Diary November 27th 2020

You shouldn't satisfy with a language level saying that " oh your English is good as an Asian or as a Japanese ". You need to go beyond that level. Of couse it will take some time to reach that level, but that is my next destination.


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Thanksgiving message 2020 from ACSM

Thanksgiving message from the American College of Sports Medicine.



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Diary November 26th 2020

Expressions and words I want to use in my everyday conversation.

unlock the door
resonate with / resonance
puisuit of excellence
insane / insanity
striving for
struggle with
perseverance, patience
tenacity / tenacious / tenacious efforts / tenacious pursuit
additional post - I came across this footage today.
本日のおまけ オーバー・ザ・レインボウ

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レイア・サロンガ ドキュメンタリー

The following is a link to a docummentary of musical singer from the Phillipines Ms. Lea Salonga. Her voice and songs are captivating and beautiful, besides, her English can be a good role model for learning the language as well. This TV show is empowering midst of the COVID 19 pandemic.


ミュージカル「ミス・サイゴン」やディズニーアニメ「アラジン」のジャスミン姫の歌声で有名なミュージカル歌手 レイア・サロンガさんのドキュメンタリー番組です。非常に惹きつけられる内容ですし、レイアさんの英語の発音がとてもきれいで英語のリスニング教材としても有用なビデオだと思います。

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Diary November 22nd 2020

Although this might be an assumption and a kind of biased view about myself, the English I speak may be a little bit female-ish or girly.
The reason is ... I've been practicing English online for ten years now, and most of the online tutors were (and are) female tutors.
I only talked with two male tutors in my online language practice history. One was a guy interested in MMA, and the other was a guy interested in bodybuilding. The both men were nice persons, but the practice with them didn't last so long. All of the other tutors in my practice history are women. The reason is quite simple, because I'm a man, I'm unconsciously looking for sweetness of women, I guess.
But seeing from the other side, it means practice listening to English of men lack in my language training, and as I wrote in the beginning, there is a small possibility that my speaking is influenced by female talks. Thus, I'll need a practice listening to male speaking as well in the future.




1)  男性の話す英語を聴く練習をあまりしていない。
2)  自分の話し方が女性の喋り方に影響を受けている可能性あり。




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Diary November 21st 2020

I have a fever of 38 degree Celsius for these two days, and I visited a neaby hospital today. The physician said " according to your symptoms, there is a possibility of flu, however unfortunately exam kit for flu is out of stock now, so, please visit another hispital to get the flu test "

It was 20 minutes before noon, reception hours on Saturdays are until noon or 12:30 in many hospitals in Japan. So, I made a phone call to another internal medicine clinic I visited 6 years ago or so, but they didn't accept my request. After that, I rushed to another hospital in my area and conveyed my situation over the phone, but this clinic also didn't accept my request. THe time was alread past noon at that time, I became desparate and drived that area a while to search for available hospital, and luckly I found a pediatric and internal medicine clinic nearby, and I parked my car at that clinic and conveyed my situation and symptoms at the reception, fortunately this clinic kindly accepted my visit and a female physician came out of the room and asked my symptoms.

She conducted a test for flu and a test for COVID 19 anti-body. After waiting for 15 minutes outside the clinic, my name was called again, fortunately the results for the two tests were negative. and also the female physician conducted a urine test as well, and there was no problem in the urine test too. So, the diagnosis by the physician is a common cold.

Clinics that refused my request, and the clinic that accepted my visit. I saw a true nature of medical institutions through this episode. I wanna thank the physician and staff members of the pediatric and internal medicine clinic for their ind work.



もう時間は昼12時を少し過ぎていて、38度を超える熱があり、明日は日曜日、明後日は祝日(勤労感謝の日) ますます気持ちが焦る。土曜日にやっている当番医に電話して状況を伝えると「当院ではインフルエンザの検査はしません」とのこと。

あきらめ半分に車を運転していると、「土曜日 受付13:00まで」と書いてある小児科&内科を見つけた。もうここに賭けるしかない、との思いで受付に状況を伝えると、快く対応して下さり、診察室から女医さんが出ていらした。



1)  検査キットの在庫がない旨、院長先生本人が電話を下さった。
2)  これから来院すると時間外なので診れません。医師会に問い合わせてみてはいかがでしょう?(でも教えて下さった電話番号は使われておらず)
3) 本日、当院が当番医ですが、インフルエンザの検査等はお受けできません。
4)  38.3度の熱のある突然の新規患者を受け入れて下さった


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Diary November 20th 2020 - my first Zoom exprience

Today, I participated in ACSM virtual town hall meeting 2020, and I used Zoom for the first time.
Although I haven't tried many of its functions yet, as for video definition and sund quality, I prefer Skype to Zoom.
It was a good opportunity to experience a virtual meeting on Zoom.


