、ある意味、僕自身の英語学習の原点の一冊とも言えます (写真をクリックすると大きなサイズになります)

The photo is a page from a book that I used for forming a foundation of my English grammar. This textbook is comprised of around 150 sample sentences of representative English grammars, and was widely used among high school boys and girls in my generation. This is one of the most memorable textbooks in my language learning journey so far.

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ダイエットやエクササイズを始める動機 - A reason to initiate a new habit


1) 現状を変えることや新しいことにチャレンジすることでどんな良いこと・利点があるか?
2) 現状にとどまることの利点は何か? あるいは弊害は何か?

The swimsuit season is just around the corner, and many of you guys will be thinking of starting a fitness workout program or diet program. In many cases, although you feel the necessity for changing your eating habits or exercise habits, a problem will be how well you motivate yourself for initiating and maintaining the change. In that case, how about thinking about pros of the change, and cons of staying the same ?

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Although this is a hit song in more than 15 years ago, it is one of my recent favorites.  M2M    " Everything you do "
Have a good day today as well !


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Yoshi videolog - April 16th 2018

☆ Happy Holiday ☆


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Diary April 10th 2018 - effort and fate

Make your best effort, and be optimistic after that.
That said, pour the best energy and enthusiasm as you can into something that is important and priceless to you, and commit the judgement to your destiny and environment.

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benefits/drawbacks of staying the same

Decisional Balance is a kind of balance sheet of pros and cons of a particular behavior (your desired change).

What are the benefits of staying the same ?
sample answer,  being able to continue the current comfortable lifestyle   
What are benefits of changing the status quo ?
sample answer,  your life would become more exciting and meaningful
What are your concerns/worries about making a change ?
sample answer,  a possibility of failure, rejection by people,   
What are your concerns about staying in the current situation ?
sample answer,  your future will not expand, rather dwindle gradually

considering the benefits of staying the same and changing your life,  disadvantages/risks of staying the same and changing your current situation,  which do you think is important and beneficial for your future vision ?     Staying here ? or changing/modifying/improving something as your situation allows ?     The answer will be evident, it is already in your mind.            

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語学トレーニングとセリエ博士の理論 - My thought as of April 2018

All of my regular online learning partners are off of work today because of the Easter holiday. I thought of taking some other instructor's lesson instead, however I wasn't able to betray trusting relationships with my regular partners, besides, it seems that my energy level has reached the temporary exhaustion stage recently, which is a final phase of the general adaptation theory, thus, I'm writing this post instead of speaking practice. Unexpectedly, a super compensation seems to be happening as a result of conserving energy. Looking back now, I have been a kind of automatic pilot state in these two months or so, as is explained in the general adaptation syndrome theory that you reach to the temporary exhaustive state after about 8 weeks to 12 weeks of intense continual training.  Through this experience, I re-noticed the importance of taking active rest period after exposing yourself to an intense and continual stimuli for about two months or so.

I hope my dear partners are enjoying the egg shell game with their family right now.   

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use silence appropriately in a good timing

Previously I wrote that if you look at your strengths from the other side, it can be a weaknesses as well and vise versa. In my case, that would be ... I have a tendency to over explain/talk too much when I got some question from my client, or exercise class participant. What I need to keep in mind would be " active listening involves using silence appropriately to hold the space and allowing clients to reflect, process, and identify what emerges " (Retrieved from ICHWC)


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Diary April 5th 2018 長所は短所でもあり得る

It is often said that one's strengths and weaknesses are both sides of a coin, and if you look at your strength from the other side, they can be a weakness as well.  What I feel recently is ... if you have some outstanding advantage/strength over other people, in that case, probably 8 or 9 out of 10, you will have some extreme inferiority to others. Because it is not difficult to imagine that the person poured as much energy and time as possible for achieving the feats, and as a result, he/she sacrificed a lot of things in the process of pursuit. examples are the top level athletes, artists, scholars, business people ... etc. I feel that kind of dilemma recently.

インターネットで僕のブログやプロフィールを見た方の多くは、こんな印象を持つことが多いようです。「この人、英語ができて、資格も色々持っていて、ボディビルの大会にも出てたらしいね ...  色々なことやっている人だなあ」

フィットネスと英語に力を入れているのは事実ですが(それが仕事なので)、実際のところは、僕からその二つを取ったら何の取り柄もない不器用な人間なんです。所持している資格のいくつかは、僕が日本で唯一の取得者だったりしますが、アメリカの資格なので、日本では、ほとんど認識されておらず、また、もともと自分の趣味だったフィットネスを職業として選んだので、どこまでが趣味で、どこからがビジネスかという認識が甘くて、自分の専門分野や資格などを、それに見合う金銭的対価に昇華できていない現実があります。生活力の欠如した中年男と、現実的な生活設計を考える運命の女神は、そうそういないようで、いい歳をして、まだ独身です (2018年4月現在)。 


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心に響くタイタニックテーマ (クリスティーナ・グリミー) Your heart will go on, Christina Grimmie

Two years have passed since the tragedy, however Ms. Christina Grimmie's beautiful songs are still in my mind, especially this song is one of my favorites and as heart touching as the original version by Ms.Dion. Although I can't specify why Christina's version moves people's mind, probably that is because of her innocence like a sunshine, belief in singing and sincerity, I guess. Christina, your memory will go on in the heart of your fans.

米国の女性歌手・クリスティナ・グリミーさんの悲劇の事故から2年が過ぎようとしていますが、彼女がカバーした「マイ ハート ウィル ゴーオン(タイタニックのテーマ)」は今でも僕の好きな曲の一つで、個人的にはセリーヌ・ディオンのオリジナルと同じくらい素晴らしいと思います。何でグリミーさんの歌が人々の心をとらえるのか?特定するのは難しいのですが、彼女の天真爛漫な明るさと歌に対する信念や情熱、真摯さだと思います。My heart will go on とは「私の心は生き続ける」という意味ですが、彼女の魂と思い出は僕らファンの心の中に永遠に生き続けています。

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Diary April 1st 2018


On this Spring Equinox day, I visited some of my relatives houses with my mom, and after that I dropped by one of the most beloved shrines in my city to take photos of cherry trees. This photo is one o f them, which signifies the arrival of the spring.

先日、春分の日に先祖供養に親戚の家を訪問し、その帰りに、なぜか桜の写真が撮りたくなり、静岡浅間神社に立ち寄りました。デジカメを持って境内をウロウロしていたので、観光客に見えたのか、近くにいたおじさんが「お兄さん、桜の写真を撮りに来たの? 向こうに本殿があるから、その裏手で良い写真が撮れるよ」と教えてくださいました。で、撮ったのがこの写真。見知らぬオジさんのご親切に感謝です。(画像クリックすると大きくなります)

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Diary March 25th 2018 ドラゴンへの道の微妙なニュアンス

The following is my thought about slight difference in interpretation of English language version and Japanese language version of Bruce Lee's movie " The Way of the Dragon "

From the English title " the way of the dragon", what you imagine would be ... determination and pride as a dragon, like " I will go this way as a dragon  or born this way "
On the other hand, when this movie was released in Japan, this title was translated into Japanese language like this " the way to(or for/toward)the dragon ".  which evokes images like " I will keep striving for my lifetime in order to become the dragon".  In other words, efforts and endless practice for the higher state are emphasized, I guess.
This slight difference in the English title and the Japanese title would be a kind of cultural difference in the west and the east. I like the both titles and cultures.
ブルース・リー氏の代表作に「ドラゴンへの道」という映画があります。英語版のタイトルは「ザ・ウェイ・オブ・ザ・ドラゴン」です。 ウェイとはこの場合、生き方や人生を意味します。つまり、この英語タイトルを直訳すると、ドラゴンの人生、とか、ドラゴンの道、といった感じになります。日本語版のタイトルは「への道」と訳されています。英語版はつまり、「ドラゴンとしての人生・生き方」というニュアンスです。一方、日本語版は、「本物のドラゴンになるため(近づくため)の道」という感じがします。


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Diary March 21st 2018 A sensitive topic - difference in currency value

I will write today's diary in Japanese only, because I don't have much opportunity to write Japanese language recently. Keeping a diary in one's mother tongue is a way to maintain one's mother language skills currently for me. it's a kind of funny irony, you know.