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ACSM virtual seminar in December 2020

An information about online seminar by ACSM.
" Cutting edge thoughts on COVID 19 in sports medicine and athlete care "


ACSM オンラインセミナーのお知らせ
「コロナ・ウィルス ~ スポーツ医学とアスリートのケアに関する最新の考察」

対象者 : 運動選手の健康管理に関わる職業の方々

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Diary November 14th 2020

Good morning guys.
It is 6:30 in the morning, and I hope it will be a good day for you all.
Although it is getting colder day by day, be positive and stay safe !

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Diary November 12th 2020

In today's online English practice, I noticed an importance of paying attention to where you want to emphasize and where it is not so important in the context. By doing so, excessive stress on the tongue and muscles around the throat will be reduced. I sometimes experience inflamations on the side of tongue in the process of English practice, probably the cause of the inflamation would be tightened muscles around the throat and mouth when you speak the foreign language. That says relaxation and accent are important in speaking. 

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New educational requirement for ACSM-EP and CEP from 2027

Education requirement for ACSM Exercise Physiologist exam and ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist exam will change from August 2027. The amendment says more strict educational requirement is necessary to sit for the those two exams for further development of the fitness industry and exercise professionals.


ACSM エクササイズ・フィジオロジストおよびクリニカルエクササイズ・フィジオロジスト試験を受験するための受験資格が2027年8月より変更されます。



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Diary November 7th 2020

A knowledge in the following area is also necessary for fitness professionals.

Conflict resolution in the gym, and in the studio.
In other words, how an instructor handles and solves a trouble among gym members peacefully.  

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Diary November 5th 2020

I got a flu vaccine at a nearby hospital today, and the physician in that clinic said an interesting thing. He said " Although this is my personal opinion, I don't think flu gets prevalent in this winter season because everyone wears a facemask due to COVID 19 "

Like this, this physician always says interesting things, and I go to his clinic for flue shot every year because of his sense of humor and personality.  



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The 2:1 rule in wellness coaching

In wellness coaching, an ideal ratio between coache's listening and speaking should be around 2:1, which means health & wellness coaching is a mindful listening based approach to elicit your client's/patient's motivation and positive attitude toward his/her desired change.

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Diary November 1st 2020

Sometimes, foreigh people come to the city fitness center I'm working for currently. Today, I talked with two women - probably from the Phillipines. One of the women told me " Your English is good, and I like your accent "
I wasn't so conscious about my English accent until now. But the words from the Phillipino woman became a good encouragement for my further practice.


すると、Your English is good ! という反応でした。
また、I like your accent とも言っていただきました。


僕はオンラインでフィリピンの先生達と何年も練習していたので、もしかしたらフィリピンの先生達との会話で身に着いたアクセントが、フィリピン出身のお姉様2名に心地よく感じられたのかな?とも推測しているのですが ...


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Diary October 30th 2020

Recently I often participate in continuing education programs for my fitness certifications. Although I have already earned necessary Continuing Education Credits for the next renewal of my NSCA, ACSM, and Wellcoach certifications, attending those programs can be a good learning opportunity for me. Today's program is a one on Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

最近、フィットネス資格の更新用の継続教育コースのオンラインプログラムによく参加しています。NSCA, ACSM, ウェルコーチ、これらの資格の次回の更新に必要な単位は既に確保してありますが、英語の勉強をかねて講習動画をみたり教材を読んだりしています。本日は、またGSSIのウェビナーを視聴。0.75CEC獲得しました。

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Diary October 27th 2020

I would like to deepen my understanding about the following realms.

psychological aspect in behavior change
exercise physiology
statistics in research

That said I need to brush up my knowledge and expertise as an exercise physiologist.

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Diary October 26th 2020

Today was the day of leg workout, however, I didn't want to give a lot of stress on my quadriceps, so I replaced squats with narrow stance deadlift. Deadlift is a very convenient exercise, I mean, it can become a quad exercise and a hamstrings & glute exercise depends on weight distribution on soles of the feet. If you push the ground surface with your heels, hamstrings & glutes are mainly engaged, whereas if you push the floor surface with balls of the feet, front side of your legs are engaged as well. 


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Diary October 25th 2020

Today's online English tutor asked me " Do you think you are a good teacher ? (exercise instructor) "

My answer to this question is ... No matter what kind of profession you are engaging in, if you are satisfied with your status quo, there will be no progression any more. There is still a lot to learn "



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Diary October 22nd 2020

I did a continuing education credit course on Gatarade Sports Science Institute website today. Today's topic was hydration and COVID 19. 
I earned 0.5 CEC through this course.







コロナと水分補給に関する話題のウェビナーで継続ポイント 0.5を取得。

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Diary October 20th 2020 - fast speed English

When I saw the following video for the first time a few years ago, I thought these two women's speaking speed was so fast. And being able to catch up with their speaking speed and understand their English became one of my goals in English practice. And I watched this video again today after one year interval or so, their talking speed is still quick to me, however, now I can somehow understand what they say in this interview. My English listening comprehension skill seems to have improved a little bit in these two years or so. Getting used to fast English talk is an important priority in my language practice.