先生 「フィットネスクラブに入会しようか検討しているんだけど、月会費がちょっと高くてどうしようかな?と思ってるの。月に20ドル相当なのよ、高いよね?」

僕 「うーーん、こんな話題に触れていいのかどうかわからないけど、国によって貨幣価値というのは大きく異なるからなあ、何とコメントすべきかわからないよ。例えばね、東京のフィットネスクラブだと月会費は1万円前後(およそ100ドル相当)のところが多いから、日本でジムの月会費が2000円前後(約20ドル相当)なら、すごくお得なんだけど、僕は先生の国の物価のことはわからないからなあ。 高いと感じるかお得と感じるかは、結局、自分の生活の中で何に優先順位を置いて考えるか?だと思うよ」

先生「えーーっ、月に100ドル? 日本のジムの会費はそんなに高いの?」
先程まで何だか嬉しそうだった先生の顔が、深刻になってしまい、この日の会話はなんか重々しい雰囲気になってしまった ....


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Diary March 18th 2018 Everyone has its own uniqueness

If the 7 billion people on the planet were exactly the same in terms of personality, way of thinking, outlook, values, and so on, that will make the world a very tiring place. Each individual is different, that is why human relations can be sometimes complicated, and sometimes thrilling and exciting.  Have a nice Sunday everyone !

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Diary March 11th 2018

Although there is nothing much to write, my dominant language is changing day by day between English and Japanese. that is my current state of mind.

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Diary March 5th 2018

A message to oneself

Concentrate on what you should do right now in this moment, believing in yourself and believing in people who could support you.

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Diary Feb 27th 2018 Going with the flow like a small play

What I 'm thinking of in these days is the following words Bruce Lee once said.

A good martial art fight should be like a small play, it means, when your opponent(partner) expand, you contract, and when your opponent(partner) contract, you expand. And an opportunity has come, I do not hit, it hits by all itself.
I think this notion is applied to various aspects of our human relationships as well, not limited to martial arts practice only. Especially, I'm not so good at listening to/accepting one's partner's situation and stories as thy are. I will need to learn that kind of aspect in life.  Have a wonderful day everyone !
最近感じているのは、これって格闘技だけでなく、普段の人間関係でも同じことが言えるのかなあ?なんて思っています。 積極的に出るのは得意でも、上手く引くのが苦手な僕としては ...

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現在のシェイプ My current shape - Feb 21st 2018


This is my current shape as of Feb 21st 2018.
and I filmed my self-introductory greeting video to those who visit my websites. Link to the video is below my profile photo on this blog.



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Yoshi videolog Feb 14th 2018 - Valentine special version

Today's daytime temperatures were relatively mild and I had some free time, so, I filmed my first video in 2018.  Have a nice day today as well everyone !

本日は日中の気温が比較的穏やかで、時間も少しあったので、2ヶ月ぶりにビデオを撮ってみました。2月なのにこんな衣装で ... (本人は至って楽しんでやっております 笑)

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Diary Feb 9th 2018 - wonder of the nature and the creature

This is a plum tree my father was taking care of. As you can see, the plum flowers got blossom beautifully, which makes me feel the arrival of the early spring.


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ダイエットや英語学習などのお悩み相談 - I will be a listener of your stories in weight loss, English language practice, etc




当方、静岡市葵区在住ですが、メールやスカイプ等を利用した御相談やレッスン等も可能です、日本語・英語どちらでも対応いたします。 お問い合わせ等、このブログのプロフィール写真の下のリンクよりメール送信できます。よろしくどうぞ。 

One of my fitness related certifications is "Certified Health & Wellness Coach ", however, because the wellness coaching is a fledgling field in health & fitness, many people don't know yet what exactly the wellness coaching is ?  for example What is the difference from personal training and so on ?  Wellness coaching is a kind of psychological support for various hurdles, difficulties, stress, and goal setting in the process of health related goals such as weight loss, improvement of diet.  Basically, the job of personal trainers is to provide technical instruction and advice such as how to lift weight, how to stretch, nutritional tips ... etc.  Whereas the primary job of wellness coaches is to support and guide you to a better direction mainly from motivational and psychological aspect, for example, when you feel a dilemma/discrepancy between where you are now and your ideal goal, or when you got emotionally exhausted.
However, you don't need to think of my wellness coaching service so seriously from the beginning, basically I would like to be a good listener of your stories, recent experiences, a cause of stress or concern, and I'm glad if we can explore a good direction or some solution for it together.
My fitness consultation/wellness coaching service is available both in English and Japanese. Although I'm living in Shizuoka-city, Japan, you can access me from anywhere on the globe through the e-mail, skype and so on.  for details, click the link to my wellness coaching profile page below my profile photo on the blog.       

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Diary Feb 4th 2018 - harmony of the sea and the sky, and one's existence


This is my favorite photo, which one of my best friends shot me at a seaside in my city on two days before the new years eve of 2017 (13 months ago from now).

He said " the harmony of the ocean and the sky is magnificent ! ", and I quite agree with him. Although I'm a small and trivial presence in the whole universe, I would like to find a meaning of my existence on the globe.

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Diary Jan 31st - HWC review part 6

the following is a review/reminder to myself

preparation prior to the first session
Prior to a coaching session, the coach reviews materials, eliminates distractions, and takes time to become mindful and present. The coach's state helps the client become calm and receptive, which fosters self-awareness and self-discovery.
the first session
The coach's aims for the initial session, or intake session, are to describe the coaching process, review information and assessments provided by the client, and determine if the client is an appropriate candidate for coaching. the coach clarifies roles and expectations, e.g., the coach will not diagnose or prescribe, nor give unsolicited advice, the client will self-determine his/her vision, goals, and action steps, and the client will be actively engaged in trying new behaviors as planned with the coach. logistics and responsibilities (client vs coach) are confirmed in a written coaching agreement.
early sessions
in the initial stages of coaching, time is spent mainly exploring the client's vision, purpose, and priorities. the coach refers to these in subsequent sessions to elicit motivation. during early sessions, the coach also spends adequate time exploring the client's understanding of his/her health and wellness, so goals are not set prematurely. note that when choosing a focus, the coach is not the expert deciding what is most appropriate, instead, the client is empowered to select an area that feels important, motivating, or timely.
routine fellow up sessions
a coaching program starts with an initial phase, followed by routine follow up coaching sessions for a pre-determined period of weeks or months. at the opening of each session, the coach asks about the client's current state (e.g., energy, mood), throughout the session, the coach refers to shifts in the client's state. the coach facilitates review of previous action steps, uses other processes as appropriate, and supports the client in defining new action steps. the coach reflects the client's understanding, perspectives, and learning. at the end of each session, the client articulates new personal discoveries.
the graduation phase
in the final coaching session, the coach's focus is on recognition of progress, learning, and closure. the client articulates successes and looks back at what he/she learned. the coach helps the client to establish a plan for how he/she will maintain or continue progressing toward goals, with an emphasis on support and resources.


話しているうちに、その方は西海岸の州立大学の出身だとわかり、初対面なのに、陽気なアメリカ人の人懐っこい良い面が全開(笑) 「アイソダイン(イソジン)は水虫の手当てにも使えるよ。日本のキッチンハイターもね」とか「君のハンドバッグはかっこいいな」とか、たわいない世間話をノリの良いメチャクチャ速いテンポでまくしたてる(僕がいつもビデオで話している英語を2倍~2.5倍位の早口にしたような印象)。短い時間でしたが楽しい時間を過ごせました。不思議な出会いに感謝します。

英語が母国語の人達から見て僕は「アジア育ちの人間にしては妙に英語がうまい変な小男」という印象が多いだろうというのは、これまでお世話になった方々の反応から推測できる。一生、英語を訓練しても完全なネイティブレベルになることはあり得ないかもしれないが、やる以上は「外国人としての最上レベル」に近づきたい。例えるなら、デイブ・スペクター氏やパトリック・ハーラン氏の日本語のように。 そのレベルに到達するにはまだまだ改善の余地が多いこともわかっている。

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