上記のビデオは女性格闘家 ミーシャ・テイトのインタビューですが、2年程前にこのビデオを見た時の印象は、ミーシャもインタビュアーのケイリン・ブライアントも英語を話すスピードがとても速いな、ということ。それ以来、これくらいのスピードの英語に慣れるということが目標の一つになりました。本日、久しぶりにこのビデオを見ての感想は「2年前よりもリスニングの理解度がほんの少しだけ改善したかな?」ということ。正直なところ、今でもこのインタビューで話している内容を完全には聞き取れませんが、以前よりは言葉や表現を拾えるようになってきている気がします。更なる改善を目指して頑張ります。

Miesha refers to " boundaries " in her videos many times. So to speak, uniquess and originality would be very important matter to her.

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Diary October 19th 2020

Although this is quite natural, your foreign language skills improve in proportion to the amount you practiced and were exposed to that language. Thus, I need to increase the total amount of my English practice more.

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Diary October 15th 2020

I like Sir. Andrew Lloid Webber's soothing voice and talk as well as his piano rendition of his musical works. This video is for an anniversary of the Phantom of the Opera.


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Diary October 14th 2020

I'm writing today's post for increasing my English vocabulary.

game changer.    Let's become a game changer in the industry.

phenomenal.      These girls are phenomenal.

intuitive.            His dance is intuitive.

conductive.        We need to create a conductive learning atmosphere.

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Diary October 13th 2020

I'm writing today's post for increasing my vocabulary in English.

resonate with,  tenacity,  tenacious,  satiate,

sample sentense
His tenacity resonated with me.

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Diary October 11th 2020

Vowels are dominant in Japanese language, especially in writing and in pronunciation, whereas English is a consonant dominant language. And this is the biggest reason why Japanese people have difficulty in listening comprehension in English, I guess. So, how can I close this gap between the two different languages ? In other words, how can I improve my listening comprehensin skills in English especially in consonants ?

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Diary October 8th 2020 ‐ necessity to improve my pronunciation

Recently, my regular online language tutors are busy and unavailable, so, I had a lesson with a new tutor yesterday. She is from Bosnia and currently living in Dubai and her primary job is flight attendant of international lines. I read a textbook of wellness coaching by paragraph by paragraph in turn with her. And, the following is a feedback note from her. 


" I learned something new today form your profession. Keep practicing and reading out loud, looking forward to seeing you improve your pronunciation "

Of course I know that my English pnonunciation has some typical Japanese English like accent, but the feedback from her opened my eyes to further improve my pronunciation. In her standard, my English pronunciation is still unnatural and there is much room for improvement, I guess.

As you can see in this video, her English is very good and she is very charming, so, booking her lessons is very competitive, I'm looking forward to practicing with her in the future as well. 

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October 7th 2020 - Beginning of my coaching psychology journey

Today, I'll look back a reason why I decided to learn psychological aspect of health & fitness at a graduate school.

When I was 41 years old, I passed the EIKEN 1st grade exam, which is one of the most sought after milestone tests among English learners in Japan. And the next year, I passed the Tour Guide & Translator (Eng-Jp) certification exam. So, my next goal was to brush up my English laguage skills and increase my knowledge in health & fitness field at a graduate school in the USA.

A problem was ... what kind of aspect of fitness you should learn ?
At that time, I already had more than 20 years of work experience in the health & fitness field, such as instructor at a fitness club, strength & conditioning coach for high school and collegiate athletes, and exercise instruction and related lectures at regional public health centers. Besides, I was participating in bodybuilding competitions in my late 20's to early 40's. What I mean by that is I had a lot of knowledge and experience in technical aspect in fitness instruction, such as exercise techniques, training principles, nutritional tips, and so on.

Then, what was lacking in my knowledge and experience ?
Although this is not limited to the fitness field, quite a few people discontinue their new behaviors in a short period of time when they started something new, e.g., improvement in everyday diet,  workout in the gym. and I saw the same pattern in my exercise class participants as well. Thus, what I wanted to know was how well the instructor motivates class participants for long term adherance to their desired changes. And I noticed that kind of knowledge in motivational support was lacking in me. And fortunately, I found a graduate school that has an exercise science program focused on sport psychology, and what made the matter more convenient was that school was delivering many programs online as well. Therefore, I made up my mind to study psychological aspect in health related behabior change.  This was the start of my journey in sport psychology and wellness coaching.






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October 6th 2020 - Keep on learning

How to relieve tention, stress, and anxiery in everyday life.

Reframing negative thoughts and episodes into positive perspectives.

How to increase long term adherence to your new behavior, such as improvement in diet, weight loss program, exercise at the gym, a foreign language practice, and so on.

I learned sport psychology and behavior modification coaching, aka wellness coaching, in my graduate school, but psychological aspect of humans are so profound, and my knowledge and understanding are only rudimentary, thus, I would like to further learn these aspects in health, fitness, and life itself in some way.

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Diary October 5th 2020

English words sometimes I'm corrected their pronunciations by an online language tutor.

says, try, trust, rapport, relevant, competent, competency, open, training, trainer, flow, grow, 


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